Desperate Hacks Try To Generate Anti-Celtic Headlines Out Of Meaningless McFadden Claim.

Image for Desperate Hacks Try To Generate Anti-Celtic Headlines Out Of Meaningless McFadden Claim.

James McFadden was asked at the weekend about stories linking Daizen Maeda with Southampton and he went out of his way to say … nothing at all. I’m not saying that he didn’t give an answer, just that the answer he gave was so vague he might as well not have bothered.

Not that his lack of any newsworthy statement stopped the media.

This is the preposterous take Football Scotland, The Record’s sister paper, had on it.

“James McFadden admits every Celtic player has a price and he would not be surprised to see Daizen Maeda leave this month.”

Which sounds as if McFadden has been playing that familiar game; I’ve not had my name in the papers for a while, so let’s comment on Celtic selling all their stars and that will get me some ink. But in fact, it was not that at all and McFadden’s actual comments have been twisted every which way for them to come up with that shady piece of reportage.

I always love the word “admits” in these pieces. It’s as if he reluctantly gave up the information as though under torture. “Oh he didn’t want to admit it … but in the end he did.” Doubtless some in the media used to have the proverbial “ways of making you talk” but in the modern age they don’t even need to bother buy their sources drinks.

They just re-interpret their words any damned way they please.

This is what McFadden actually did say, when he was asked, on Sky Sports, about the prospect of Maeda making a move to Southampton.

“It depends what the offer is. I would never be surprised about any player leaving a club when there are millions involved. Maeda’s World Cup was really good and his form has been excellent since he’s come back. But Celtic are more than covered in every position on the park. I think he’s shown an unbelievable attitude but I would not be surprised if any player left any club.”

That’s miles from what Mark Hendry has written up in his latest piece of slop.

He was talking in general terms, not about Celtic specifically, as his words make clear. Hendry’s interpretation is a dire journalistic trick which is more akin to making stuff up than accurately reporting facts.

And saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see any player leave any club is a long way from saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see Maeda in particular leave.

McFadden’s right that if some club offers insane money then no sane club in our position – playing in the SPFL with limited means – could possibly turn it down but that’s not a news story, that’s an accepted fact, as McFadden is pointing out, with every club in every league in the land.

Honestly, you really do go sick and tired of reading this kind of thing. Not even actual news but the invention of news, the manufacturing of stories where there otherwise aren’t any. McFadden said nothing whatsoever here to merit the headlines his comments are getting and if I was him I might even be a bit pissed off with how they are being spun.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    McFudden.. Cd dae wae a good wash.. Cunts Mingin looking & dresses like a Fukin TRAMP!!

  • Woodyiom says:

    “McFadden’s right that if some club offers insane money then no sane club in our position – playing in the SPFL with limited means – could possibly turn it down….”

    Now James that’s simply not true – remember when Gerrard was asked if he’d take £40m for Morelos he said: “No – and you can add another £10m on as well.” so clearly some clubs would turn down insane money. Oops my apologies you said no SANE club which clearly rules Rangers out lol.

    As McFadden says the reality is EVERY player in the SPFL is for sale if the price is right no matter how much certain people try to say otherwise.

  • John Copeland says:

    Would that be the very same Mark Hendry who only yesterday people were waxing lyrical about him being ITK and a very reliable journalist towards Celtic FC ? As you mentioned in your piece ,he is the deputy editor of Football Scotland,which is owned by the daily Record ! I fail to understand what scintilla of worth this scoop brings to the table as far as reliable information is concerned …His official employer tells us that .!

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Just like this story, searching for a story.
    Get working for a living and stop being the school playground gossip.
    What a shit story about nothing.
    I’ve noticed this site is grovelling for material.
    I can write you a few cartoons, it will be ideal for the mentality that will be left to read repeated non news shit

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    James, You have covered a lot of territory the past two days. I liked your contrast of the
    careful accurate objective reporting of Andrew Smith to the subjective unsubstantiated lazy stuff by the ilk of this fellow above. They deserve the good larruping you give them.
    Looks like Celtic missed out on the brilliant Caspar Tengstedt. The Manager of Rosenborg did say if he was for sale, it would be for a massive price. The other fellow in the strikers frame was the 195 cm “wee laddie” Ladislav Almasi. He is a talent who scores a lot of goals off his noggin. Could be handy later. You can believe it when they sign, have their photo taken holding the hoops jumper, then do the video interview.

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