Celtic’s Name Linked, Again, To Utterly Doomed Super League Plan.

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Yesterday, another story about us surfaced, this time from France, linking us once again to this absurd European Super League proposal, a doomed idea whose principal architect was Andrea Agnelli. He was the chairman of Juventus until November of last year when he stood down, along with his entire board, after they were indicted in a scandal.

He is currently suspended from holding office in Italian football for two years.

Last week, Juventus was docked 15 points for a series of issues relating to their finances.

The toxicity of that club is such that only people devoid of common sense would get involved in anything their name is attached to, and they, and this guy, are at the centre of the whole thing.

UEFA has already won in court against these people and what they took to court was their right to expel from their competitions any club, official or player who is in any way associated with this scheme.

The last test will be the Court Of Arbitration for Sport, but UEFA is a members club and it has every right to restrict itself or open its books to whomever it pleases, and there is no chance whatsoever that the European Super League body will win there.

This idea is dead. It doesn’t matter what zombified version of it they dredge up from the grave of the initial collapse. It is dead. Celtic has not been “consulted” because there is nothing to consult on, Celtic is a member of the ECA and the ECA are committed to a future within UEFA, and our club has confirmed that time and time again.

Indeed, we served on the UEFA committee which drew up the new Financial Sustainability regulations. We’re going nowhere, least of all towards such an obvious money grub and power grab, and one that UEFA will kill in its crib.

I don’t know what the purpose of these stories is to be honest. Do they sell papers? Do people actually believe any of it? I guess that somewhere there is an audience for this nonsense, but they have to be pretty far removed from the news cycle to have missed the way this story has been discredited time and time again.

These people had one shot, and they took it. Within 24 hours of the announcement, fans had lobbied their clubs, the football associations were threatening sanctions and UEFA itself was gearing up to wage war.

Within 48 hours all the clubs but three – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – had withdrawn their support.

You cannot get a more comprehensive rout than that.

And still the stories continue, involving our club’s name.

And there is no truth to any of it because we have no interest in it, and there is no prospect of our taking part.

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  • SSMPM says:

    The influence and toxicity of one club is corrupting the game here.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Who do you litigate against, for misrepresentation and where do you take action?. Is it the Euro Common Market Court? I don’t know what it’s called. I would start with the “by line” person if there is a person. Might be a Press Release from the proposed League’s connections.
    If there are other clubs mentioned . Have a group action. At the very least Celtic FC could ask that French media outlet to refrain from suggesting Celtic Club is supportive of this proposed new League. Also that Celtic FC has not been consulted by its vanguard committee (or whatever).
    Obviously, I know little about this matter, however Benjamin is cluey on these types of things.
    Why doesn’t one of the plentiful, serious Scottish Journalists, snoop about and find out who is running this propaganda. I do not mean MSM Sport Journalists. Celtic might have to do nothing.
    This propaganda stratagem of theirs, tells us something. Their League is in the IC UNIT in Italy; the respirator has failed… the prognosis is terminal.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    James, you told me a lot that I did not know. The BBC aired a Doco
    on the European Super League in May 2022. Apple TV have a 4 part Doco
    to be available in January 2023.. I saw on the internet, that The Australian National public broadcaster ABC has another for showing about now. It might be available by pod cast or “I view”?.
    The Euro S League aims to compete with the Champions League. It seems to be different?
    The Journos use the word mysterious a lot. You have said everything. Very elucidating.
    You can erase my comments above.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Does “Super League” mean the originator could be “The dirty Digger’s”, News Corp?
    Sounds familiar.

  • Benjamin says:

    Change to the way European competitions are run is inevitable. There’s too many clubs unhappy with so many parts of things are currently organized, from the schedule to the money to the allocation of qualification places, and some even to the fact that they have to play domestic fixtures which are over almost before they start.

    The report saying Celtic was contacted noted that over 50 clubs across Europe have been contacted. Whoever is behind this latest effort has clearly learned some lessons the last few years and wants this to be a much more inclusive affair. That’s a start, I guess.

    All I know is that if nothing is done, the English Premier League will become the de facto Super League that everyone is afraid of. Over the weekend the Manchester United v Arsenal game got viewership numbers in America equivalent to an NFL game – and the NFL is now getting ?$10B annually in broadcast money. It was the highest rated game that league has ever seen in America, and their next broadcast deal over there will be worth multiple billions; perhaps even more than what they get domestically in England. It’s going to reach a point where even clubs like Leeds and West Ham can challenge Bayern Munich & Barcelona in the transfer market. However one feels about the Super League bogeyman, having all the money in world football flow into England as the de facto super league is not a good outcome, and the pain will be more acute for Scottish clubs than most as cross border transfer restrictions for youth players doesn’t apply within the Great Britain. All the best young Scottish players will head south the day they turn 16 if not before.

    Personally, I am hoping some form of a revamped European club competition gets off the ground and is successful. Whether that’s under the auspices of UEFA or doesn’t really bother me. UEFA has shown time and again that they’re as corrupt as FIFA, and if they’re going to block reform efforts – essentially backing England to become the de facto Super League – then UEFA deserves to die as far as I’m concerned. In a perfect world, the Champions League and Europa League competitions would be significantly revamped to have a multi divisional pan-European divisional structure with promotion/relegation and a weekly schedule. For the time being, Celtic would be wise to listen and provide feedback. Whether or not they actually join any breakaway league should depend on the specifics in the proposed setup. Reflexively backing UEFA regardless of the particulars as though UEFA are paragons of virtue is foolish in the extreme. The message to UEFA needs to be: reform or die.

  • John says:

    James, I suggest you watch Super League: War for Football. It lays it all out. Leagues and teams are bankrupt as EUFA make shed loads.

    Interestingly the Super Leagues appeared to have one big backer, Infantino himself! Out of camera the eufa president must have told him, he has photos of him as Infantino changed his mind at the last min.

    Infantino is jealous of EUFA as they take much more revenues, so he wants a slice.

    Some kind of restructuring will take place it is only a matter of time.

    PS the Juve boss is a snake.

    Watch it and do a story about it?


    The ‘Scaddish Medgia’ know it’s dead and buried
    but any excuse to link ‘Selic’ to any bad news or discredited
    plan or enterprise is too good to pass up.
    The disgusting West of Scotland Churnalists have got nothing
    going for them except a dwindling readership, mostly from a particular
    dumbed down and intolerant demographic.
    The Churnalists are jut PR copy & paste boys for the Union and their
    ‘Proddistant Footsodger

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