The Daily Record’s Giakoumakis Story Contains At Least One Glaring Inconsistency.

Image for The Daily Record’s Giakoumakis Story Contains At Least One Glaring Inconsistency.

The “news” this morning that Giakoumakis is “closing in” on a move to Japan might have come from one report over there, but you know what our media is like; they cannot help trying to join their own dots and putting their own spin on it.

Here’s what The Record wrote about that deal this morning.

“Urawa Red Diamonds finished in a disappointing ninth place last season in the J League and new Polish manager Maciej Skorza is desperate to mount a league challenge this season and will be financially backed. The former Legia Warsaw and Lech Poznan boss knows all about Giakoumakis, who had a spell in Polish football two years ago on loan at Gornik Zabrze.”

Sounds substantive doesn’t it? Except for a couple of facts.

The first is that if he knows Giakoumakis from that spell he would have been less than impressed. The big guy spent a season on loan there, played just over a dozen times and scored only a couple of goals.

It was his next move, to Holland, where he blossomed.

The other thing is a lot more concerning from a journalistic standpoint, and it’s this; wherever Skorza knows Giakoumakis from it wasn’t that loan spell in Poland, because Skorza wasn’t even in Poland for the year Giakoumakis played in their league; he was on a two year managerial sojourn as the boss of the UAE Under 21 team.

He was an entire continent away. Not even in Europe. So he must have kept close watch on the league. If he did, it’s hard to believe that Giakoumakis was the stand-out. The whole story stinks of Daily Record sports desk sweat and if you were believing it on the basis that this guy has some special knowledge of the player, well you might as well junk it because that’s clearly not the case.

I smelled something on this the moment I read that story and it took me five minutes to run down those facts. Five minutes. Apparently longer than The Daily Record hack bothered to take to look any of this up.

That should embarrass that paper, but we’ve long since learned that nothing does.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I’m old enough to remember when greengrocers used to wrap up their manky potatoes in the daily Record !

  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    What’s glaring inconsistent is the connection between lies and facts.

  • t says:

    The usual pishful thinking and bollocks from the crayon jockeys at the Ranker.

  • John S says:

    ‘Bus Found On The Moon’. The Daily Record is the current equivalent of The Daily Star.

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