Kris Boyd “Fears” Where The Referees Debate “Is Leading.” I Bet He Does.

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Jesus, we really have them flapping don’t we? First McCoist flipped his lid yesterday and this morning it’s Kris Boyd in meltdown over the way we’re highlighting the dire decision making of refs. His foaming at the mouth rant in the papers this morning is a beauty.

It is summed up in a final paragraph that is absolutely hysterical, the height of irresponsibility, and another example of how hateful watching us dominate the news agenda makes him. Read this and draw your own conclusions about how far off the deep end this loony has gone.

“Maybe we should just let Celtic win everything. Our referees would then be able to sleep at night without worrying about some idiot attacking them in the street. Because I genuinely fear that’s where this is all leading. If we’re not careful someone is going to get hurt.”

Hurt, you mean, like the Celtic official wounded at Ibrox last year? Or the Celtic fans bottled at Ibrox? Or those who could have been hurt had the weapons found inside Ibrox before the game actually got to the people who stored them there, for the game?

When was the last time a ref was attacked in the street? Are they having trouble sleeping in their beds? No, they aren’t but this ludicrous rant doesn’t make things any easier for them, just ramps up the rhetoric to levels nobody else has indulged in.

It’s out and out moon howling. This guy has come apart, and it didn’t even take Celtic winning to do it. It only took us standing up for ourselves.

And “maybe we should just let Celtic win everything?”

What a childish throwing of toys out of the pram. Hell, we win almost everything already and it’s taken him a week but finally he’s cracked up over the knowledge that we’re on the brink of this title.

This is another example of some gibbering ex-Ibrox halfwit with a room temperature IQ either not getting it or not wanting to. These decisions have not affected our ability to get results.

We have this league virtually wrapped up with a bow on it.

We’re objecting to the dire state of officiating, win or lose. If we were losing, we’d be getting accused of sour grapes and being unable to take it. The best time to go on the offensive over this stuff is right now and that’s what we’re doing.

But when we’re winning we’re supposed to sit and shut it, because it’s bad enough that they have to watch us do it on the park but they don’t want us setting the agenda off it as well. Well, too bad. Ange was correct to highlight these decisions, it’s what we’ve all been asking the club to do, and the club itself is right to demand a meeting over them.

Ibrox has demanded meetings over far stupider stuff than this, and Boyd was clapping like a performing seal waiting for a fish the whole time.

As to “where this is going”, well that’s up to the clubs and to the SFA. Celtic has raised important issues here and our fans are pushing hard on the idea that refs should declare their allegiances and be banned from games involving their favourite clubs … with severe sanctions in place for those who lie about that. Let them take their chances for once.

That’s where this is going. That’s the point we want to reach here and Boyd should know that since he’s apparently been all over Celtic cyberspace this past week.

I know this guy is thicker than a concrete overpass and that his editors at that rag he writes for don’t mind stirring the soup, but his article is a disgrace and his comments are a disgrace, confirming him again as one of the nastiest people in the media and whose continued presence on Sky dumbs down their product in a way they’d never allow with their EPL coverage.

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  • Suspiciousmind says:

    Boyd throwing a hissy fit, nothing new here. Much like any Hun with a laptop historically and again this week. Working from the Goebbels handbook. “Brings it on himself” Lennon is the go to guy in matters of this nature.Nothing admirable in stirring up this nonsense. As you say, hurting desperately.

  • Frankie says:

    This clown never fails to make a complete arse of himself, very ignorant fool, some of the things he comes away with even a 7 year would not insult their intelligence saying these things.

  • Eddie Lynas says:

    Idiotic comment from a complete idiot

  • Dando says:

    It is equality we are after with decisions, NOT favouritism …..


  • Seppington says:

    Boyd is a clueless fud, end of.

    The question(s) to be put to all these media huns is…

    “If you are so convinced of the honesty and integrity of referees why are you so against the idea of them having to declare allegiances? If they are are honest as you claim and would never be biased for or against any team what difference does it make if they have to declare? What is it that is so terrible about that prospect?”

    We know the answer(s) already but it would be fun to listen to them squirm over it and hear their ridiculous replies….


