Dave Cormack Needs To Clear The Decks And Put Aberdeen On A New Course.

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So it ends, and it ends in a horror show that not even I saw coming. I thought Hibs would win and I thought Goodwin would lose his job today but I did not expect a 6-0 thrashing, and another epic humiliation on top of the beating by Hearts and the Darvel Scottish Cup disgrace.

Goodwin might be a good man, but every time I hear that I’m reminded of Alec Baldwin’s searing turn as Blake at the start of Glengarry Glen Ross and the verbal annihilation of Moss, one of Mitch and Murray’s hapless real estate salesmen. “Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? F@@@ you! Go home and play with your kids! You wanna work here? Close!”

This is a ruthless business. It is a vicious business. It is a business where, as I said in my piece on the Darwinian nature of life at Celtic, there is no sentiment and those who cannot cut it get found out, and often in a brutal fashion and this is how it ends for so many, many managers.

For all that, it is impossible not to feel sorry for the guy because it’s clear he’s not the only problem at a club which is in a whole lot of trouble. The players ought to be utterly ashamed of themselves, and their own chronic lack of professionalism. Nobody is going to tell me that they haven’t downed tools, and although that was obvious before today it is a disgusting result which reflects even more badly on them than it does on the manager.

But Dave Cormack is the guy who has the biggest decision of his life in front of him. He spoke after the game and he really surprised me. I had no idea that this guy is a lifelong fan and to hear him speak so emotionally about the state they are in was remarkable.

He has made two horrendous managerial decisions in a row. He must get the third right.

The Scottish media will toss around the names of its pals. Lennon and Lambert are already being mentioned. Leaving aside Lennon’s time at Celtic Park, where he was working with the best players in the country, there is nothing in his record to remotely suggest that he is capable of taking Aberdeen forward. Lambert has even less on his CV.

So the first thing Cormack should do is ignore that nonsense. He should be looking outside of the UK entirely, and to foreign shores just as Celtic eventually did. There is better talent out there than there is in the detritus of the lower leagues of England and the unemployed list of ex-bosses who have tried their luck here and failed.

It is time for some imagination at Scotland’s most underachieving club. The hiring of Goodwin was an example of them trying to replicate the “success” of Derek McInnes, as if they failed to notice that this was a contradiction in terms. Steady as she goes will not make Aberdeen a genuine third force. It will not put silverware in the trophy cabinet and it will certainly never enable them to mount any kind of challenge for second spot, far less put them on the path towards where so many of their fans think they belong.

I badly want to see that sort of imagination. I badly want to see that club give itself a shake. This league needs better standards from its top teams and Aberdeen, who were sitting in a comfortable second spot not a half dozen years ago need to find enough self belief to come out swinging here. Their chairman loves the club.

It is his duty to steer it to better times, and that will be to the benefit of our sport, and in a backhanded way, to Celtic.

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  • Benjamin says:

    One manager who is out of contract at the moment is Greg Berhalter. He’s been the American’s manager through the last World Cup cycle. And whatever faults people may hold against him, that team was difficult to play against. They got through the group stage without conceding a single goal from open play. They got beat barely by the Dutch, but better managers than him have been exposed by Louis Van Gaal. His contract expired Dec 31, and he’s waiting to find out if an extension will be offered (not gonna happen, LOL). At the very least he’ll sort out Aberdeen’s defense and get them to at least attempting to play attractive football from the back.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I know he is 65 years of age, but an ex-Celt who might do them a turn is Gordon Strachan. The Dons fans surely love him, being one of their legends from the Ferguson era, and wee Gordon still has all his faculties and some. He would be a more dependable choice than some of the their recent recruits and his heart would definitely be in the right place. He would surely be less of a gamble than others in the frame and could steady the ship, at least until the season’s end.

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    Aberdeen and Lenny are made for each other, hibs don’t have the appropriate hatred for the new club that Lenny requires to be motivated

  • Gus Connelly says:

    To have such a poor centre-half as Stewart in your team,and worse,be captain,bode I’ll for Goodwin.His stubbornness brought a lot of this on-treatment of Considine,Brown,etc.was deplorable management at any level.

  • Martin.H says:

    Goodmans doing a great job, keep him there till we play them o February 18th.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Tomorrow watch as the fix continues who’s getting the red card i Reckon calaum when will the Arabs get there penalty I am telling you enjoy Ange as he will not tolerate this the fix is in and you continue donation at the fake as you freeze because you cannot afford to put your heating on and go to food banks to give your monies to fake fixed cheating corruption crap

  • Geoff says:

    Why are you so obsessed with Dons or is it an anti Lennon thing?
    Quite sure 100% of our fans don’t give a monkeys who is their manager.

    • Roonsa says:

      I disagree slightly. It’s good to have a talking point in Scottish football that isn’t about us or that other lot. I am interested in what happens there.

  • John says:

    I”m with you Geoff. Couldn’t give a sh*t what goes on up there! Bored of this topic now

  • Jim says:

    Aberdeen matter, because it is a two horse race if they don’t step up.
    They have been minging for a long, long time, and that is bad for the game in Scotland, and therefore bad for us.

    • Roonsa says:

      Good point Jim. That’s my thinking too. I’ve always felt that Hearts and Hibs cave way too easily against that lot. Even when shite, Aberdeen dig in against the huns.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We can mostly always depend on Aberdeen to give the huns a hard game and it is therefore in our interests that there is a strong Aberdeen. The Aberdeen fans hate the huns and they demand that their team to get right fkn intae them. We can only benefit from that sentiment.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Onwards another 3 points hail! Hail! In Ange we trust.

  • Peterbrady says:

    How many times will dirty farts get cheated on Wednesday against the filth.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Hearts don’t need to get cheated.
    The Diets will bend over and take a rogering as per usual.

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