Demented Anti-Celtic Hack Has A Meltdown And Misses The Point On Our VAR Complaints.

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There are very few times when I will write an article based on second half information that I haven’t been able to verify, but a good friend of mine asked me if I’d seen Gary Keown’s latest piece. I laughed at the very idea. Why would I, after all?

I’ll be honest; I still haven’t. It’s available only in the print edition of the rag he writes for and I have no intention of paying actual money to read the scribblings of that eejit, a complete muppet who not that long ago was branding Kyogo a cheat and has dissed every Celtic manager of the modern age one way or the other. He’s a joke.

Still, my mate assured me that it a masterpiece of rage and paranoia in which he accuses Celtic of putting pressure on refs and officials, a campaign which he says has paid off in recent weeks. I have no reason to disbelieve that this is the general tone of the article. Indeed, I am not even slightly surprised by it. This is the kind of poison I expect from his pen.

But of course, the central thesis of his piece is complete bollocks because we’re not seeking special favours or special status or any of that crap, as he appears to be suggesting. This is typical of the idiots who write for the press here in Scotland; high school paper rejects for the most part, who either write through bias or don’t think things through.

What do we need special favours for?

What do we need additional assistance for? We didn’t need help to put four past Kilmarnock at Hampden, even if only two of them counted. We would have been Morton comfortably at home without the aid of a penalty.

We had terrible decisions go against us for months, and we kept getting results anyway.

Anyone who believes that we’re trying to bend officials to our will, and make them give us decisions, isn’t right in the head, and for a journalist to suggest such a thing is ridiculous.

They have a cheek to accuse fans of indulging in paranoia when they write stuff like this.

All Celtic wants is a level playing field. You know why we want to remove bias and/or incompetence from the equation here? Why we want shot of the “Honest Mistakes”? Because on a level playing field we’ll win, because on a level playing field the only thing that counts is the quality we have versus what the opposition can muster.

Our club has asked for explanations for some outrageous decisions.

We’re not demanding to be the beneficiaries of equally outrageous ones.

The penalty at the weekend was not even close to being a good decision, but I firmly believe it would have been given against us and half of the people banging the drum over it wouldn’t have cracked a light.

Celtic has as much right to ask for clarification on these decisions as any club, and that doesn’t mean that we are seeking special treatment. Our club does not want it nor need it, because to be blunt we’re better off for never having been the establishment club, for never have been at the centre of a little web of protectionism and bias … everything we’ve had we’ve had to earn and the one advantage of that is that it makes you stronger and better.

And in the end that’s what Keown’s real problem is. Not with a handful of decisions which have recently gone our way but that we’ve never needed them to win, and we don’t now.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Never heard of the idiot until today. That basically means he’s a nomark journo that will remain so with such astonishingly bad standards of ability.

  • Tony B says:

    Keown? Sounds like an Uncle Tim soup taker type to me, like errr what’s his name.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Take it that means the likes of Martin ‘Keown’ X-Arsenal is an ‘uncle tim soup taker’ tae. Typical fuckin, probably zombie, dedicated non-thinker.

      • Paul Mac (McKeown) says:

        Always fecks me up about the way people pronounce our surname .. McKeown gets changed to McEwen … feck sake the Ingerlish had no problem with Martin Keown .. but stick Mc before it and it changes to Ewen …
        Anyhow it will be interesting if the IFAB trial goes well and the Ref will be forced to explain (like they have done in Rugby for years) via the stadium tannoy system why they made the VAR decision … that will be interesting in Scotland ! As an aside the Portuguese FA have already claimed that they would be interested in trialing this in a match. We already have the VAR decisions being explained post match (in the big important matches) by a ref in the ob truck. Obviously this is NOT the official VAR ref but another who is interpreting why they thought the decisions were made. Don´t know if you have that over there?

  • Tony McGuigan says:

    He did a stint jumping about the Ibrox pitch as Broxy Bear!
    Did a lot of boasting about it in Moodiesburn Miners club.

  • Peterbrady says:

    He needs a visit and given a lead implant behind the ear

  • Eamonn Little says:

    There’s no such name as Keown,theres yer red flag right there The Mc probably dropped few generations back for being too Irish.Used to be a guy played for Aye Utd called Willie Furphy lol.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Anyone else we will continue to GET var results going our way once its clear we were going to win the game in any event. Then the muppets can claim nothing to see here boss Celtic getting the proper decisions. Then when its the huns it will be business as usual ie we will get nothing

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Celtic should ask for clarification as to why we got the penalty on Saturday.
    That right there will stop these idiots in their tracks.
    It also gives us the opportunity to cite the ones we didn’t get as comparison and ask for a clear interpretation of the rules

  • John S says:

    It really doesn’t matter whether a wrong decision goes for or against. The fact is there are too many. Overhaul of referee and VAR appointments fundamental to change.

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