Those Who Want Juranovic From Celtic Now Want A World Cup Quarter Final Starter.

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The stock of Josip Juranovic continues to rise.

He’s started today’s game against Brazil in the Quarter Final of the World Cup, and that should nudge his valuation up another notch. Celtic seem as if they are ready to deal, but I would think only at the right price.

What is a World Cup Quarter Final starter worth?

We’ll soon find out, because there is no doubt whatsoever that there will be offers after this competition.

There was interest in him before this competition. His solid performances have made some kind of offer a certainty. Celtic will have a valuation. It will not be the paltry £10 million quoted elsewhere today.

The bidding will start at £15 million. That will give us a nice return on the guy, and in a short space of time too. It’s the sort of deal that Ibrox – getting ready to punt its last bankable asset for a mere £6 million and desperately trying to spark an auction for him – can only dream about when you look down the list of their squad at the moment.

I don’t like it when we sell players.

A guy good enough to attract this sort of attention is someone we should be trying to hang onto in my view, but you cannot deny that Ange has an eye for talent and if his replacement is up to snuff that it makes good sense.

He has done himself and the club no harm during this competition, and it’s our good fortune that the guy so many rumours were flying around in relation to is the one who has done so well in this tournament, and reached the latter stages.

Clubs from all across Europe are watching.

This is the real way to spark an auction. To showcase your player on a platform like this one. It’s not just good for him, it’s good for the club and for the image of Scottish football.

Ibrox’s clapped out has-been, sitting on the bench today, can only dream of the spotlight shining on his international team-mate today.

So can they.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Juranovic has had a great first half and his value is increasing accordingly, I hope he can keep it going and for Croatia to get to the semis.

    • Colin Rutherford says:

      He is better than Tierney so should go for more! Boys had an awesome WC and still going. No chance we can keep him bids are coming so let’s cash in and move on.

  • harold shand says:

    He’s been outstanding today , but watch the media price him down whilst trying to price up Kamara to the hilt , that roaster Roger Hannah said the other night £10m for JJ . F*ck off

  • Poort says:

    Best player on the park so far

  • Johnny Green says:

    Well done Josip and well done Croatia..

  • Tony B says:

    MOTM against Brazil. Bidding MUST start at £30+ million.

    He should be looking at going to a major European club.

  • Martin.H says:

    Outstanding, even hooked junior, this was the guy that was going to give him a hard time, his stock went through the roof today.

  • Jimmy R says:

    I will be sorry if Josip goes, but on the plus side, if he is signed by a big hitter in a big league, it reinforces signing for Celtic as a route to the very top. Nobody likes their club being used as a stepping stone, but playing as we do in a minnie mouse league, we are not that attractive to the really top potential stars. However if that league / our club showcases their talents and allows them to head for the top, it is a real encouragement to sign for Celtic.
    It reinforces our business model (buy young and relatively cheap with a view to resale) The talent potential spotters are the crucial people for this to work. If we sign young drek, then they have a resale value of an overweight Columbian wannabe. On the otherhand, if we sign true potential it allows us to enjoy real talent and then benefit from the funds generated when they move on.

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