Bordeaux’s Bid For Celtic Striker Is Not Just Unrealistic, It’s Actually Insulting.

Image for Bordeaux’s Bid For Celtic Striker Is Not Just Unrealistic, It’s Actually Insulting.

Whatever else is going on with Giorgios Giakoumakis, some of the interest in him, whilst real, is plainly not remotely realistic. The offer which Bordeaux have allegedly made today is pure fantasyland stuff.

Not just unrealistic but offensive.

£2.5 million is what we paid for this guy.

Where in God’s name do they get the idea that we would ever accept such a bid?

Are people playing games here? Are his agents telling people he’s desperate to leave and we’ve got no option, or are Celtic showing up as weak in the number of stories suggesting we’re willing to send him out on loan?

I have no idea, but the offer from France is simply unacceptable and that is the message Celtic must send to them loud and clear and not just to them but anyone else who is entertaining similar thinking.

This guy is tied to us on a long term deal and I think there are people at Celtic who would leave him rotting in the reserves before they’d punt him for that. It won’t come to that or anything like it.

The manager has said over and over again that the player himself is focussed on the game and I think we can all have confidence in that. It would be better if we could get this sorted quickly, but he’s a professional and he will get on with the job until it is.

To be honest, I actually think that the offer is an affront to him. Cho Gue-Sung said, in his Korean interview today, that he thinks the transfer fees are a reflection of how much a club wants him; I would say that’s something Giakoumakis needs to consider.

This offer is a joke. Perhaps that’s how they see him.

If not, they would not insult us all like this.

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  • Martin.H says:

    The way he’s playing now, is 100% better than Eduard played in his last 6 months, no chance he is going for that price, and if he does, all hell will break loose. Look out Lawell.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    The guy has got his faults but anybody agree that when he eventually gets on the park kes trying to hard to amke an impact. A bit more composure and we might have had a better striker on our hands

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