Arrogant BBC Journalist Tries To Put A Time Limit On Celtic Fan Debate Over Refs.

Image for Arrogant BBC Journalist Tries To Put A Time Limit On Celtic Fan Debate Over Refs.

Yesterday, as Celtic fans still sought answers over the disgraceful performance of John Beaton and, more importantly, the VAR official, Willie Collum, Tom English launched an astonishing blast at one fan who had asked him to defend his own position on it.

That is typical of the arrogance and sense of entitlement of our journalists.

This clown thinks fans should only be allowed a small window in which to discuss issues?

Let’s see how that works the next time he brings up a manager’s record, or a player’s lack of goals, or when someone is going through a bad run of games.

“It’s been a week Tom, for God’s sake give it a bloody rest.”

This guy works for the BBC.

Which means that this guy works for us … but he doesn’t get to do this kind of crap.

These people, whose job it is to offer a critical evaluation of these sorts of incidents, aren’t interested in doing so. Fine. But the ego to demand that the rest of us should stop talking about it or asking about it is hard to quantify.

English’s own position on it is classic fudge; he sees why it could have been given but also why it might not have been.

Utter cowardice and pitiful fence sitting on an issue which seems as clear as you can get. No wonder he doesn’t want to discuss it. Someone might push him to an actual view.

As I’ve been saying for a few weeks now, there is an obvious pattern to all this and in the way these decisions have fallen.

All for one club and against another one, and we know who those clubs are and which is which.

We also know why they’ve gone the way they have; the Ibrox operation is in dire straits due to its own incompetence and UEFA regulation changes. They need this title, and you sometimes feel that their pals in the SFA will do anything to help them get it.

Even the decision to bring VAR’s implementation forward when things appeared to be getting desperate over there now has to be regarded as suspect.

Celtic itself knows something stinks, which is why they’ve asked for a sit-down.

Perhaps English is going to tell them to shut it as well? Perhaps he, like Grant and others, thinks we should get to the back of the bus and stop making all this noise?

Well I have news for this guy; we ain’t going anywhere.

Since he and his colleagues aren’t in the least bit interested in holding these people to account for their “mistakes” then we’ll hammer away at them and at our club until somebody does.

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  • Irene mcCann says:

    Well said,don’t let them away with it.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Get this Speccy Wanker tae Fuk! Knows Fuk Aw about his so called Specialised subject of Rugger never mind Fitbaw! Al bet yi if u asked the CLOWN when’s the last time Scotland won the Grand Alan he widny have a Fukin Clue!! It wiz 1990 by the way but wid he kno that, wid he Fuk!! Just ANOTHER HUN APOLOGIST, A WALLIPER, A DIK, A BELL-END, A BAWBAG!!

    • Mick says:

      I think he would know it was 1990 because he wrote a very good book about it. It’s called “the grudge.” You should try reading it.

  • Lions67 says:

    I hear that the reason there were no Scottish referees at the World Cup in Qatar is that Scottish refs don’t have the VAR experience required. The introduction of VAR in Scotland is being driven by the referees so that they can get their jaunts abroad. However, the clubs are paying for it. Celtic should play hardball and refuse to invest in technology which is so far being used as a weapon against them.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Lol imagine it these clowns are training up to use VAR for future chances to work at major tournaments,and just look at the KING SIZE JEREMY HUNT they are making of it.

    • Pan says:

      That is exactly what should happen. Celtic FC should not pay for VAR at all, withdraw that input and see what happens. People are STUPID when they have power but refuse to use it for the greater good. Yes, I mean you Celtic Board!

  • harold shand says:

    Worst one right now is the boy that presents SSB , the fake Motherwell fan

    He’s spending 3/4 of each show trying to force the narrative that no team is getting treated different and Goldsons handball wasn’t a penalty

    He also does work for the SFA now and then

    Funny that

    • Scud Missile says:

      The BITTERNESS is pouring out of the presenter on that show.

    • Al says:

      I actually think he is a decent type but he is letting himself down on this issue . Over 3 years since rangers had a red card at ibrox? Not a peno v them this season/ the balance of penos they have had v those they conceded in recent years/ the VAR decisions against Celtic rhat dont go against Rangers. Its plain to see.

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    The Stab City soup taker on BBC(Bluenose Broadcasting Cabal) Sevco how well he fits in with all things Ibrox good all things Celtic bad narrative. I keep saying it but ” Defund and disband the BBC” the purveyors of succulent Sevco tales. Why the hell pay for crap most of don’t watch or listen to.

  • Scud Missile says:

    English is nothing but a horses banger.

  • Al says:

    They are scared to confront their own opinions on the issue. Media pundits as well as expkayers who try to appear mature yet wont even contemplate or consider the possibility that all is not right. The figures dont really prove anything but by God they are of such a mathematical improbability as to warrent a serious discussion

  • Pan says:

    The game in Scotland is corrupt to the core and people like him know it and accept it, much to their shame.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:


  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s the mindset of these bastards that gets me. They absolutely KNOW there’s blatant bias and yet, its the lengths they go tae make a case against it, obviously tae defend their favourite club. For instance, berry of the DR, snurfflin like a pig through truffles and shite, tae find a morsel he can make intae a case for the (non) penalty incident and condone the decision. They’ll grab at anythin tae try and justify any incident the ibrox club get away with. It’s no even a joke, it’s corrupt.

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    A wee footnote totally unconnected is that Mr English is seemingly a big fan of musical theatre.
    I wonder if he’ll deny it and shrug it off as a paranoid conspiracy like he does with err….corruption and bias in Scottish refereeing.

  • Effarr says:

    Even wee Shaun Maloney virtually apologised for claiming it was a penalty against Goldson by saying he didn’t like the rules that made it a penalty. When are these ex Celtic players going to show a bit of manliness by opening their mouths and spouting the truth.

    You’ve got Walker, Nicholas, Commons and even Bonnar now joined by Grant and Maloney, as well as the so-called fans like McFadden with Petrov now starting to ensure his job is safe.

    No wonder they lost as many games against that mob.

  • Tony B says:

    They have moved from shitting themselves to panicking if they’re reduced to engaging cretins like Cowan in the concerted attempt to deflect and deny what everyone knows is going on in Scottish football.

    I think we know what’s motivating all this: fear and self interest.

    What are they all so afraid of? What have they got to hide?

    Come on you faux outrage meedja types. Fess up.

    BTW. Cowan is an utterly talentless fanny. I had the misfortune to attend a business dinner where he was the guest speaker. It was embarrassingly bad, so much so that a usually demure female attendee at my table started shouting at him to get off.
    His “jokes” were met with sporadic muted applause and uncomfortable silence.

    Only in Scotland would no marks like this get the prominence he is given.

    • Eddie cole says:

      100 % young man..tell them to shove var up there jacksy.watched Celts along time and seen it all before…many times..will it ever change though…..not until the Celtic board grow sum balls and call them out..

  • Johnbhoy57 says:

    Tom does have a point, remember it only took about 2 days for him and his media friends to forget that rangers football club were liquidated. They were called SEVCO but try phoning up any football phone in in Scotland and utter the word SEVCO a instant ban. Oh the wonders of the free press.

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