The Mooch Can Claim Not Have Created “The Gap” With Celtic, But He’s Not Closing It.

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The Mooch. What a disgrace that man is. For a guy who allegedly has so much respect for his predecessor – you know, in spite of lobbying behind his back for his job – he doesn’t half put a lot of the club’s issues on the shoulder of the guy.

Last night, in the aftermath of his club’s win at Kilmarnock, he made some snarky remark to a journalist about how he “didn’t create the gap” between his club and ours. But here’s what the hack failed to say to him and which he wouldn’t have acknowledged anyway; that gap is wider than it was when he took over, and they played us at home in that time.

The points gap might be the same, but we’ve added to the goal difference lead, and by a few at that.

The Mooch has done nothing whatsoever to reinvigorate their title challenge.

The press doesn’t want to acknowledge that far less debate it … but this arrogant git has actually fallen further behind us whether he or they want to discuss it or not.

The points gap is more down to us than anything else, to our blistering form which I’ve written about already today. This guy isn’t going to give us any credit for that at all, but he better wise up instead of clinging to this idea that everything over there is rosy.

He had a better start at QPR before it all started falling apart, and one of the reasons he wanted the Ibrox gig is because he arrogantly believes that Scottish football is an easy gig, as he’s demonstrated in his statements over and over again.

So not giving Celtic credit … why would he start now?

We have a lucky manager after all, who is only successful because he’s spent money. Except, of course, that he’s won things as a national coach and is a title winning boss on three continents.

I would argue that, in fact, the central claim that he has made here doesn’t really stack up anyway.

He and Gerrard were given a fortune to spend on the team and much of the mess that they are in is because of the shambles he left Van Bronckhorst to deal with. I think it’s also worth pointing out that the gap was four points when he turned up at Ibrox, and made sure everyone knew it, for the match against Aberdeen in November.

Van Bronckhorst is not an idiot. He knew exactly what was going on.

He could feel the noose being slipped around his neck, and it undermined him as well because there’s not a soul in Scotland who didn’t know exactly what was being teed up, including the players.

They lost the next league game 2-1 in Perth, beat Hearts at home and then shipped more points at St Mirren. That’s more than half of Celtic’s lead right there … in the fortnight after his public grandstanding confirmed that Van Bronckhorst had his head on the block. The Mooch takes zero responsibility for that as well.

That is a man easily capable of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Some of the Ibrox fan sites have spotted that he partially undermined Ross Wilson last night with his comments about the Swansea winger they are in the market for.

When he sat in front of the media the day before and said that the deal was close and then Swansea’s boss confirmed that they had rejected the bid he was made to look a bit of an idiot but that was because he let his big mouth get ahead of him in a way Ange never would have.

Then last night when he asked about he seemed to blame people inside the club for giving him the wrong steer on the deal.

What a snake they are dealing with over there.

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  • Michael McCartney says:

    This guy is so up his own backside, based on what? Of course the idiot hacks on the Sports desks in the failing Scottish newspapers will only feed his big fat ego.
    Results will bring him back down to earth eventually. He’s a back stabbing creep.

  • Peter robb says:

    A wart face odious little toad his day is coming and celtic support will have the last laugh when the zombies turn on him

  • Dando says:

    The fixture list is a huge part of his “success. “..

    His acceptance of the position was timed to coincide with favourable fixtures.

    Let’s see who he blames in April (prior to the split) after playing Hearts, Livingston, Hibs, Motherwell, Aberdeen, and the Champions ALL away from home.


  • Voice of Reason says:

    ODIOUS HUN BASTARD!! Snotty Nosed wee Prick!!

  • Seppington says:

    A Snake in Snake Mountain? Whoda thunk it?

