Clownish Record Hacks And Their Wishful Thinking Over “Rattled” Celtic Manager.

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Today my thanks, for someone going where I wasn’t prepared to go, is extended to Joe McHugh at VideoCelts for doing a piece on the latest Daily Record podcast, wherein they discussed The Mooch and his attempts at “psychological warfare” against our manager.

These reports are as pitiful as the efforts themselves, a mixture of delusional nonsense and a complete misreading of the situation. If these people had to live in conventional reality for even five minutes I think they’d crash and bleed out.

They claim that The Mooch is applying pressure on Ange by claiming that his side has to win a domestic trophy this season.

He’s doing no such thing, he’s actually putting pressure on his own players and trying to appease their fans.

He made this statement with his team already in a semi-final. So it’s logical he’d set it as a goal.

The Record “panel” are really reaching if they’re trying to turn this into something.

It’s even more pathetic when they try to frame this as The Mooch “taking Ange on” and trying to look tough. If he’s so tough, and if his “lucky” comments were meant to be intimidating then he looks like a wet end for already backtracking on them.

Their paper should know, since it helped to “clarify them” this morning.

No-one whose trying to make a point or score a point then backtracks and “clarifies it.”

Do you hear Ange clarifying his “I’m more interested in my dinner” comment?

Do you hear him “clarifying” his response to The Mooch’s daft remark about him being lucky?

No, he’s done neither, because Ange isn’t playing kids games here.

He has more important things to do, but like a seasoned martial arts fighter showing a young punk what’s what without doing him any serious harm, he has batted The Mooch around in a way that makes his point and sends a message for the future.

“Come at me only if you don’t mind get slapped a bit,” is the thrust of it, and so if The Record “panel” really thinks The Mooch won that particular bout they haven’t really been paying attention.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The daily Record has 6 senior print scoops ,all pro the Rangers ‘panel ‘! Mc Dermott ,Wilson ,Berry ,Jackson ,Newport and McCarthy ! All supposed to be impartial and neutral in their day jobs for a national rag … Sure ,sure !Then we have the digital lot and god knows how many there are of them ? What I have noticed about the sports scoops employed by the Record is that there definitely are no women ever employed there ! Yes ,there’s the occasional freelance story from a lady hack ,but none ever on the payroll officially …. Wonder why that is ?

  • harold shand says:

    The three biggest hun hacks at that rag

    Who were probably having Zoom chats between themselves creasing with laughter , cracking Crocodile Dundee jokes when Ange was appointed

    Now been resorted to making up bullish*t mind game victories , whilst the Champions march on

  • Timbilly says:

    Gary McKeown article in Mail on Sunday 22nd January is a shocking attack on Ange.
    A bitter hun wretch with hatred oozing out of every pore.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Very disappointing that Celtic ‘fans’ are buying or digitally finiancially supporting that rag….

    Desist immediately my good fellow Hoops – I garantee you’ll feel a helluva lot better for it !

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