The Mooch Flaps His Big Trap Again To Double Down On His “Lucky” Ange Comments.

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to The Mooch and his incessant need to draw attention to himself. He’s either a complete fool or he’s a publicity whore who is so keen on making headlines that he doesn’t realise how he comes across.

In a very short time every rival fan in Scotland is going to detest this joker and every other club is going to want to beat his side to the degree that their players will run through walls to do it. He really loves himself and the sound of his own voice, and his arrogance is limitless. He has already talked down every other club in Scotland.

Prior to their game today against St Johnstone, he decided to double down on his comments about Ange being lucky. But he’s a slippery sod and so what he was allegedly doing was offering a “clarification.” Ange owned him when he blundered into this previously, and having said his piece I don’t think he’ll bother to do so again.

Beale denied that there was anything malicious or snide in his comments. It’s not the first time he’s had to backtrack like this, and he does it as shamelessly as he attended the Aberdeen fixture whilst his predecessor was still in a job. He counts himself amongst the “lucky” managers, he said, before pointing out that Celtic still spends more money.

It’s typical of a base coward; to deny you were being insulting whilst offering the same insult. Celtic spend more money, that’s what he said, which accounts for our success.

All the nice things he tried to say about Ange are devalued by that assertion and he knows that full well.

He can think what he likes. His team were very lucky tonight, lucky that they faced a side without serious firepower in it.

He will not be so lucky come Hampden at the end of next month. He will not be so lucky at other times this season when he goes up against Hibs, if Nisbet is in form, or Hearts if Shankland has his act together.

One area where I agree with what he had to say; Ange deserves enormous credit for getting his transfer judgement absolutely right.

The Mooch is relying on the judgement of somebody else, so it really doesn’t matter how much money is available over there. In the summer, Van Bronckhorst got a tidy sum to spend and every penny just about was wasted by Ross Wilson.

If The Mooch thinks any amount of money will solve that problem he’s wrong.

He’s wrong about a lot of things, this guy.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Is it the case James, given Ross Wilson is still the “Transfer Guru”, it’s cheaper to sack a Manager and his team , than it is to get shot off the phenomenon that is Wilson? (Asking for a mate called Mick).

  • Johnny Green says:

    I do hope Moochinitis is not infectious.

    • Nick66 says:

      I still prefer to call him the “Hypnotist”. After his “I looked into their eyes” statement, it just makes sense. But, hey ho you have to go into realms of whatever. Not that your references are not relevant, there just not topical. Mick Beale sat down and “looked into their eyes”. Some Roman arse wandered about pre SPL?

  • James McAllister says:


  • Eldraco says:

    Mooch is not cutting it am afraid.

    Try “prick”, as in ” that prick Beale”

    I see it catching on .

  • Adam Thomas says:

    The cockney reject ,is getting inside your head James.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Just a smug bastard imo, who’s luck is carryin him through results just now. If Celtic show up at Hampden (unlike they did at ibrox), nothin tae fear. Where Hibs and Hearts are concerned, Hibs’ll give them a go, tho can expect the hearts mob tae brick it from them, as they usually dae. Very rarely that lot get a result against them.

  • JimBhoy says:

    he’ll be found out soon enough probably at Tynecastle.

  • Duncan says:

    Celtic Fc started the new financial year with just over £30m cash at the Bank.
    Over the period between 2017 – 2022 Celtic Fc managed to post an overall profit of over £17m.
    This means that despite spending on a complete overhaul of our squad post Covid and blowing the 10 Celtic have UNDERSPENT by £30m.
    Ange isn’t lucky ,Beale and The Rangers International are lucky we didn’t spend that £30m on better quality.
    Meanwhile at Mordor during the same Financial period 2017-2022 The Rangers International managed to post a loss of over £67m.
    That’s a £67m loss DESPITE having 22 separate Share issues (Debts for Equity swaps) that raised over £74m in investment.
    Had that £74m not been raised they were looking at losses in excess of £140m.
    This enabled them to transition from being an also ran to League Champions and a major European Finalist.
    Who’s the lucky one again?

    Seriously you not mark the neck of a Sevvie with a Thermal Lance.

  • Billy says:

    But you will keep him in the news,because everytime he opens his gob you have a blog about him, you are obsessed with the guy,and he’s really just a dick Hail Hail

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