Let All The Bitching Over Celtic’s “Penalty Escape” Cease After Today’s One At Hampden.

Image for Let All The Bitching Over Celtic’s “Penalty Escape” Cease After Today’s One At Hampden.

Having now watched the Giakoumakis incident, and having seen Ben Davies do pretty much the exact same thing at Hampden today to Liam Scales, I trust that the bubbling, whingers are now going to cease with their nonsensical yammering.

The two incidents are virtually identical.

If one was a penalty, then so was the other.

I think any player who is grabbing at another in the box is taking his chances, but if you’re going to be giving spot-kicks for all of them then there will be a half dozen per game.

Nobody at Aberdeen is doing half the bitching and moaning that McInnes did yesterday and as far as I can tell nobody in the media wants to talk about it at all.

The BBC match report – the writer of which had Ryan Kent as man of the match – would rather ask whether an almost innocuous Ross McCrorie challenge should have resulted in another red card.

Yet I’ll bet you that every one of them is going to be banging out about Giakoumakis and his “challenge” for the next week at least and probably a lot longer.

There is no discernible difference the two incidents except that only one has gotten attention.

And of course, it’s not even the worst decision from today’s game … that was the failure to take a look at what Ryan Kent did late on, but perhaps that came during the spell when VAR was conveniently out.

Of course, TV pictures can be used by the SFA … but will they be?

As I said last night when I came in from the game, “Celtic haters start your engines.”

It doesn’t matter how utterly absurd or divorced from reality the moaning is, the first time any sort of controversial decision went our way it was going to start.

But after today, I really don’t want to hear any more of it.

It was amusing last night just to see the veins sticking out of Derek McInnes’ neck and to realise the meltdown on the Ibrox fan forums … tonight it’s just tiresome and biased and I would prefer that if these people cannot be consistent that they should just shut up instead.

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  • Stephen says:

    This VAR nonesense could be stopped tomorrow if the celtic board would defend the club the players and the support.

  • Tam says:

    Will Mr Walsh be asked to look at the incident when Kent punched Scales Mr Walsh was told by Scales that he was punched. I remember Mr Beaton was asked to look at incidents so it’s been done before. I await the SFA/SPFL excuse for no action to be taken..if the VAR TECHNOLOGY the grade 1 referee was using wasn’t working then TV coverage should be used if it was good enough for Mr Beaton it should be good enough for Mr Walsh or the (compliance officer) If there is still one

    • Neil Smith says:

      Sadly and pathetically Goodwin already given them an out by not backing his own player… Nothing in it he says while choking on his soup. Shocking

  • John A says:

    Referees with connections to football clubs shouldn’t be in charge of their games. Nothing will change til that does.

  • James says:

    How long are you going to keep repeating the same issue’s and nothing’s changing surely the rest of the clubs in our league have to collectively stand together and say what we all keep saying is the Scottish premier league is corrupt to the core only in Scotland can referee’s who openly including ex referee’s laugh at the rest of us and say the game is not rigged call it out enough is enough only one team are exempt from scrutiny our board needs to say something ( sickend to the core) ????

  • John Copeland says:

    So much for the allegedly mild mannered Ryan Kent ! He clocks Scott Brown in the centre circle at Celtic Park with impunity ,and today he batters Liam Scales on the chin in almost the identical space on the Hampden turf and stays on the field ! Any neutral watching would think that the referee had a soft spot for the Rangers …

  • John says:

    James, both incidents yesterday and today are pens. Once the ref has balls to blow, it will stop immediately. The WC stopped cheaters for killing time and long injury time was being played. It soon stopped. It should be adopted in the league.

    WRT Hatate chalked off goal. When they deem him off side there can be no review of the hand ball as Hatate was offside.

    However Hatate was not in an offside position as this was the second phase. They got it totally wrong.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Bye Ange it was nice having you as our manager,he won’t put up with this shite he will be gone before the final.
    He ain’t showing up for a game that the result has already been called,he ain’t buying into the CORRUPTION in our game,he’s a better man than that.BYE!

    • Roonsa says:

      Fud Missile.

      • Scud Missile says:

        Ah the Roonsa Lighter make of that what you want,your the kind of the mug punter our board the sevco board the media and the SFA love,classic big BENNY stuff your that STUPID you can’t see your being CHISELED and conned out of your cash,KERCHJNG£.
        Now hurry up and part with your cash£ for the final big Peter LIEWELL needs to deposit your cash,before he takes Lennon the alkie out and then invite him to Parkhead for a game to watch while Ange is still manager,with offer of the job now that Ange is a goner before the final.

        • Johnny Green says:

          Scud book, if Ange if not a goner before the Final then how about you been a goner from this site instead.

          That sounds like a good dealt to me……ya fkn rocket!

  • david says:

    there was a more obvious penalty that Aberdeen should have had late in extra time. Tavernier slid into a tackle within his penalty box ,he slowed down the ball but did not stop it or the Dons attacker. he immediately lifted his trailing foot and took down the Don. it was mentioned once on the TV coverage at the time but was given no further comment even after the slow motion replay showed his trailing foot catching him.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Will there be retrospective action taken against the banjo kid and Walsh demoted to amateurs on the replays Walsh is looking directly at Kent smashing scales and totally ignores it cheating corruption . VAR sees incident and ignores it cheating corruption compliance officer sees it and ignores it cheating corruption. If it was anyone in hoops he would have been red carded FACT. Or retrospective ban so misses final and called out by all the filth in the media FACT. How long are going to put up with this corruption it is disgusting.

  • John S says:

    There is clearly a problem with referees and VAR and it’s not technical. If fans of other clubs are unhappy then perhaps they’ll support root and branch reform.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It looks like Scud Book is our resident expert on arseholes, why am I not surprised?

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