The Prize For Celtic Today Is A 12 Point Lead And Putting Others Under Pressure.

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So today should end, if all goes according to plan, with a 12 point lead after all.

For the first time in what seems like ages we aren’t playing behind the Ibrox club but in front of them. Playing behind them has not hurt us, but playing second four out of the last five games (and the fifth was at their ground) is a ridiculous state of affairs.

So today the job is simple; win and put the pressure on them to try and match us. They are away at Dundee Utd tomorrow. That will not be an easy afternoon, although I do expect them to win. Still, it’s up to us to make it as uncomfortable as possible before it even starts and we can do that today by sweeping Kilmarnock away like something dropped on the floor.

It will be particularly satisfying to do this with that pure fool McInnes in the dugout. Don’t expect much praise from him even if we’ve racked up a cricket score. The day he gives us credit at all will be a cold one in Hell. I do not expect it and never have.

What I do expect is that his plan to “stop us” will involve a lot of physical challenges which he will dare refs to penalise.

Ha! Not much chance of us getting protection from the officials tomorrow, although Ange has shone a spotlight on them over incidents in the penalty box. But we’ll get kicked off the pitch anyway, unless we’re too quick for McInnes players to catch us.

From the start of the game we should be on the front foot and looking to get the early goal. If we do that it will make it a nice afternoon and their hammer throwers will have less incentive to chop our guys down.

Kyogo will be crucial to us and so the other attackers must focus on pulling the defenders out to grant him the space he needs to score.

I have confidence that they will. It’s what they’re good at.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    Come on you Arabs come Charley and Tony put the sevco zombie scum to the sword and here the wart squealing along with the blob ratgardner and the rest of the filth HAIL! HAIL! COYBIG.

  • Roonsa says:

    That 1st half was woeful to watch but the goal, when it came just before the break, was glorious. I believe it was Bernabei who played the ball inside the fullback to Maeda. If it was him then fair play to the boy because he’d had a shocker up till that point. Maeda, who was really solid again today, played that beautiful ball across the goal for Jota to slot home.

    Second half was much less frustrating especially as we got an early 2nd but how we didn’t score at least one more at the end is beyond me.

    Happy Roonsa.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is a familiar position for us. No matter who plays first, they are the chasing team and I doubt if they really feel any pressure as such. I prefer to think that they have already meekly accepted their mantle of 2nd best as we continuously hammer nail after nail into their league title coffin. They are merely playing out the inevitability that this season offers them and they can only hope that next season will pan out differently.

    It won’t, because we never stop.

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