Taylor’s Injury Is A Chance For Bernabei To Come Out From The Shadows At Celtic.

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A little bit of bad news at the presser today for Celtic fans, as the manager revealed that Greg Taylor suffered a hamstring at Ibrox and will miss at least a few weeks. I think we would all be united in wishing Greg a speedy return to the team; he’s been one of the best players not only at Celtic but in the country this season and we’ll miss him.

The debate over who will replace him is naturally going to come down to two players, and I think we all saw enough of Juranovic, at left back, at Ibrox to wonder if that’s an entirely good idea. I think he’s capable enough in that position, most of the time, but we lose something having him out there and he doesn’t play even close to at his best.

If it’s not him then it’s going to be Bernabei, and he’s a better shout in no small part because it’s his natural position. But we also need to see more of this guy so that we can properly judge what it is that we’ve got in the player.

He cost us big money in the summer, and we’ve barely seen him feature. That’s down to Taylor; he’s made the position his own. Yet I think we’ve all liked what little we have seen of the Argentine, when he’s played. I like him.

These next few weeks will give us a proper opportunity to see him play in a sustained number of games, and if he does well then I think Greg Taylor might find himself in the battle for a place in the team which we all expected when Bernabei arrived.

This is one of those good choices for the manager to have, and a testament to how strong the squad is that we can bring in a £4 million player and actually consider that – at least for now – to perhaps be something of a downgrade.

That’s a tribute to Taylor.

But it’s time, high time, Bernabei stepped out of the shadows, and this is his chance.

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  • jrm63 says:

    He is quick with very good control and can cross a ball. Problem in the air and his positional sense which can be pretty abysmal. I think you will see Juranovic away from home as long as he is there.

  • Fat mike says:

    Your good friend Phil heard there was something of a bug going about the camp prior to ibrox so I’m guessing that’d why juranovic rather than bernabei was brought on, but I can’t see ange overlooking him, strikes me as a round hole round peg kind of guy unless there is no other option, looking forward to see what he can do with a consistent run

  • Nick66 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Bernabai. Perhaps it was the “bug” that forced Ange’s hand when Jura came on at least LB. If all is well tomorrow then Jura RB and Bernabai LB would be the favoured choice. AJ on the right was excellent, but I think that things will go back to normal assuming the bug has buggered off then the right and left will be Jura and Bernabai.

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