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Kris Boyd “Fears” Where The Referees Debate “Is Leading.” I Bet He Does.

Image for Kris Boyd “Fears” Where The Referees Debate “Is Leading.” I Bet He Does.

Jesus, we really have them flapping don’t we? First McCoist flipped his lid yesterday and this morning it’s Kris Boyd in meltdown over the way we’re highlighting the dire decision making of refs. His foaming at the mouth rant in the papers this morning is a beauty.

It is summed up in a final paragraph that is absolutely hysterical, the height of irresponsibility, and another example of how hateful watching us dominate the news agenda makes him. Read this and draw your own conclusions about how far off the deep end this loony has gone.

“Maybe we should just let Celtic win everything. Our referees would then be able to sleep at night without worrying about some idiot attacking them in the street. Because I genuinely fear that’s where this is all leading. If we’re not careful someone is going to get hurt.”

Hurt, you mean, like the Celtic official wounded at Ibrox last year? Or the Celtic fans bottled at Ibrox? Or those who could have been hurt had the weapons found inside Ibrox before the game actually got to the people who stored them there, for the game?

When was the last time a ref was attacked in the street? Are they having trouble sleeping in their beds? No, they aren’t but this ludicrous rant doesn’t make things any easier for them, just ramps up the rhetoric to levels nobody else has indulged in.

It’s out and out moon howling. This guy has come apart, and it didn’t even take Celtic winning to do it. It only took us standing up for ourselves.

And “maybe we should just let Celtic win everything?”

What a childish throwing of toys out of the pram. Hell, we win almost everything already and it’s taken him a week but finally he’s cracked up over the knowledge that we’re on the brink of this title.

This is another example of some gibbering ex-Ibrox halfwit with a room temperature IQ either not getting it or not wanting to. These decisions have not affected our ability to get results.

We have this league virtually wrapped up with a bow on it.

We’re objecting to the dire state of officiating, win or lose. If we were losing, we’d be getting accused of sour grapes and being unable to take it. The best time to go on the offensive over this stuff is right now and that’s what we’re doing.

But when we’re winning we’re supposed to sit and shut it, because it’s bad enough that they have to watch us do it on the park but they don’t want us setting the agenda off it as well. Well, too bad. Ange was correct to highlight these decisions, it’s what we’ve all been asking the club to do, and the club itself is right to demand a meeting over them.

Ibrox has demanded meetings over far stupider stuff than this, and Boyd was clapping like a performing seal waiting for a fish the whole time.

As to “where this is going”, well that’s up to the clubs and to the SFA. Celtic has raised important issues here and our fans are pushing hard on the idea that refs should declare their allegiances and be banned from games involving their favourite clubs … with severe sanctions in place for those who lie about that. Let them take their chances for once.

That’s where this is going. That’s the point we want to reach here and Boyd should know that since he’s apparently been all over Celtic cyberspace this past week.

I know this guy is thicker than a concrete overpass and that his editors at that rag he writes for don’t mind stirring the soup, but his article is a disgrace and his comments are a disgrace, confirming him again as one of the nastiest people in the media and whose continued presence on Sky dumbs down their product in a way they’d never allow with their EPL coverage.

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  • Robert Robertson says:

    I agree absolutely and thought for years that like MPs,referees should declare an interest when they have the power to change winners and lives with their decisions. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear. When did transparency become something to be afraid of?

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