Why The Mooch’s “Biggest Club In Scotland” Line Made Celtic Fans Laugh.

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I said the other day that even if The Mooch doesn’t cut it as a manager that he has a career ahead of him as a stand-up comic. I am more sure of that then ever after reading that he called his team “the biggest club in Scotland” after the Hibs game the other day.

He just can’t help himself, can he? He just can’t stop with the nonsense.

Talk is cheap. If they want to be the biggest club in Scotland they need to take back the title, and keep it for a consistent period of time. They need to be able to prove that they are something other than a commercial basket-case.

They have to be trusted and respected by the other clubs.

In none of these areas are they ahead of Celtic.

By any available metric, we are Scotland’s biggest club. Being top of the table by nine points and being the current holders of the SPFL title is only a small part of the evidence. It is not hard to find.

Once again, this guy is simply playing to the gallery of goons, and very few of them are gormless enough to accept what he’s saying. The only person who is on his side in this regard is the village idiot himself, Kris Boyd, who was sniggering over it yesterday on Sky. Sniggering over a nonsensical remark is about the limit of his intellect.

Nobody credible believes it. Nobody outside of Ibrox would even suggest it.

Ten titles in eleven years heavily mitigates against it.

The Quadruple Treble could not have been achieved if were basking in someone else’s shadow; only the very best clubs achieves something on that order of magnitude. We could easily have won another treble last season.

If we had a media worth the name, someone would have challenged on what basis he makes that claim.

The historical record? That’s laughable.

The current Ibrox club doesn’t have one of those and the one that came before them built the latter part of its own on theft and tax fraud. If it’s measured by riches we’re in front. Stadium size, we’re in front. Support in Scotland, you might give that to them (I’d argue with that) but in terms of the global fan-base that’s us.

If Dave McCormack had taken over Aberdeen and called them the biggest club in Scotland people would have laughed. If had followed that statement up with “Now it’s up to us to prove it” then the laughs would not have come so easily. That’s the difference between stating an intent and talking just to hear the words come out of your mouth.

The Mooch is good at big talk.

That’s why I christened him The Mooch in the first place, after another mouthy git whose own words are what destroyed him.

The Mooch talks a good game, but on Tuesday night his team was in big trouble at the halfway stage of that game. A more ambitious boss than Lee Johnston would not have allowed them up for air.

The reason I laughed is that this guy continues to use that mouth of his to dig his own grave. None of us are convinced by his bluster and his bullshit, but the Ibrox fans are listening carefully and they lap this stuff up and believe it implicitly.

He appears not to realise that he’s stoking the expectations and egos of people who will turn on him with a vengeance if he can’t make good on it, because how can they be languishing in our slipstream, despite being the biggest club in the country, unless someone was to blame for that? Who does he reckon they’ll hold responsible?

Arrogant Ibrox bosses are par for the course; we expect this by now.

Stupid Ibrox bosses though … well, they always provide the best possible level of amusement and this clown is giving the bloggers plenty to write about already. Just wait until the inevitable slide begins.

Oh what fun we’ll have, bhoys and ghirls.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Cheers James and thanks for the articles, appreciated

    Lang Amy yir lum reek

  • Frankie says:

    When wee boncky was toiling and he came to one of their games that shows what type of snake he is not giving a jot about the man in trouble just after his job

    • Jamesy says:

      We also hold the record attendance for a cup final and a European tie if im not much mistaken. Sevco fans are a very noisy minority, compared to Celtic fans, in Scotland. The only reason they appear to have more fans is they stick their Unionist/Loyalist pish down everyones throat.

  • John says:

    I think he meant to say the biggest cheats.

  • Dora says:

    It’s such a joy to see another halfwit-goon take over the reigns at that rotten klub.
    My only concern is that Patrick power may not pay out b4 Christmas even though it’s a gimme.. !!

  • Effarr says:

    Why not print a copy of what Hugh Adam, one of their own directors and the first to expose their dual contracts, wrote about them. That might shut him up.

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Cash in the till, turnover and share valuation decides company size.
    The rangers are in our shadow financialy.

  • John Killin says:

    The mooch, Boyd and let’s not forget Mr boring Keevins , what a triple act ,between the three of them you couldn’t make a halfwit . does anyone believe what nonsense comes out of their mouths apart from there employers

  • Johnny Green says:

    Celtic have 60,000 faithful fans in a huge atmospheric stadium, they have 50,000 squealing rats jampacked into a dilapidated Wendy House. I rest my case.

  • Tony B says:

    The biggest NEW club in Scotland.

    Of that there ish no doubt as Fat Shally would say.

    Biggest club? Nah.

    Smaller attendances, smaller stadium, financially light years behind, smaller world wide by some considerable margin, smaller reputation, smaller mindset and small minded. That’s sevco.

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