  • Geoff says:

    He said Beaton made the decision and var would have no reason then to refer him to the monitor.
    You can clearly see him saying to Calum “I never seen it”.
    Therefore Callum is then in the driving seat to make a decision but bottled it.
    Ange is slowly but surely realising what we have been up against for generations.

  • John Copeland says:

    Now you see what happens when you go on a food bender over the festive period ! Firstly you pile on the lbs ,secondly ,all of the excessive cholesterol goes to the brain cells and you become a bigger half a moron …Or maybe it’s the extra ,super tight Spanx Alan Whicker’s ,Boyd has to wear to disguise the extra blubber he’s gained … They are soooo tight ,they are affecting his thought /speech process …

  • Tony B says:

    Kris Bydie Boyd is feart.

    Now that’s a fucking wee shame. Mind you, Bydie until recently thought that Fat Boy Moreloss was the best player in Scotland, which only goes to prove what an imbecile he is.

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t trust a hun and that’s what he is and why he’s fundamentally in the position he is to promote that club, not Scottish football. His judgement is always corrupted by his hunnery.
    The Blob is worried alright, worried that the years of cheating on behalf of his club is nearing an end. There is too many examples of refs and in particular ex refs (who retire the mask they’ve hidden behind) making anti Catholic/Celtic comments.
    Clear and obvious.

  • Geoff says:

    Cowan on Off the Ball today showed his true feelings with a ten minute venomous rant about all things Celtic.
    Never heard such hatred from a “neutral”.

  • bertie basset says:

    what he and mccoist are doing is protecting the referees who cheat for sevco , they are saying everything is alright carry on regardless , we will win the league this season , but if they continue cheating with var next season won’t be a stroll in the park if they bent in black are not challenged !!!

  • Martin.H says:

    And we don’t forget their legions marching on the b.b.c. wanting to burn it down, for telling the truth about the billionaire who but their club for £1.

  • Willbhoy says:

    Evil thinkers are evil doers ,Boyd played for the dead rangers and supports the new one he knows how that support thinks , the guys a muppet

  • Kenneth Christie says:

    The guy is an idiot and should be off Sky he is so biased it’s unbelievable he retains his spot in the chair it’s so obvious …. I have respect for other ex gers players who commentate like Mc Coist who are honest in things

    The incident was a clear penalty he put both his hands up to stop the ball , Stevie Wonder could see it was a penalty but it a was not given , I am finding it hard to understand why people are saying it was not

    The refereeing in Scotland is abysmal and has been for years

  • Peterbrady says:

    Geoff I heard the rant from huncowan unbalanced unbaleivable and backed up by stooge Cosgrove and a couple others soup takers you could not make it up

  • Mark Tempany says:

    It is incredibly stupid that this moron is allowed to give these obscene theories. You will notice Ì said give not write, I doubt anyone this stupid could write. It’s even worse that they are printed. They claim it was a conspiracy to get them liquidated are they really that fn dumb. In case they don’t understand if it was a conspiracy why did they get to keep Ibrox ect. Any other club would have to sell all assets to pay debts. Not once has anyone on the side of castle grey skull apologised for all the people who lost their business because they didn’t pay their bills. Remember how desperate the royal bank of Scotland wanted to foreclose on Celtic.

    • larsson7 says:

      “Thicker than a Concrete Overpass” taken note of that James,somes Boydechenko up.a clown.

  • D thomson says:

    I to read this was shocked they even printed it diabolic scum

  • MR HUGH J COYLE says:

    The man lacks any sense of reasoned thinking his judgement of what is obvious to most people is clouded by the utter bias that his nonsensical outbursts are deemed puerile by other articulate pundits ( McCoist excepted) Sky are more to blame but will endure the controversy to enhance their figures more shame them. Sutton has been the harshest critic of Celtic when they are underperforming and could put all the rest to bed as he regularly did when playing for the hoops,

  • Robert Robertson says:

    I agree absolutely and thought for years that like MPs,referees should declare an interest when they have the power to change winners and lives with their decisions. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear. When did transparency become something to be afraid of?

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