The Racist Jokes Directed At Celtic’s New Player Are Nothing New, But Still Horrific.

Image for The Racist Jokes Directed At Celtic’s New Player Are Nothing New, But Still Horrific.

I was not in the least bit surprised yesterday when I read about the racist comments which have proliferated on social media in the aftermath of us signing our new bhoy Hyeon-gyu Oh.

Some of them have made the remarks directed at our Japanese players look both tame and intelligent.

The people responsible are as stupid as they are sick.

For starters, Korea is not a province of China. And there are two Koreas and the crazy man who Trump liked so much runs the North one. South Koreans are the Good Guys on that peninsula. Also, the Squid Game references aren’t smart, but they do reveal a complete lack of any understanding of Korean culture beyond what’s on Netflix, which I guess is to be expected when your whole “cultural” frame of reference involves getting dressed up in July.

Social media is a cesspit. This we all know well, and we happen to live in the vicinity of one of the world’s most depraved open sewers of social media filth. These are the forums and pages and websites which have weaponised child abuse, so are people really surprised at the outpourings of bile over the last few days?

Bile, after all, is their stock-in-trade.

I am not in favour of censoring very much, although my stomach flipped over last night when I found out that Donald Trump is being allowed back on Facebook. I am guessing that Nick Clegg hopes that this proves less consequential than when he broke his party’s electoral pledge on tuition fees. I rather suspect this decision will be vastly more terrible in its impact.

So I don’t believe that all speech should be unregulated or that people should be free to say whatever they want online. In fact, there are laws against much of this stuff but too many people hide behind social media handles and aren’t easily identifiable … which makes what they are doing cowardly as well as vile.

All of this is born out of ignorance, of course, and these are amongst the most vicious and ignorant people on the planet. But it’s also – and this is what we should remember – also born out of fear. Oh how they sniggered and laughed when we signed the Japanese boys … but nobody over there is laughing anymore, and it’s worth keeping that in mind.

These Peepul are scared to death of what we’ve got going on at Celtic Park right now, and you can always tell when that’s the case. The level of their hatreds rises in direct proportion to how frightened they are.

That’s why the volume on this is so high.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I was actually thinking about Trump this morning and his impact on the World. Specifically, how his tenure as President of the USA impacted my day to day. I am not sure it did much other than get me angry. And for what? If we’re going to look at the social justice side of things, America is a basket case regardless of who sits in the Whitehouse.

    All the shite we are experiencing now was nothing to do with Trump. It seems to me that the left minded people of the World only tend to find their voice when ultra right nutjobs like Thatcher, Reagan and Trump attain power. And when you look at what Thatcher’s Britain provided us with artistically in terms of people rejecting the old witch – some real abiding memories I would say.

    I say we need 4 more years of Trump. Gertcha!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Enablers not just in the media also in government and the police force and plenty of them !! Any other country would bulldozed thst cespit breeding of hate in 2012!! They all have blood on their hands for allowing a zombie to pretend its theraingurz” scum poison of the earth

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Nailed it here James,apart from maybe South Korea being the good guys.Thats American talk.Its probably a bit more complicated than that.But that aside,a well written article.But our MSM are enablers.In fact they openly encourage this with their dog whistle journalism.Our judicial system is rotten to the core with old boys networking from the masonic lodges.No change coming anytime soon.

    • S Thomas says:

      What are you trying to say North Korea are the good guys, are you nuts pal. That’s like saying Hitler was a gent, and was mistunderstood. The South Koreans are the good guys, the North are scum. Their leader is up there with Hitler, and Stalin. Left wing politics is an absolute cancer man, listening to garbage like this.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Imagine a daft hun calling anybody nuts? Whatafud!

        • Martin.H says:

          My only reservations about so many players from Asia is when it comes to the Asia Cup we are going to lose a big part of our squad.

        • S Thomas says:

          The guys talking pish like you do, on a daily basis. Left wing politics ah, always supporting the people in the wrong. You got a photo of Putin , up in your wall yet, Johnny bag?

  • Effarr says:

    At least Trump showed the wee North Korean leader (Ruth Davidson in drag?) that he was every bit as dangerous and volatile as
    himself. Sometimes it`s the only way to deal with these people, pretend that you are every bit as mad (angry) as them.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Oh Oh Oh is magic you know, and we’re gonna do two in a row.

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