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Manchester Utd Would Be A Better Deal For Juranovic And For Celtic As Well.

Image for Manchester Utd Would Be A Better Deal For Juranovic And For Celtic As Well.

The news which broke last night, that Manchester United have entered the race of Juranovic and are asking him to hold off on agreeing a move elsewhere whilst they decide on the future of the current right back, is excellent news for the player and for us.

With Manchester United there will be none of this nonsense about loans with an option to buy or anything bizarre like that. They will pay cash, they will pay well and the club will get the best possible deal out of it.

In more ways than one.

It’s more the move that the player deserves as well. His World Cup and his general performances entitle him to a better move than some side rooted in the bottom half of Serie A. He should be aiming higher, for a team playing European football, for a team that might challenge for honours and should be expected to do so.

This deal works out better for us too, and not just in terms of the money. We want to send our players to these kinds of clubs. We want sales, when they come, to be to teams where you can see the growth of the players who we signed.

Selling Tierney to Arsenal was massive. It meant we were capable of developing a Premiership level player, from the top end of the scale. Van Dijk going to Liverpool proved that we had a good eye. Those are the notable success stories, but we need more of those if we’re going to be viewed as a credible club doesn’t just find good players but improves them.

That’s why talk of Juranovic ending up at some second rate plodder are bad for us.

It’s why, when the big clubs were circling after the World Cup ended, that I was initially pleased because it looked as if we might get a bidding war and better than that; a bidding war between serious clubs with serious intentions. That reflected well on Celtic, and in particular because we only bought this guy a little over a year ago.

As should be obvious, it’s also a good selling point to our Korean target and everyone else out there we’re keeping an eye on; we signed Juranovic and not long afterwards he’s at Manchester United.

That’s a big flashing neon sign advertising us to emerging talent right there.

A deal like this is about more than just money.

It’s great for our credibility too, great for our overall reputation, and that’s probably more important than the fee we get, which itself will be probably be better than what anyone else has offered so far.

So yes, I hope that it’s Manchester United he goes to and I hope that he does well there. That’s how we will assure that we get top whack for the next guy and the guy after that and the guy after that as well.

This is the level we should be dealing at.

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  • Eamon Cunniffe says:

    Not a hope of it… Utd can’t afford to buy a striker this month and signing a player surplus to requirements at BURNLEY ? and supposedly haven’t funds for a midfielder either.. not going to happen

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, I agree with all of this. It is all obvious and so very logical. However, I don’t like Man U using their status to delay the process, and just how long is Juranovic supposed to hang around to suit Billy Big Boot’s half promises. I can see this dragging now on and I don’t like that, and if he wasn’t unsettled before, he certainly will be now.

  • Kevin Kane says:

    I totally disagree with what you’re saying James we are celtic. We should be busting a gut to keep guys like juranovic for more than one season what ambition is that showing getting rid of your star players all the time after one season just to make a good profit. That’s why we can’t do anything in europe with that attitude.

  • S Thomas says:

    Juranovic deserves his move to Man Utd, who are in my opinion the biggest club in the UK. These other clubs that have been interested, are not good enough for Juranovic. He was one of the best players, in the World Cup, and he deserves to be at a club, who are looking to get back to the magnificent football club they were. This is also good news for Celtic, in being able to get good players to come to the club. So everyone’s a winner here.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Manchester United…..bigger than Sevco, oh how the mighty have fallen.

      • S Thomas says:

        Have the bears ever been better than Sir Govans 11. That’s a new 1 for me. A suppose you really do learn something new every day. Man Utd are a bigger club than both glasgow clubs put together. Sleeping giants I call them, who play in the best league in the world.

        • Johnny Green says:

          Sir Govans 11?

          Only an uneducated hun, pretending to be a Tim, could come up with that one.

          • S Thomas says:

            Sir Govans 11, would be the Red Devils Sherlock, and Sir Alex Ferguson pal. If you were way the times, you would have known what I meant.

          • S Thomas says:

            As my old granda used to say.. there’s no educating a chimpanzee. By all means throw bananas and they will have your attention, but when logic and intellectual conversations are involved, you’ve got more use, in an interview with Mr bean .Harvard university, have actually got a course about Sir Alex, that in itself shows you the credentials of the man.

  • SpaceCowBhoy says:

    Great article and sound thinking, let’s hope it plays out that way,

  • Goldcoastbhoy says:

    2nd biggest club in the uk m8

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