Celtic Rumble Towards This Title But Silly Mistakes Could Yet Cost Us Everything

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The performance on Monday wasn’t great. We all know that.

But it got us a point and considering that the Ibrox club had to win, a point was actually a pretty good result.

Our excellent form up until now shows no signs of stalling. We don’t look as if we’re going to lose games. But aside from refs one other thing could bring us down; lack of concentration.

The most obvious example of this is Joe Hart. What in God’s name goes through that man’s mind at times on the pitch? His error, which almost allowed Morelos to capitalise, was awful beyond mere words.

All of us watching it were aghast, but not surprised because he had a tendency towards this and it’s painful to watch at times.

Yes, the manager wants the game played a certain way, but does that not mean that it should be done with so little thought.

Where is his common sense? Some of the stupid passes he attempts out of his own area are obviously dangerous and this was one of them. We could all see the dreadful possibilities, so why couldn’t he?

The same decision making errors are obvious with other players as well.

Wingers who linger too long on the ball, and lose it and expose us to counter attacks as most of our players are in the opposition half. Defenders who won’t just do the simple thing at times and try and “play their way out of trouble” when actually it just gets them deeper in.

We don’t make these mistakes often, but they are so basic and yet so potentially costly that they stand out a mile when we do. The St Mirren game – which is the only one that we’ve lost – was characterised by errors like that.

If we’re going to lose games in the league it will not be because we came up against some opponent who dazzled us with their own brilliance. It will be because of basic mistakes in our own house, errors which we’ll probably look back on as utterly needless, products of laziness or momentary lapses in concentration.

Ange will know that. Hart, in particular, needs to learn it and he needs to learn it a lot quicker and a lot better than he has previous lessons of the same sort. It’s not enough for the guy to write this off as a minor matter because it might not have been, and if Morelos had put the ball in the net it most certainly would not have been remembered that way.

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  • Mr James A Burns says:

    Totally agree. My heart is in my mouth when Joe faffs about in the Six yard box.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Yes I agree 100% Hart is a nightmare when playing the ball in 18yd box,he seems to lose all concentration and forgets he has the ball,and his distribution at times borders on panic when passing across to either CB, personally I would like to see Seigrist given a chance as believe Hart thinks he won’t be dropped

  • Pcelt says:

    Hart should have been dropped months ago he’s made too many mistakes,starfelt should be told to stop trying to pass out of defence as half his forward passes go astray,these are two problems that could cost us and are easily resolved.

    • peter cassidy says:

      well the manager keeps picking him also its his tatics and his way how he wants them to play.we saw this in europe this season european football lesson not learned from previous season we got well stuffed again this season. did not understand ange not playing his best wingers either also kyogo scored but not much either from him in the game the greeklad would have caused there cb backs more problems with his hight and strenth in the box but 9 points intact just”.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Think the valid point you made there that teams won’t ‘dazzle us with brilliance’ applies tae Mondays game tae. It was lookin (tae me anyway) like that lot were already startin tae toil and we were in control, then suddenly Harts totally unnecessary carelessness gave them the big lift they badly needed. From then on they gained the momentum. Was definitely a turnin point imo and we never seemed tae get our act together after it.

  • Roonsa says:

    If we are going to lose games in the league it will be mostly down to unscrupulous VAR officials making up rules as they go along.

    Yes Joe made a balls up of something that didn’t cost us a goal. Collum (not Beaton) cost us two penalties. One given against and one not given to us.

    This is where all our attention and anger should be focused. Not the St Johnstone game which was a silly time to raise the VAR “issues” we face on an, almost, game by game basis.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Aye the VAR and bent officials are the biggest problem right now, tho we don’t need our own players giving the opposition any further encouragement. It’s a really bad habit Joe Hart has. What if he does that in i.e a cup final, where on the day it could cost us ? Surely he must know he needs tae cut that part of his game out.

  • Al says:

    Agree. It changed the momentum. Of the game .

  • king murdy says:

    agree entirely…starfelt and harte….i jump behind the couch !!!
    is harte too arrogant just to lump it up the park….regardless of what ange wants…
    i mean…he’s at ibross ffs …..even if he didn’t see him…he must have felt the ground shake as that fat kunt trundled towards him….
    it gave the huns a whole new impetus to lift their game…i like harte,,,but sometimes….ffs

  • Thewildgoose says:

    It’s a well known fact Pep got rid of Hart because of his lack of skill with the ball at his feet, so why why why did we sign him when we’re basically trying to copy the way City play? Makes no sense to me. That said I do like the big man, he’s a good shot stopper and looks like a good character but let’s not ask him to do something that he can’t.

  • SSMPM says:

    We signed him, as he has shown, because he is a quality keeper. He made a couple of good saves albeit the one from Kent came from Hart’s own mis-passing. That is his weakness and Ange knows this, we all do, but he must be being instructed to continue in this fashion by Ange. Apart from CCV, it seems to be the one area Ange will not rotate despite the fact we appear to have a good replacement there in waiting who has a point of his own to prove I’m sure. If Joe starts at the weekend, with a slightly modified approach to clearances, I’ll be fine with that. Corrupt officials were and remain a huge problem to us, pre and post VAR, despite what ex players like Andy Walker and Mark Wilson say while chatting with their hun friends.

  • Frankie says:

    There is enough on our backs without our own.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Agree with Kevan. His error re m\oreorless gave them a real lift and they bossed the game from there. I think they might have held on for the win if Beale had kept the same tactics. His effort to shut up shop passed control back to us

  • Effarr says:

    I don`t think I have ever seen a game change as much within a few seconds. Celtic were cruising, heading for an easy victory until
    Hart started his h(e)art-stopping antics. Immediately, they became a different team and never looked back whilst Celtic lost all confidence and were saved by added time.. It may still yet prove decisive.

    Time to give Siegrist a game..

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