West Ham Fan Site Labels Incredible Accusation At Celtic Over Juranovic Fee.

Image for West Ham Fan Site Labels Incredible Accusation At Celtic Over Juranovic Fee.

It was the headline that got me first; not the one on the article itself but the attention seeking one that they had up on the news aggregators. It read “’Greedy’ Club Set £17.5 Million Asking Price On ‘Fantastic’ Player West Ham Want To Sign.”

It was clear before I read any more that it was about Juranovic. But was I reading that headline right?

Celtic, a “greedy” club? Who in God’s name thinks that?

And it’s clear that the writer of the article itself does, an article which appeared on a West Ham fan site I am not going to give additional publicity to.

“He may have shone in the Middle East but that does not suddenly put his price tag up to such a ridiculous amount so West Ham really should avoid making any move for him until it comes drastically down,” this writer has claimed.

Here’s the news for this joker; Juranovic’s stock was sky-high before the World Cup with several clubs already linked to him. The World Cup performance was not the only reason for the buzz.

And since when in that cash bloated league is that too high a fee for a player who is a full international and in the form of his life?

During the summer they paid a reputed £30 million for Italian striker Gianluca Scamacca, whose claim to fame prior to that was being passed around various clubs on loan like a scud book in a boy’s toilet.

They spent even more on Brazilian Lucas Paquetá, a reputed £50 million plus.

It is an insult that clubs which throw that money around just to finish mid-table would sneer at a Scottish club asking a fair price for its players.

To see a fan whose club plays in that bloated league full of chronically overpaid players accuse us of being greedy … that’s mind-blowing.

So he thinks his team should step out of the bidding.

Cheerio then.

When the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona are said to be in the running they were never at the races anyway. Someone will pay us what we want, and there’s nothing greedy about it.

The guy has four years of his current deal still to run. In spite of what this writer seems to think we’re not some impoverished club desperate for a sale. We have neither encouraged this talk nor, I reckon, particularly welcome it … but it’s here and now that it is all we can do is name our price and it’s a fair price.

And by God, we’ll get it too.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    West Ham, they will never be anything other than a second rate EPL team, only there to make up the numbers. Fk them!

  • John Copeland says:

    How can Celtic set a fee for a player of whom no bids or enquiries have been made ? Ange clarified that fact yesterday ! Zilch ,Nada ,Nothing ….It’s like some berk looking to buy a car ,knocks on your door and says your’s is too pricey ,then you say gimme peace ,I haven’t put my car up for sale …Joe the Toff ….

  • Pan says:

    There is no way Juranovic is going to an average club like West Ham.
    They have a cheeck.. They are the greedy club in the greediest league in the football world.

  • Dando says:

    £20m, minimum…..


  • Seamus O'Broin says:

    No more cheap sales to the billionaire league.
    30 mill at least and I don’t want him to go anywhere.

  • HC Andersen says:

    The arrogance and entitlement of some these EPL supporters knows no bounds. Their clubs routinely splash £50M on good but not exceptional players like Wan Bissaka and £80M for Harry McGuire.
    No self awareness.

  • John says:

    Says a club that want 9 times that for Declan rice deluded or what ?

  • Griffbhoy says:

    Typical English arrgance

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