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Keevins Launches Another Unhinged Attack On Celtic’s Big Defender.

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What did I say yesterday in my article about the Carter Vickers-Starfelt partnership? There are people in our media who simply will not accept that they were wrong about the big Swede and are going to keep on finding reasons to criticise him.

And who did I specifically mention? Hugh Keevins. And what was he doing just last night? Having a go at the big guy all over again. He is a broken record this guy, and everything that comes out of his mouth is ignorant swill. He is the actual living, breathing antithesis of the broken clock theory because if he’s ever gotten a call right I can’t remember it.

On Starfelt he has tunnel vision, which comes from being an egotistical twat who even when he’s embarrassed now on a weekly, sometimes nightly, basis he still struggles to accept it. It’s been a long time since anyone really took him seriously, not that he cares about that. Keevins is the very definition of a wage thief, someone paid good money to offer an expert opinion and who only shows up over and over again how little basic knowledge he has.

The idea that Keevins can spot a player has been ludicrous to most of us for decades, since even before his widely derided remarks about Lubo Moravcik and John Spencer. Over and over again he has been exposed as someone woefully ignorant about the subject he is supposed to offer his views on. The average guy in the pub has a better grasp on the fundamentals.

Carl Starfelt is not the finished article, but he’s a better player than the one we signed and playing alongside big Carter Vickers is giving him the confidence to grow even further and it will not be long, mark my words, before he’s back in his national team and gaining ever more plaudits from the watching world even as Keevins flounders to justify his continued hostility towards the player.

But that hostility is easy to understand. Keevins knows what he is, deep down, and he lashes out at everyone who makes him feel like a fool. That’s why Celtic, as a club, is so often the target of his bitterness, because we’ve mugs of him time and time again, and I suspect it’s what’s at the heart of his frustration at Starfelt.

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  • Tony B says:

    Nurse! Ah’ve jist shat mah adult nappy again.

    Poor auld demented Spew Heavins.

  • James Ward says:

    Hugh Keevins what can I say the Muppet’s muppet.

  • Roonsa says:

    Keevins is an irrelevance. I don’t understand why his name is mentioned on this blog so often. If the point of this blog is to point out things a 2 year old child already would know, articles like these go a long way to achieving its mission statement.

    Please treat us like adults. If we wanted the lowest common denominator we’d read the Daily Record.

  • SSMPM says:

    Some on this site repeatedly saying exactly the same thing and chuck Taylor in too. Older person’s stubbornness thing? Your obsession with Keevins is a worrying turnoff.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Keevins is a 73 year old guy,who should be long retired instead of in taking a wage a younger better sports journo could do.Then again,Radio Clyde and the Sunday Mail,cheap option for them.Plus he’s more than willing to be an uncle Tim,so everyone wins.

    • Charlie Kelly says:

      Why give this clown air time,he’s an absolute dope doesn’t know if a ball is blown up or solid.Please
      Stop mentioning him as your making him relevant which he certainly isnt

  • king murdy says:

    i think starfelt is right up there with the best of them….olivier tebily…efe ambrose….etc….etc…
    i just do not, nor have i from the first time i saw him in a celtic strip,think he is good enough for us…
    heart in the mouth job when he’s playing….

    • Walter Chinstrap says:

      He’s standing on the shoulders of a giant in CCV.
      Disregard stats as CCV does most of the heavy lifting.
      Still a decent defender in Scotland but a bomb scare in Europe

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