Bravo To The Celtic Fan On National Radio Who Nailed The Media’s Double Standard.

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A big thank you, as ever, to my good friend Paddy Sinat of Vital Celtic whose excellent work covering the Scottish media has highlighted another moment which I would not have picked up on without his help.

He bravely goes where I fear to tread; onto Radio Clyde every night to mine that place for whatever interesting tit-bits there are.

Paddy has provided the full transcript of the call, so if you want to read it you can do so at this link which I’m happy to provide as his article deserves it.

But what it boils down to is another Celtic fan who went onto the radio with his guns loaded, his points clear, and demolished the press over their grubby double-standard in dealing with the weekend’s incidents.

As Paddy brilliantly points out, the panellists moved the conversation back where they wanted it to go, ignoring what he had been saying and trying to make it about how Celtic has now benefited from VAR decisions, but I think the guys point rang out.

But nothing sums up the scandalous way these people try to frame the narrative surrounding this stuff that they pretended the guy was making a point about VAR and not about their scandalous double standard.

You listen to them at times, and you wonder just what it is that they are so scared of.

Why aren’t they prepared to debate this stuff in context, and on the merits of what we’re asking, rather than playing their pitiful little games?

What is the difference between the Giakoumakis decision and the Davies one?

The incidents are almost identical, as I pointed out on Sunday night.

The officials saw both of them and gave the decisions the same way, but only one is being debated by the press.

We’re entitled to speculate as to why, and it stands to reason that they are ignoring the Ibrox club’s one so they can focus on the Giakoumakis one as the moment that things “balanced out.”

Is so dishonest and corrupt and only serves to highlight why we do not trust them either to cover us fairly or to cover the game properly.

I don’t know, frankly, which is worse.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Cowardice is the word you may be searching for, the press, the sfa, VAR and to a certain extent the polis etc etc. they All suffer from that fear of the klan.

    They don’t want enter into any proper meaningful discussion because that would cause waves and they’re too settled into their ‘wee cosy jobs for the ex-ibrox players’ @bbc.

    Now I’m very glad to say I’ve not paid the beeb in getting on near 8/9 years, NOT 1 PENNY EVER AGAIN, they’ve proven where their allegiances lie.

    In other words they are shitting themselves because they KNOW about all of this cheating and are scared shitless thinking… ‘We KNOW we’re cheating Celtic now, so what would the landscape look like IF WE a weren’t cheating them…’

    And that scares the Bayjaysus ootae thum.

    And that’s Scotland in microcosm, the brotherhood, orangemen, cheating, racism, bigotry, and plenty more besides.

    But it’s still great for shortbread, eh?

  • John Copeland says:

    In other words ‘The Establishment ‘!

  • John S says:

    Sleight of hand.

  • Effarr says:

    They don’t fear “the Klan” because they, each and every one of them, are the Klan.

    Why would you fear your cronies, your workmates and your family even? They are all glued together by the hatred of all things Catholic, Celtic or Irish. All tarred by the same bigoted brush.. If you asked them for a valid reason for their hatred, they would only shrug their
    narrow shoulders, meaning, “ I don’t actually know”.

    I suppose there’s a fair amount of envy also.

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    In a couple of seasons when players are openly fighting on the park we can look back and thank Scottish sports and media for destroying Scottish football.

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