So Much For This Nonsense About The Celtic Boss “Eating His Words” Over VAR.

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When the big guy sat in front of the media today, he was, of course, asked about VAR. The question drew laughter. That sums up how the manager felt about it. The question was on whether or not he thought that it had improved the game.

Bear in mind, yesterday one clown masquerading as a national journalist suggested that Ange was “eating his words” over the technology. It was funny then that he didn’t retract any of what he has said.

It was odd that he didn’t reverse himself.

Laughing, he said, “You must have missed my last four press conferences. My view hasn’t really changed; I’ve already sort of made people aware of my concerns early on. I haven’t addressed it too much since. I think it is all on the record and we move on.”

We move on. Point made.

The issue in the hands of the club itself who have a sit down with the SFA. Celtic has flexed its muscle. A little maybe. Perhaps a lot. We don’t know. But the manager isn’t going to continue banging the drum … he never was.

There are some who will say that our drum banging is why the penalty decision didn’t’ go against us … I’m not in favour of rules being bent in our direction any more than I’m in favour of them being bent against us, but it does make me smile to hear the squealing over it.

Others are going to say Ange is moving on because we now have no case.

But that’s not what that man said. “I think it’s all on the record,” is what he said, which is where it stays.

There’s not going to be any “evening out” in terms of some of the howlers from earlier in the campaign. The only “evening out” we’ve seen in fact was an identical penalty decision go in favour of the Ibrox club the following day … which no-one wants to discuss.

In that silence is the truth Celtic knows already.

We aren’t just refereed to a different standard but the media covers us to a different one.

No wonder he laughed at the question, the whole debate has become a joke and whatever other ridiculous nonsense Nicholas talked today he certainly was right to identify VAR as it currently stands as a national embarrassment.

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  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Mcinnis saying he had phone conversation regarding being cheated out of a penalty with the head of referee’s yesterday. Bit of collusion, to undermine Ange going on here I think.
    Wonder if he’ll be on the blower Thursday morning if Davis or Goldson put in same challenge.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Another walloper gavin berry STILL makin an issue of it today, in a full article about how ‘angry’ mcinness is. Incredible how ONE decision in our favor can severely upset these halfwits.

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