Cho Gue-Sung Dreams Of England. That’s Why A Move To Celtic Is Perfect For Him.

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There is a lot of excitement in our media today over the comments made, in Korea, by Cho Gue-Sung about his proposed move to Celtic. That boy has a lot to think about and whilst we’re supposed to be frustrated and even angry with him for taking his time, in a sense I think it’s a positive step. This is not some silly lad who will charge into a major decision.

This is the first massive call he’ll have to make in what to do with his career. He’s being asked to move to a foreign country, during the winter, halfway through a campaign, when his own club is just about finished with theirs, and play in a title race with people he’s never met, amidst what I am certain will be a culture shock of momentous proportions.

Anyone who didn’t think that over and weigh the pros and cons would be a fool. The Scottish hacks want you to think it’s Celtic he’s swithering on. That he might not want to come here. That he and his agents are holding out for something better. What I read is a kid who knows this decision will affect the rest of his life and he wants to get it right.

Cho Gue-Sung says he ultimately wants to move to England. The sooner, then, that he gets himself to Europe the better, and a move to Mainz or some other club (they’re out of the running but the hacks have tried to resurrect that story) will not do him half as much good as coming to Celtic would. We’re on England’s front door.

There is no better place to come and get noticed. Our record of selling players on to the EPL is good, and they usually take a step up from where we send them. That’s what he has to keep in mind. That’s what he has to be thinking about.

And I’m glad that he’s thinking about it all. I’m glad that this kid has a good head on his shoulders. He won’t have it turned by money or anything else like that, he knows this is an important step in his career progression but that it’s only the first one.

Let’s face it, if he believes in his own talent and ability then he knows the big money will come. He knows the huge move will happen at some point. But he has to be in Europe, and playing, and developing at a club where he will be loved by the fans. There is literally nowhere better than here for him to take that next step, and I am sure Ange will sell him on it.

The player himself made one other acknowledgement in his interview; he’s very conscious that there’s a ticking clock on the other end of the discussion. So although he has a very big call to make he’s not going to drag this out because he knows that we won’t allow that.

He’s nobody’s fool.

He is not going to let this continue for much longer because he knows we want it settled and he has his own plans to make.

So we’re going to have to be patient here but not to the point where it feels like a piss take … but as I’ve said, that in itself presents little or no issues for our club because we have a fit Giakoumakis on the books and whatever you’ve heard today about a move to Sampdoria being in the offing, I urge caution before believing any of it.

Giakoumakis will not be sold until his replacement is already secured.

Not “close to a deal.” Not “in negotiations.” Not “an offer is on the table.” He will not be sold until the contracts are signed and the ink is drying on them and he knows that full well.

So does the media, whatever scare they’re trying to throw in to people.

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  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    I will be very pleased if we can get this man signed and over the line however maybe he’s done the background checks already and is also considering whether he wants to play in a backwater league full of bigotry and corruption when he can hold out for a bit longer for a bit more interest from a league and country with more stability and honesty.

  • eamon kelly says:

    I have bad memories of something similar being written about Ajeti

  • Benjamin says:

    If it’s true that he ultimately wants to end up in the EPL, that would likely eliminate any chance of him accepting a move to Minnesota in the MLS regardless of what kind of transfer fee they put up. While that league is improving and there are plenty of World Cup players in that league, to my knowledge there hasn’t been a single player from that league to make a move directly to the EPL. He needs to come to Europe and either play in the Champions League or a top-5 league where he’ll be regularly playing against Champions League clubs.

  • S Thomas says:

    Celtic looks his best bet.. as be easier for him too get his move to the EPL here. He comes here does the business, and he will get his move down south. The American League is improving, and there national side is better than ours, and they have decent players there now, paying big money, but I still think we are still a good club, who are trusted, and if he wants his move down south, then he should come here.

  • Effarr says:

    “A club where he will be loved by the fans”. Why the hell should we love someone who is only ever going to put one foot in the door? I thought Postecoglou had no time for anyone who had a hesitancy when asked to sign. Is this going to be another Eddie Howe or John McGinn saga? Give him a short timescale and then move on. It’s not exactly Messi they are trying to sign.

    To be honest, Celtic are only a franchise now. Celtic in name only and for how long now?

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    England is on OUR front door!

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