    Though not one of them he is one of them in terms of he’s a disgrace of a human being just like they all are. A perfect fit for the horde to worship until he does something wrong…

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I said right from the off he came back up here simply because for at least a year he would get the benefit of the doubt whereas in England the doubt was already spent and he had been rumbled. If the narrative regarding him turning down the Wolves job is to be believed you’ve got to ask yourself why he would turn down a position where even if he bombed he would have been a multi-millionaire? So I conclude that was all propaganda aimed at the deluded. We will all see how this pans out personally I think he’s a chancer who will eventually be found out up here as well. My only worry is he could be a lucky chancer as luck has been on his side up till now though we know how fickle their fans are and the first nail in his coffin hopefully will be in the league cup final. You can only carry luck so far when you have Goldson and Tavenier in your team.

  • Scud Missile says:

    He won’t last the season should his BIGOTED klub and team end up with the middle of a doughnut for their season’s hard work of CHEATING everyone they played.

  • S Thomas says:

    You’re obsessed with this guy man., how many pieces are you going to write about this guy, who is a manager of a different club. If you don’t rate him as a coach, stop talking about him. Who cares, let’s concentrate on what’s happening at Celtic. Like Ange says, we only concentrate on what we are doing, I reckon you should take a leaf out of Ange’s book.

    • Johnny Green says:

      S Thomas aka Sean, a hun in disguise, sticking up for Beale, well colour me surprised.

      • S Thomas says:

        You still carrying James’s water, Johnny bag. It’s not long to Valentine’s Day, maybe you should get him a card, and ask him out in a date.

        • S Thomas says:

          “on”. Sticking up for Beale lol, were in my post am I doing that, you village idiot. James is as obsessed with Beale as you are with me. I’m happily in a relationship with a lovely girl, but thanks all the same ???

        • Johnny Green says:

          Nope. On Valentine’s Day I will be wearing my blue poppy in respect for the 11th anniversary of the death of the Scum. May they roast in hell. That was the best day of my life.

  • king murdy says:

    he is indeed an odious kant….BUT, he has stabilised the bastards….
    i was fairly indifferent towards GVB…he did seem a decent bloke….if one could describe a hun manager so….but this guy….arrogant pock-faced bastard…
    will be interesting seeing how he and ange plays out…..

  • TC says:

    Hibs scored 2 against them, Aberdeen scored 2, we scored 2 and Kilmarnock scored 2. He is riding along on the seat of his pants.

  • John says:

    Well said S Thomas! You nailed it there. Why would anyone who visits this blog want to read about this guy? Please James, no more articles on him. It doesn’t matter whether he inherited the 9 point gap or not. As long as we keep doing the business He’s irrelevant.

  • James Smith says:

    Just like Gerrard it’s only a matter of time before Beale starts slapping cheque book Charlie around. Fat Flangebaws needs £50m to improve a team Beale can win the league with a quarter of that budget given time as he and Gerrard proved.

    Flangebaws now has to start selling players not buying them every ten minutes the fat waste of space will be back in Japan inside 18 months with Lennon taking over at perverts FC.

    • Thomas M Daley says:

      “James Smith”.
      You okay!!, you need help get back your room??
      “Nurse, nurse ‘Jamsey’ out of his room again”. “Think he eating his poo poo again”

    • Johnny Green says:


      Desperate peepul say desperate things and this nutter knows that Celtic are within touching distance of overtaking their so called World record trophy haul. I know, I know, it’s only two, but let’s humour them and still beat their alternative record. They are in an agitated frenzy worrying about this, hence the reason for mad ramblings like this one with no basis for his gobshiting.

      JS knows we are going to win the Treble and there is nothing MB can do about it.

      We never stop.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Beale is sly, arrogant, disrespectful and self-serving, great fit for the club.

    I said as soon as I heard his first few interviews that I hope he had a good pay off deal in his contract because nothing is more certain than he will be away for next season. If no cup successes maybe sooner.

    He’ll have a very limited budget pot to replace outgoing players at the season end. If he starts getting the excuses in sooner maybe they will have an interim manager to see out the rest of this season, it’s entirely possible. Losing in the league cup final may be the start to the Klan doing as they do best and the hatefest begins.

    Conversely Ange is not one to be crossed and is in total charge of all football at our club, that feels good. HH

  • JimBhoy says:

    Beale has got to win his games, hope Celtic don’t and he has to beat Celtic, no gonna happen

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