Ange Dismisses Any Talk That Celtic Are Champions, As He Should

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In the aftermath of yesterday’s game, Ange Postecoglou went out of his way to dismiss any notion that the Ibrox draw makes us Champions. We, the fans, know that it will take a collapse of biblical proportions to deny us this title but the players and the boss have to treat every game as if it’s a cup final. That’s the one way to be absolutely sure.

Celtic are now unbeaten in thirteen league games since that stunning reversal in Paisley. The nine-point lead has been attained in 20 matches where eighteen have been won, one drawn and that particularly awful game was the one we lost.

That is the form of a team which can comfortably navigate what is left of this campaign without the sort of slipping up that would be required. I thought we might come out of Ibrox with 12 points of a lead before yesterday. At no point during that match, and I mean this, did I believe we would leave their ground with less than nine.

We’re just too good at those late goals, too determined not to throw this away. This team has a focus and determination that no other side in this league can match. That’s because we don’t get carried away or start thinking the business is done.

What Ange might say in public and what he thinks in private are undoubtedly two different things though. I am sure he knows that it will take a monumental breakdown at every level if we are to lose this now, and he’ll be aware that the true danger is if that sort of complacent thinking is allowed to put down roots in our dressing room, and grow.

This is not something that he will permit to happen. This is not something that Ange Postecoglou is going to allow. He and the captain must now redouble their efforts. We must put more, not less, into games as this season goes on. We must fight harder for every point, for every break of the ball, for every goal that we score.

If we keep on doing that we’re not going to be stopped. On the contrary, the league lead will grow, the goal difference will continue to expend and our superiority will become ever more obvious. That will tie the league title up to the extent that the Ibrox club’s visit to our ground in April a win there will virtually wrap it up and put a ribbon on it.

Yesterday was a massive day for us and that win was a massive result. We are in great shape now, with the window open and new signings strengthening an already powerful team. For all the honey being poured over Ibrox, we got what we needed from the game and as far as our title run is concerned its business as usual and onto the next fixture.

That’s what the boss will have everyone focussed on. The next date on the calendar, another big fixture, another must-win. It is how we built this formidable lead and it is how we will go about defending it and eventually adding to it.

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  • Frankie bhoy says:

    Was great to see Callum laying it on the line to the players during the warm up and not just at the huddle. A captain totally focused on the job. I also felt that the Mooch subs in an effort to hold onto the 2-1 lead let us coming roaring back. there a rumour that he would have settled for a draw but a will leave Scud to confirm if that’s true. From his earlier posting he seems to have his ear to the ground re all bad news coming out of the club at present

  • Frankie says:

    Read what scud said ? Is it shit talk , Celtic need to take rangers to task about their thugs and the end of the game also police Scotland , and sfa about the objects thrown towards our fans.

  • Frankie says:

    If what scud says is his rumour there is enough people trying to down us without our own if not true give it a rest.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Scud book = shit talk, surely everyone know that by now?

  • Johnny Green says:

    No one at Celtic is ever going to count their chickens, but we will get the job done in a cool, professional manner. One game at a time, 3 points at a time, one knife in their guts at a time while continually pouring on the pain. It’s quite straightforward really.


    Video Assist Rajers and the MIBs are not finished yet.
    A long way to go and Der Hund needs 1st place for guaranteed CL Qualification.
    Full squad rebuild in the summer required.
    With the new FFP regulations in place EUFA has its eyes on them.
    No reputable Financial Institution will give them Credit, Directors are either maxed out or unwilling
    to purchase anymore confetti shares. If they get guaranteed CL Spot then Directors will
    dig deep to fund rebuild with the prospect of repayment from 23/24 pot of gold.
    This season is not over by any metric.
    The Brothers aren’t finished yet.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Great comment SFATHENADIROFCHIEFTNESS…. they are all bloody dangerous and worth a watching every second, every minute, every hour of every day !

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