Charlie Nicholas Should Be Ashamed Of His Idiotic Speculation Over Celtic Right Back.

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You know what this club doesn’t need right now?

More loony speculation about what might or might not be going on inside the walls.

So, of course, Charlie Nicholas throws his two bob into the ring on the Juranovic issue, by suggesting that he and the manager might have had a “bust up.” What an irresponsible goon that man is.

Juranovic had a bad game. He was just back from the World Cup and from an injury. He was playing on the wrong side of the pitch. For all we know he might have been one of those players who the manager hinted at not being totally fit because of a bug sweeping the squad.

The hysterical over-reaction to the guy not playing well is pretty shocking.

Juranovic is a pro.

This is not a guy banging down the door to be allowed to leave.

Every time he or his agent have commented on things at Celtic Park he has expressed his affection for the club and said how much he enjoys playing for us. Yes, he might fancy a different challenge. He might fancy a move.

But he’s not agitating for one.

I would agree that the Ibrox game represents one of his worst performances in a Celtic strip, but all talk that we should accept the first offer we get, that he should never play for the club again, it’s all a bit over the top … is this how we’re going to react to every player who has a bad game, or are we saving it for those the media links with a move first?

Nicholas is an absolute idiot, a man who has zero information about what goes on inside Celtic, and when you think about that it’s pretty remarkable. This is a member of our 100 goals club, who played for the club twice, who came up through its youth system … and he is virtually persona non grata inside the building.

And there’s a good reason why this is the case, and all of us know full well what that reason is.

This kind of speculation, without a shred of evidence, without even the use of common sense – a bust up which kept him out of the starting eleven but not the squad and wasn’t sufficiently serious for the boss to leave him on the bench when we actually had a left back sitting there, and an expensive one at that – is precisely why he’s kept at arms length.

I have long argued that Nicholas doesn’t serve anything but the interests of Charlie Nicholas, no matter how much he might pledge his love and affection for Celtic.

Where is the interest to our club in promoting such a baseless and damaging story, one that came out of nowhere but his own stupid head? It gets Nicholas himself attention, that’s the only function it serves.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Remember we really need to appreciate Ange more than ever over these next few months as get closer to the title as he won’t be here next season.
    He has already made it clear to the board he is leaving and the reason’s why.
    LIEWELL is back in position with ground being layed for the ALKIES return.

    • Chris says:

      Thats not the only rumour doing the roiunds.
      I’ve heard from a reliable source that you have agreed to become a brain donor as the one you have isn’t fit for purpose.

      • Scud Missile says:

        Lol think of the 60,000 buying into a corrupt game you will be one of them parting with your season book money and buying merchandise from the club,now who’s the one with the brains,the thousands that hand over all that cash or the so called one that keeps his cash in his pockets.
        The club are laughing all the way to the bank with your cash,it’s like taking candy from a baby,except it’s taking hard earned cash from dafties and so called adults.KERCHINH£!

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      ‘Made it clear’ ???? Ffs…. planet scud.

      • Scud Missile says:

        Here is a wee thought I will leave you with Kev get back to me once Nicholson or whoever it is that’s going to challenge the SFA regarding those decisions from the game the other day and update me if the outcome.
        Don’t leave it to long remember Ange is leaving soon.

        • Chris says:

          No-one can deny anything you say about the Celtic board.
          The 5WA backs you up, and not getting trophies stripped for the dead huns playing ineligible players.
          Also bring fat Pete back is a disgrace.
          However, you have said several times now that Ange will definitely leaving at the end of the season.
          You are 100pc on this and I trust you will no longer post on here if you are wrong and have lied bout this?
          After all, there is no point in calling out our board for their devious ways if you are going to be making up lies, you agree?

          • Scud Missile says:

            Chris the board are paying fans lip service,just look what it took to get rid of CHANCERS that ran our club almost into the graveyard previously this lot ain’t any different they are bleeding club with their INCOMPETENCE

        • Kevan McKeown says:

          Unless you’ve a direct line tae Ange himself and he personally confides in YOU what his intentions are, ah don’t know how ye could possibly know that he’s ‘made it clear’. Thing is tho, tbf ah actually agree with your opinion on the board and the Celtic support bein their own worst enemies, but tae make statements like this yin ffs, c’mon mate.

    • Therese Storrie says:

      If that happens there will be a lot of unrest and in renewed season tickets Never is a strong word but imo it will NEVER happen

  • Ryan Derry says:

    He like walker serves his pay masters. Sky sports. If you ain’t talking down Celtic talking up scumgers you won’t see much air time. If sky don’t promote the Scottish game they signed and contract with to air Scottish games for next few years as a competitive league then no one outside Scotland will watch it. Spfl and SFA don’t have that much pull sky sports do when it comes to shit TV angles and var calls

  • Joe Monaghan says:

    He is an idiot the only 2 ex Celt’s that fight our corner involved in the media is Chris Sutton and mostly big bad John Hartson, the rest should just keep away from us.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Just Charlie tryin tae stay ‘relevant’ after bein kicked aff Sky.

  • Bigmick says:

    It’s more than Charlie serving Charlie, or trying to stay relevant. He’s bought into the ‘Scottish football is fucked without The Ranjurs’ nonsense. Scud, gie yer heid peace mate lol…

  • Eamonn Little says:

    While on the subject of Charlie Nicholas,and I hope I’m dead wrong on this.I have not noticed as of yet,any tributes accredited to him on the passing of his old strike buddy Frank Mcgarvey.For two seasons they tore up trees together as Celtics strike force,before Nicholas went to Arsenal.Maybe he has done so in private,directly to Frank Mcgarveys family,but it just seems bizarre there was nothing attributed to him

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Scud you have now went from rumours to “only my opinions”.


    “..and all of us know full well what that reason is”.
    Not all of us do.
    Why is ‘ Cheeky Charlie’ PNG within our hallowed grounds.
    Do tell, please, pretty please.

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