Ange Is Right: Celtic Must Be Careful Not To Suffer The Same Fate As EPL Giants.

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I wrote earlier in the week, or late last week, about the FA Cup and stories that we should join it with the club from Ibrox. For the good of that competition. Lunatic stuff, and unworthy of further comment.

That tournament certainly doesn’t need us to add a touch of magic dust. There is enough of that there to go around.

The weekend was filled with shock results and Wolves were denied a goal against Liverpool that if it had counted would have registered another of them.

The FA Cup does it every year, but this year has been a vintage one, one for the books.

Last night, the League Cup games produced their own amazing outcomes. Wolves themselves are out to Forest, a team who were knocked out of the FA Cup in a 4-1 thrashing at the hands of Blackpool. Forest are joined in the semi-final by Southampton who have had a terrible season so far but recovered magnificently to knock Man City out.

Part of the problem is that some of the bigger clubs don’t take their cup competitions seriously down there. There’s also an arrogance about some of them which is difficult to credit. Top players were left out of that City team tonight; they got what they deserved against a side they thought they only had to show up to beat.

God forbid that’s us come Saturday night.

McInnes will have to play a bit differently than he did at Celtic Park and I know of at least one player in his side, He Who Shall Not Be Named, who will run through walls to get that result.

If we’re complacent, arrogant, over-confident or just lazy on the day we could pay for it, at Hampden, in front of tens of thousands of our own fans.

I know Ange has watched the results in England with disquiet.

He’s as good as said so.

He’s warned the team not to become another name on that roll of dishonour. If they close their eyes I’m sure they can picture the headlines. In Scottish football terms it would be a seismic shock, perhaps even bigger than the Lennon defeat against Ross Country when we were defending not just that trophy but had not lost one in the previous four years.

This is a vastly better team than Lennon had. So it would be a Richter Scale style earthquake. No-one would lose their job over it, but the idea of us as some sort of juggernaut built for success will be severely damaged. We can’t let it happen.

This team will know it has to show up with nothing on its mind but doing the business on the day. They must push Kilmarnock back into their own half and keep them there for the full 90 minutes, or until we’ve put the game beyond doubt.

I’m sure we will. The manager is too good at what he does to allow anything else, and these players have that hunger to win every match that only the best teams do. They take every opponent seriously; they treat every game like a cup final and a semi-final will have especial seriousness for them, especially for those who’ve not won much yet.

The most important difference between Celtic and those English teams is that we will not turn up with the feeling that we have some sort of divine right to win. Everything we have as a club is earned. Bottom line. Everything.

This will have to be too, and we know it. Which is why we’ll do it.

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  • Martin says:

    Ange won’t take this game anything but seriously. I’m genuinely not sure what Kilmarnock will be able to do differently given their qualities. I reckon they’ll go smash and grab. Defend even more than at Parkhead and punt balls to the has been bigot in vain hope.

    On that note, I get you find him loathesome, but I get the impression you see him as a threat. Yeah, he’ll “run through walls” against us, but I would have been worried about that 7 years ago, not now. He shouldn’t cause our defence any real problem and quite honestly I see his main role as an out ball to give their defenders a brief rest. We must also consider the issue that he’s been party to the narrative that he was hard done by, rather than justly dealt with. There will be no remorse, only bitterness. A red card would not be a shock. We can only hope he doesn’t injure any of the actual footballers on the pitch.

    • Woodyiom says:

      Totally agree re you know who. He is actually no threat whatsoever football wise – the threat comes from runners off him and its they who we need to mark/watch. When Peter Crouch played, teams used to try double marking him (one in front one behind) in the middle of the pitch to try and stop him winning the ball or flicking it on which was completely pointless as that left them short somewhere else which is where the real danger lay.

      Let him flick the ball on with his head and win the second ball or let him bring it down with his chest and win it off him in the tackle then.

      If we do our jobs properly we win this game no matter what he does!

  • Pan says:

    This demonstrates British (English) arrogance and should be ignored.
    It shows complete disdain for Scotland, even from the same proponents within this country of ours. The media up here illustrate this perfectly.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    With regard to He Who Must Not Be Named just remember that horrendous tackle on Andreas Hinckel and the lack of action from the referee. That’s the danger this thug poses.


    The MIB & the VAR ( Video Assist Ranjerks) will ensure the bigot
    has an influence on the game.
    Constantly fouling but no free kicks awarded.
    Swan dives when he’s tackled = Yellows & possible Red to either of our Central defenders.
    They know full well how to manage the game.

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