Smirking McCoist Is Closer To The Mark Than He Intends With His Celtic VAR Snark.

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Here’s the problem with being sharp, but essentially stupid.

Sometimes you are so on it that you grab the wrong end of the blade with your hands.

That’s what the smirking fool McCoist has done tonight in his efforts to be humorous at our expense.

I can take a joke.

But the idea that we’re all paranoid is starting to grate on me, especially coming from the guy who sat in front of the media once waving blank sheets of paper and pretending to have devastating information, and used that to try and put nameless SFA officials in the firing line because they were out to get his club.

Wasn’t that genuine paranoia?

It had it all, right down to the foaming at the mouth.

It was the act of reprehensible bastard, not the guy who is treated by some as a darling of the commentary circuit.

This is the same guy who darkly hinted that Celtic fans might have burned an Ibrox team bus, without a shred of evidence and at a time when some of us openly said it was a professional job and not a random crime or act of spite.

Not surprisingly, no-one has ever been arrested for it far less charged and convicted. About you’d expect from professionals, not so much from nutty amateurs striking a blow against a football club.

On the other hand, McCoist’s open entreaty to the lunatic fringe at Ibrox over those SFA names did in fact lead to one of the people being outed and his club – Raith Rovers – and their director, Eric Drysdale, getting death threats and talk of their ground being burned down. There was definitely a footballing agenda behind that.

I’m just putting that out there. I’m just saying that if I’m going to be accused of being paranoid, and even mocked for that, I would prefer it was not done by someone who has demonstrated all the worst traits of that particular disorder, ranted maniacally, whipped up a hate mob and didn’t particularly care if there was collateral damage or not.

His latest snark at us – talk about keeping a story current – is to suggest that the SFA’s next VAR panel should consist of Chris Sutton, Jason Bourne and Rod Stewart. Maybe the Jason Bourne reference has a meaning I’m unfamiliar with but it shows a fundamental lack of imagination just the same. He could have gone with any number of better examples.

(And maybe this hasn’t dawned on him; Bourne wasn’t paranoid. They really were out to get him.)

Like I said, sharp but ultimately stupid. And this time he’s grabbed the blade.

Because of course, this is our point. This makes our point for us.

Our point is that you want honest people behind those monitors.

If a panel were to be suggested and it contained nothing but people with a connection to Celtic this clown would be back ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth and demanding to know how that happened.

If you sat him down, gave him a shot of something to calm him down, and then said to him “Officials are not biased, and it doesn’t matter what team they support, they will be completely impartial …” you would hear the renewed screaming at Hampden.

Nobody would believe that such people would act as neutrals. Nobody. Least of all this eejit.

So why, when we point that out, are we paranoid?

Our entire case is built around the idea that those who have clear allegiances shouldn’t be officiating certain clubs. We would no more want a panel like that than we would one made up of a BBC Sports Scotland select.

We’re not calling for any advantage here, that’s not what this is about and you have to be pretty stupid or fundamentally dishonest to characterise our demands in that way.

Kris Boyd is a case in point; both idiotic and biased to the core, so no wonder his own pitiful snark was “why don’t we just let Celtic win everything?” As if that’s what this is about.

But we’re not trying to stack the deck in our favour, we just want to make sure that nobody is base dealing. If McCoist wants to have the debate, then let’s have it.

If he wants those panels made up of “good men and true” then by God so do we.

This is not a joke.

That so many are determined to make it one makes me wonder again why they are so scared of having a real discussion over it.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    When the gardener was knocking off his wife and then, during a confrontation, he faked a heart attack to avoid a beating, that says it all about this cowardly cur. Who the hell would possibly take anything he says seriously.

  • John McKay says:

    The hypocrite hasn’t got sense to even debate it with you.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Because EVRY single one of them sees this for what it truely is and thinks …

    IF we cannae beat Celtic FC when we KNOW we’re cheating them, well; wtf would it be like if weren’t cheating them?


    Anyone disagreeing with that is a hun or some other type of scum, because THEY KNOW we will wipe the floor wae their rotten, disgusting, racist KKKlub that shouldn’t even be playing in the Scottish Premier League, if the rules were followed I mean.

    Sally McMoist is fulla fear and shite?

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The worst manager of both ibrox clubs. A bigger con man than murray, whyte, and green. We will never ever let this chancer forget 2012.

  • Danny says:

    Does Boyd realise what he said? “why don’t we just let Celtic win everything?” It sounds like he condoning cheating so that Celtic don’t win everything.

  • george kerr says:

    McCoist is a wee tosser, a total dunderheid. he wants a good kick up the erse, He’s a total tanker Thinks he’s a funny man, yer not ya wee sh1te.

  • Adam Thomas says:

    Does that mean that if celtic /ranjurs game minded refs can’t ref the affiliated team then surely a celtic ref can’t ref a ranjers game either ,who the he’ll is gony ref games then ..serious question .

  • LPATIM says:

    It’s a simple solution, no official with affections to any club should be officiating at any match involving that affection period.

    Seems to work in England and other European countries.

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    In answer to Boyd we are winning everything hh

  • Micky says:

    We’ve got foreign owners
    Foreign managers
    Foreign players
    We need foreign referees and foreign VAR operatives

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    McCoist comes from a time when the teams he played in got away wi murder, ridiculous bias and it was always the same ‘paranoid’ Celtic fans accusation. The motto for his team for his generation shouldve been ‘win at all costs’ and if it meant bent officials showin bias so be it. Nothings changed, still the same bias and still the same accusation for fat has beens like him tae snigger at and roll out, even when they know, as they ALWAYS have, it happens. Corrupt tae the core.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Fat sally the rats rat this disgusting reptile should not be on any media outlet e-mail non stop complaints to broadcasting and media commission to get this rat put in a hole with his dirty disgusting dead club/team

  • John S says:

    VAR chalked off a goal citing evidence of the wrong/earlier pass.

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