Does Celtic’s “Other Striker” Question Have Its Answer In The SPFL?

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As I was putting together a piece last night, someone sent me Aiden McGeady’s comments on the excellent return to the Hibs team, and return to form, of Kevin Nisbet.

McGeady thinks we should be looking at him, or certainly that he would do a job for us.

It’s an interesting idea, but not in the way McGeady has suggested.

Nisbet is definitely a good player, but just not good enough to challenge either Kyogo or Giakoumakis for a starting berth. With the big Greek going out the door that would seem to open up a possibility … but let’s be honest here, we’re going to replace him with a better footballer if our Korean interest gets the result that we are all hoping for.

Which would appear to leave Nisbet as a player who wouldn’t have a place in the squad at all.

Yet that’s not quite true, not if we’re interested in adding a third striker.

This is a debate which a lot of us have gone back and forth over. I recognise that there is Maeda, Haksabanovic, Abada and Forrest who, along with Jota at a push, are all capable of playing through the middle.

But aside from Maeda none is a natural.

The question as to whether we should sign another striker – even with two vying for the one starting slot – has been had and had and will be had again until we do it … and there is another consideration, of course, which few have contemplated.

Kyogo and Maeda will almost certainly be in the running for Asian Cup games and other international fixtures outside of the normal calendar. If we sign Cho Gue-Sung then he will be away at the same time as those guys are, along with others in the team.

Where does that leave our forward line? Short, that’s where. Along with our midfield. This is something we’ve not run into to any great extent yet but we will. It just makes good sense that we should have a plan in reserve for that just in case.

Is Nisbet necessarily the answer?

I think he’s a much better footballer than the other option available to us here at home, Lawrence Shankland. Nisbet is a player I’d have taken a couple of years ago and whilst we’re significantly past the point where he’d command a first pick slot he is certainly good enough to be a domestic backup and Champions League squad player.

But it doesn’t immediately stand out as a major bit of business, and so I am not recommending it or necessarily agreeing with McGeady who evidently thinks he’s good enough to come in and challenge for a place. I very much doubt that.

If we’re looking for a third striker though then we basically are looking for someone who knows that and accepts it and waits for his chance to make a splash.

That limits the quality available to you right out of the starting gate, and we need to acknowledge that.

Which is why people at Celtic might – just might – give something like this consideration. Just to be sure. Just to cover all the bases.

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  • Henry McDade says:

    He is definitely better than Giakoumakis who is lazy and frankly not very good. I’ld take him.

  • Martin.H says:

    Won’t come cheap, hibs always play hardball with us, but would he be happy to be third choice.

    • John Lyon says:

      I think Shankland is a better striker than Nisbet and at 63 I could have scored a hatrick against that Motherwell defence as they were woeful

  • Johnny Green says:

    Bearing in mind our Scottish quota of players for our European squad, it makes sense to include him for that reason, and he is a very good striker who will get even better with the service that quality players will provide for him.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    No good enough for us. No for me anyway. Think Hibs are about his limit. He’s been stickin a few goals in recently tho against, let’s face it, crap defences. His inconsistency was obvious and that’s before he was out injured.

  • Effarr says:

    Nisbet`s name has been mentioned a few times on here so I don`t see why you needed McGeady to recommend him before you agreed. He is a Scottish Celtic fan, maybe that would help him to raise his game. What do you know about the Korean other than being a timewaster? Get rid of Kenny and replace him with Nisbet, at least that would be an positive step, however small or large.

  • Tony Griffin says:

    I’d like to see Kevin Nisbet at Celtic. He’s a smart, sharp forward with a good scoring record against Rangers, and he’s a Celtic fan. We need a few home-grown lads in the squad. I think he would improve under Ange.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    By the end of this campaign, Joey Dawson could be ready for the A Team, as a striker or attacking midfielder. He just got 6 goals in three games. Joey will be 20 years old, 30 May 2023. Contract finishes about end of 2024 season. Ange doesn’t promote a young player, until they are totally ready. Last week, I watched the video footage of one of the recent games and all the players were outstanding. McManus has them playing exceptionally well. Joey is a big imposing lad now.
    I could be ahead of the immediate discussion.

  • Paul Sweeney says:

    As sad as it is personally do not think there are any home bred forwards currently plying there trade in not only Scotland but the world

  • Peter cassidy says:

    K Nisbet would become a very good player at Celtic give him a few months working with ange and the team also knows Scottish football and is a Celtic fan but who knows who Ange wants a lot of media bull at the moment.

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