With Ibrox Looming, Ange Has Celtic Properly Focussed On One Game At A Time.

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It was good, as ever, hearing Ange talk the other day about how he wants to see the team focussed on Easter Road and Easter Road alone. This is nothing he hasn’t said before, but with the media whipping itself into the predictable frenzy about the weekend it is always great when Ange turns around and reminds me people that there’s a game before that.

Celtic is going to have to be good to win at Easter Road. As I pointed out yesterday, their manager is talking about coming after us instead of sitting back and hoping to hit on the break. It’s a change. It’s a welcome change. If he sticks to it.

But I expect that he will. Which is why we’ll need to be on our toes.

We have gotten to this position by putting one foot in front of the other. It sounds so simple, but in the modern game so many teams prioritise certain matches and look to them as major events for which all else should be subordinated. We don’t do that. The manager simply won’t allow it. We take every match seriously and treat every opponent with respect.

This is why we’ll be ready. It’s why for all Ibrox’s insistence that they are thinking along the same lines that you might not see that reflected in their team selection. We have a bigger squad to play with, but we’ll take no chances on a tricky evening.

It is this laser focus which drives us forward and has made us the best team in the land. Even with such a league lead, where some might think we could afford to take our foot off the gas, Ange has a relentless thirst to win and win well.

It’s why we won’t even be considering Ibrox until after the full-time whistle tomorrow night. Ange’s job right now is to keep these guys focussed and free of any other considerations.

Hibs are a threat to his unbeaten run.

If we want to take it with us to Ibrox far less extend it there then that road can only be reached through Edinburgh.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    One game at a time, three points won at a time, one dagger stabbed into their desperate hearts, twisted and turned at a time. It’s much more fun that way, it’s the hope that kills them and we never stop.

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