Celtic Must Not Let Any Top Players Leave On Loan Even With Options To Buy.

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If Giakoumakis and Juranovic are to leave in this window – which a month ago I thought was virtually impossible and I now think is a stone certainty – it must bring closure to both episodes.

It also has to bring satisfaction to all parties and this will not happen if either of these players departs on some six month loan deal with an option to buy.

Even if that option is actually not an option but a requirement.

Sure, we could bank the money in the summer and let the manager spend it then but that’s not the point.

If accepting a fee for Juranovic which is way below our market valuation will come over as the act of a club who just can’t wait to get him off the wage bill letting last season’s top league scorer leave on a loan deal will seem even worse.

If he’s going let’s get the most we can for him and ship him out the door right now, and at least play this hand strong.

It ought to be anyway. There is a lot of interest in the player, and I would find it hard to imagine we’d let him go without putting the money in the bank in the here and now. It would be the smart thing to do.

There are times when appearances are everything.

The first step to psyching out the enemy is to look invincible and the best way to conduct transfer business is to look as if you’re neither desperate to buy nor desperate to sell. Play it cool. No club accepts the first offer that comes in for a player and no club should be advertising such a clear desire to get them off the wage bill.

I am almost certain that neither of these guys will be leaving “on loan.”

If clubs want them it’s “show me the money” time, right now, and take these guys off our hands.

I suspect that’s why neither has been sold already. Because none of these offers suits us.

I believe in the manager.

It’s actually beginning to be difficult not to trust the club a little bit on this stuff, and in part because of, not in spite of, who is in the chairman’s office.

The progress continues to be made. Players continue to be signed. We’re obviously very active.

The one thing I trusted Lawwell on above all else was this; he drove a hard bargain when it came to selling our players.

If those under him need advice on that he’s the man to give it. That way we can turn him into a proper asset. I doubt he’d ever sanction loans for these guys, even if the money was guaranteed.

His record, on that, is pretty damned fine.

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  • Michael Collins says:

    I completely agree with the two posters above me. We should never had allowed this Lawwell back, it was a big mistake, he is going to lose us big Ange if this boardroom is not careful.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Haven’t Celtic already got the players to replace Giako and Josip and still win the Premiership?.
    I admit knowing less than the Scottish Sports Journos. However, without their dubious informants, I also can present an evidence deficient story.

    Ange will be shattered (doubt it. We don’t know what’s up his sleeve. He plays another type of poker). Cho Gue-Sung’s father wants his son to go to a more prestigious, more remunerative and more competitive League, than the Scottish Premier League (possibly some truth). Ange must sent John Kennedy pronto to FC Batic Ostrava and speak to “Laddie” Almasi and the Club officials. (Nicho and Ange will use the phone. They contacted him last July). The Club Coach Pavel Hapal has said, he was confident his player was staying at this Club (true). Could that mean there is a remote chance for Celtic to sign Almasi. Laddie would fill Stadiums throughout Scotland to the financial benefit of all SPL Clubs. His photo and story could feature in Sportswoman and Scottish Woman Magazine (No..cut that out).
    He is no better a footballer than the South Korean striker. However, I like the way he immediately acknowledges fellow players who assist his goals, with a beaming happy face…then goes straight back to business.
    Another Question. Will Lafferty be match fit, to smash through walls?. I hope he practices it. He does win games though.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Trust liewell yes to bullshit I think it was a big mistake for Desmond to bring him back but then again he never really. I don’t get this transfer for the Greek lad if we paid him more and that’s not enough for him why did he sign a 5year contract last season same with the other lad why sign a 5 year contract then 12 months later want a transfer but then again it’s footballers contracts mean nothing now get as much for them both you do not want these players in the team .

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    The first three posts are absolutely bang on.
    Lawell doesn’t and never has cared about success on the field. If he can make a quick buck and reduce the wage bill at the same time he will.
    He also doesn’t care what you, I or the rest of the Celtic support think. He’s only interested in lining his own pockets.
    Wake up and smell the coffee
    Welcome to life under Lawell pt2

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