Commons Is Back To His Usual Today. Talking Garbage About Celtic And Ange.

Image for Commons Is Back To His Usual Today. Talking Garbage About Celtic And Ange.

There are few people from a Celtic background who annoy me more than Kris Commons, who now writes for the most toxic rag in the country (although The Express and The Sun do their level best to keep up) and constantly second-guesses whoever is in the Celtic dugout at any particular time.

Today is no exception, as he has produced an argument so stupid and contradictory and without the bother of facts or context that it blows your mind.

The piece is about Giakoumakis, and how Ange needs to “rotate more” and keep him happy. Perhaps Commons hasn’t noticed that Ange has done that, consistently, and not just in the forward’s position but in every department of the team.

I think Giakoumakis would have started more games except that he’s obviously been doing a bit of moaning behind the scenes, and allowed himself one very public indulgence on Instagram. Ange isn’t impressed by any of that, and has known for a while that this guy is not fully getting with the program. I think that has cost him time on the pitch.

Commons’ argument that this will keep players happy is an absolute nonsense.

If you accept the premise of what he’s saying rotation does that … but Moussa Dembele, one of the players he’s talking about, was in and out of this club not much quicker than Giakoumakis, so right away two planks of his argument collapses under scrutiny.

“Quite why Postecoglou doesn’t rotate a bit more the way Brendan Rodgers used to only he could explain but that’s his prerogative,” he wrote, and it’s good that this fool recognises that. But if he’d listened he’d know that the manager has shared his thinking on this many, many times. He is happy to rotate when he’s confident that he’s getting the right effort.

“Assuming Giakoumakis does leave for Japan this week, there’s a huge pressure on the manager to recruit an adequate replacement,” Commons continues.

Maybe he has failed to see the vast number of strikers we’ve been linked with, or failed to recognise that Giakoumakis is still at the club whilst we’re looking. There is no pressure on Ange whatsoever, because until he gets in the right guy the Greek won’t be going anywhere.

He also tries a little spook story to scare the kids.

“Celtic’s record with signing forwards in the last decade has been patchy at best. For every Gary Hooper, there have been several like Mo Bangura and Stefan Scepovic. Even talented players like Teemu Pukki never showed their best in a green and white jersey,” he writes.

How desperate, to have to go back a decade to find a point worth making.

Yeah, we’ve squandered a lot of money on second rate junk over the years but in case he hasn’t noticed we now rely on data, and analytics and all that cool stuff which has allowed Ange to hit the target on nearly every single player that we have gone for.

We have systems in place now. This stuff isn’t left to chance, far less to the “judgement” of people who aren’t qualified to make football department decisions.

Honestly, I sometimes wish Commons would give these articles two seconds of thought before he posts them.

He was looking for something to moan about in relation to the Giakoumakis sale.

None of us is happy to see the player go, but we’re not panicking over it and we’re not looking back ten years and giving ourselves nightmares on that basis.

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  • Eire goCeltic says:

    David Turnbull is unhappy because he is not getting enough game time. He showed it after his last
    goal by not exuberantly celebrating with his team mates. All the pundits cried. Yes, he did look a little glum. You know why? He did not want Aaron Mooy jumping on his back like two frogs in the mating embrace.
    These fellows made up stories about Giako. Ange, said he was at the game. “Why didn’t you ask him”.
    I liked David Turnbull positioning himself a few metres back from the centre of the 18 yard box, when the opposition floods the goal area. Kyogo did not wheel around and wildly strike like some would, but deftly laid the ball off to David. From David’s position the goal keeper cannot always see the strikers contact with the ball. Fantastic. That’s twice. David might not start but he is integral to Celtic FC success. Ange said so.

  • john mc guire says:

    James if the ex celtic players who write in the papers dont slag of the celtic now guess who never gets another gig or payed its all about the hun party-line toe the line or you are out !!! .


      Yeah yeah…Someone else knows that it’s’ toe or toeing the line’.
      Not ‘ tow or towing’.
      Does ma ffn nut in every time I see it used incorrectly.

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