Hilarity Ensues As McInnes Decision To Play The Bigot Against Celtic Gloriously Backfired

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That was a tough one in a lot of ways yesterday, a game that tested us but not the extent where we ever looked like we were in trouble. I have to say, what it proves is that when teams want to have a go they can do it without necessarily being dismantled. I believe that if either of our two disallowed goals had stood we’d have won comfortably though.

The day was a good one for our club, another in a long line of them.

The boss has steered us to another final.

There is quality about this team and this man that has taken us above and beyond where anyone thought we’d be two years ago. Even the Rodgers team, in the second season, looked more vulnerable than this one.

The day was a good one too for the calamitous first half “plan” which McInnes enacted, of playing a footballer who, to be frank, his club should have sacked. Instead, he talked him up in the press before the match, lamented his absence, even offering the sickening suggestion that his club and the player might have been the real victims.

The decision to play Lafferty was so predictable that I called it even before McInnes gave his presser all but confirming that he’d play. That it was a reprehensible decision considering the offence for which he was banned did not deter McInnes at all.

What a glorious twist in this story.

That it was Lafferty himself – who “couldn’t wait to play”, who had been so excited about the prospect that McInnes laughed and joked about it – who flogged the opener. I couldn’t have been happier because it was the final bit of justice that he deserved, as well as a well delivered slap in the face to the manager who had gushed about him and then pulled him off the pitch at half time.

My savage delight at that cannot be understated.

The decision to play him was a gross offence against our club and our supporters, and Tom English chose to comment on the singing directed at him without bothering to acknowledge the reason our fans were so vehement against him.

That snarking hypocrite can stick his commentary where the sun won’t shine. If the Ibrox fans are up to their knees in fenian blood, again, tomorrow he’ll be as deaf as he always is.

I consider the book closed on Lafferty.

As far as I’m concerned this was his Scottish football swansong and it has ended in ignominy.

His manager’s decision to select him was not only frankly despicable but desperate and self-defeating.

A player who hadn’t featured in ten games for God’s sake? In a cup semi-final? Bosses have been sacked for smarter decisions than that, and I could not be happier this morning at the way it blew up in his face.

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  • JOHN A says:

    I don’t want to take the goal away from Daizan but wouldn’t it have been fantastic if it went straight in off the bigot?

  • John says:

    I am so glad this game is over as it was a potential banana skin and could not watch it as I was on a flight back home. I was watching previous clips of Kyle Laugh-At-Me and the cheating he has got away with was a worry getting players red carded and some horrible tackles he has been allowed to inflict on players and a lot of them on Celtic players in particular. I look forward to the day when this lanky street of bacon retires.

  • John says:


  • Kevin lee says:

    Is this going to be the norm from now on every goal celtic score scrutinise every move looking for any offside players

  • Martin says:

    Agree generally and especially on Lafferty, but your bit about our disallowed goals reads as if you thought they should stand…. They were correctly rules out. We want the right decision, whether that benefits us or not isn’t the point.

    • Roonsa says:

      Absolutely. Killie should have had a penalty. What the fuck Giakoumakis was thinking is beyond me. Our two offside goals were correctly chalked off.

      Our whole gripes was about the handball law rules being subjectively called. It was never a case of getting away with things coz other teams do. We want fairness and parity.

  • Tony B says:

    Laughatme deserves to be remembered for this.

    Still laughing at the racist fangita.


  • Andy says:

    That article is perfect.

    The only thing that could possibly have gone better would have been for CCV to snap his legs. Scum of a man and a truly hopeless footballer.

  • harold shand says:

    ” Instant Karma’s gonna get you , gonna knock you right on the head “

  • John Copeland says:

    If Kilmarnock FC had a semblance of a backbone , the guilty bigot Lafferty ,would never had played for them ever again ! MC Innes should have been told in no uncertain terms by his board , to get rid of the smirking liability … Let him concentrate on his photography career …ahem !

  • Seppington says:

    …”of playing a footballer who, to be frank, his club should have sacked”

    Sacked? Those bus fare-less huns in stripes probably gave him a medal and first shag at the big Killie Pie…

  • S Thomas says:

    Our 2 goals were correctly chopped off for offside.. and they should have had a penalty. My problem is the handballs in previous games, that’s were it needs to be looked at it again. I want a 100 percent fairness, I don’t want us getting decisions that we shouldn’t be getting. That pitch was terrible yesterday, and Ange is right to ask that it be fixed for the final.

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