If Giakoumakis Leaves Celtic For Denmark You Know It Was Not About His Contract.

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The story today in the papers that Giorgios Giakoumakis might leave Celtic for a team in Denmark definitely came out of left-field.

I don’t know how the club in question could afford him, as we’ll want a sizeable transfer fee, but I do know this; if they can and we agree to sell him and he leaves the club it has nothing to do with contract talks.

There are reports that the big guy’s family has struggled to settle in Scotland.

That’s entirely possible and completely understandable. The player himself might like it here just fine, but if the family aren’t quite as keen then that will strain any situation.

Whatever is leading to these reports, I have never believed that this came down to some “verbal promise” which we’ve failed to honour in some way. There is clearly something more to this, and I could believe that his family hasn’t settled far more easily than I’m willing to accept some story with an obvious anti-Celtic slant to it.

If he goes to Denmark, it’s not for significantly more money or to play at a higher level.

That much will be obvious.

If he goes there it’s because he thinks – rightly or wrongly – that there’s something better there for himself and his loved ones, and you can’t fault the man for that or argue with it. He is entitled to do whatever he can for their happiness.

The important thing, from the point of view of the club, is that we maintain our strength and if reports linking us with the two Korean strikers are accurate then we’re setting out to do precisely that, and things will continue to develop for us as a squad.

Big Giakoumakis has given us good service, albeit in a short time.

If this is his last window at the club – and by the way, that’s still not for certain – the critical thing is that it doesn’t cost us.

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  • Bigmick says:

    He’s not going to Denmark for the weather either…i heard it said he cold climate here isn’t suitable for him/his family.

  • Steve says:

    I can’t see how a family from Greece would settle any more in Denmark than they would in Scotland to be quite honest.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Quite possible his family isn’t settling here.Imagine it wouldn’t be easy to settle in a place where horizontal freezing rain is the norm.Altho don’t think Denmark would be a vast improvement.Think he gets itchy feet quite quick,no matter where he goes.

  • MARTIN.H says:

    Denmark ffs, now that’s a big step in his progression towards his career.

  • Henry McDade says:

    To be honest, I really don’t think he is good enough for Celtic.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If it’s in the papers… As a Celtic fan obviously I don’t buy any and rely on this site for the exposure of their lies but it would appear for every anti Celtic story they get right they one hundred wrong…

    Liars 99 times and the truth once – That’s these ‘people’ in the Scottish media !

  • Pcelt says:

    If there’s any truth in these rumours regarding him or juranovic get them out we don’t need unhappy players in the squad which could start upsetting others.

  • Michael Carroll says:

    I agree. Yes, he’s a big guy – which should complement the contribution of the smaller guys like Kyogo. But unlike Hartson and Sutton in the past, he spends too much time niggling, falling over, giving away fouls and moaning about stuff. Not up to the Postecoglou standard, for me.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    The guys a dud, cannot score from a penalty.

    • LadyGreybush says:

      Have a nap. He scores plenty of goals. Tell me you don’t watch Celtic without telling me you don’t watch Celtic.

      You’re embarrassing yourself.

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