Ange Yesterday Slapped Down One Of The Daftest Celtic Transfer Stories Of The Window.

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Ange spoke yesterday at great length about the possible ins and outs at the club, and although he was pretty clear that there will be goings as well as at least one coming he was also pretty clear on those who would not be allowed to leave.

And the guy he explicitly mentioned was a guy who some ex-Celtic players have gotten their names in the papers talking garbage about quite a bit in the last few months; the player he slammed back at rumours about is David Turnbull.

The boss is emphatic on this one; David is going nowhere.

“He’s a big part of what we’re building here,” Ange said, and that should end all this nonsense about his place in the squad not being secure, about his not being rated by the manager and all the other trash that’s been talked by those on the outside who have no idea what goes on inside the club.

Turnbull is one of my favourite players at Celtic Park, a real star who would be in every other team in the country, every single week. He has the quality to do big, big things in our team and it’s great to hear Ange offer him such unequivocal support and encouragement.

He needs games more than encouragement, of course, but Ange is promising him those too.

As he said, Turnbull had a couple of games out because of a ban – games Ange is right to say that he would have been expected to play in. He has promised that Turnbull will get more games in the weeks to come as we try to close out this title race.

Of course, it’s important that when those opportunities come along that David Turnbull grabs them, and I fully expect that he will.

His goal the other night was outstanding and should serve as a reminder that this is a really gifted footballer we have here and one who has battled back already from a horrendous injury and shown the character needed to make it in the game.

There was no way in Hell that we were letting him go, no matter what the cast of Clown School had to say about it.

For ex Celtic men, Nicholas and McAvennie et al don’t know a damned thing about the club they spend so much time commenting on.

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  • Mike Loughran says:

    David Turnbull is a future Celtic Captain

  • Johnny Green says:

    To me David has not kicked on from last season, I expected big things for him, but it hasn’t quite happened. His goal in midweek was a good one and what we had come to expect of him from last season, but he does not do that often enough and in my opinion he des not show enough hunger when he does come on. He has become a bit of a luxury player and need to give himself a bit of a shake. He is undoubtedly a potentially great player but it is up to David to push himself to the next level and, with a bit more effort, prove that potential is well founded.

  • Johnny Green says:

    David is on from the start today, so let’s hope he asserts himself, particularly against a lower league team.

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    Great article James. I honestly don’t get the contempt that so many fans display for this lad. I would concede that he could be more assertive/selfish but I believe that will come under Ange. McGregor didn’t fully step up until BR got into his head. As good as our midfield is, Turnbull can do something that O’Reilly, Mooey and even Mc Gregor can’t. He can take a ball 25 yards out, move it half a yard and bury it.

  • Stephen says:

    Glad to hear that Turnbull is not leaving but I think we’re selling Juranovic and Giakomakis too cheaply @ £7.5m and £3.5m. Surely they are both worth more.

  • SSMPM says:

    A fair bit of arrogance in this I know the club better article. Turnbull hasn’t kicked on since his really concerning injury and needs to try a lot harder imo. Show me the interest in him if there has been any. That’s for a reason. I accept that injuries may have delayed progress but he does need to show more, and not just in domestic games, as there are others at the club that are.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    How does anybody know what price who we buy or sell it’s all media punits all writing or talking bollocks.

  • James mccullagh says:

    And that’s the way to keep it .in the dressing room no stories out side it kills all these people trying to make a living writing stores that are not true. From the day ange arrived I just say to fans wait till ange says it.then you know it’s have all our respect ange thanks.

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