The Mooch Backtracks On His Transfer Promises Now. What A Joke That Guy Is.

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This morning, The Mooch has more than earned his reputation as a mad flake whose word cannot be trusted on anything.

Does this guy ever talk straight, even for one minute? It wasn’t a fortnight back that he was pressuring his own board by reminding them that we spend more than they do, and now today he’s telling us all he won’t be bothered if he gets no more players.

They are a perfect marriage, that club and this manager. He cannot be taken and his word and they have very obviously led him down the garden path making promises they couldn’t keep. They are made for each other. The best of it is, although he was at Ibrox before and knows exactly why Gerrard left he trusted that it would be different with him in charge.

The last man in Scotland to see the writing on the wall. It’s poetic in a sense. QPR fans are, I suspect, going to have if not the last laugh then certainly a rare old time. Not to mention the fun and games that are coming our way as Celtic fans.

We’ve made our key signings. We’ve lost two players who were valuable to the squad and we’ve brought in four. We may yet bring in someone else. It’s my considering opinion that we’re stronger than we were when the window opened, and I think time is going to prove that to be the case, but we’re not weaker and definitely not substantially so.

You can see, clearly, where our transfer policy is heading and what the plan is.

You can see, clearly, that they aren’t following a plan as much as they are making it up as they go along.

They’ll find the money in the mattress to complete the two deals they are working on, simply because they have to in order to keep the fans onside … but that The Mooch is no longer as sure of that as he was some weeks ago is very telling indeed.

If by some chance their club does not get some signings over the line for this guy he will have been subjected to an epic humiliation. Whether the media acknowledges that or not is a different matter, but 28 days into the window he’s got precisely one signing, on a free, and today he’s telling us that it won’t be an issue if that’s all he ends up with.

Anyone who believes that, I’ve got an AC/DC Ibrox home shirt to sell you.

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  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    AC/DC inrox home shirt have their song title, Highway to Hell printed on it James.
    Very apt as like RFC, that’s where Sevco are heading.

  • Roonsa says:

    There will be “A Whole Lotta Rosé” quaffed in Chateau Roonsa when the treble is attained.

  • Dando says:

    He knew when he took the gig that he’d have heehaw. However, I believe Bealiola genuinely thinks he is a world-class manager who can achieve miracles at the tribute act…..


  • Mark Lamarre says:

    Hi James,
    I think you need to change his moniker to “the Mouth”

  • JimBhoy says:

    Beale is playing a blinder.

    The blueprint has been set there for years, promises, broken promises, up against a richer Celtic, no money, players sold and not replaced. As long as it provisions a sizeable pay off when the time comes. Perfect job plan. Move back to England’s championship, repeat.

    The only way for the rangers club to get out of the rut is to sell up to someone who will use it like Murray, a play thing. Unfortunately to do so with the shares confetti and the grip that Park’s has it would be expensive and hard to prise off the old codger.

    How can that be facilitated, boycott matches and merchandise, money talks.The loyal klan will know this is a precarious route though and would present mjor divisions.

    Deja-vu again folks…. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    The financial gap just gets bigger and bigger, they are irrelevant.

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