The Ronaldo To Celtic Debate Had No Merit To It, So Discussing It Now Seems Pointless.

Image for The Ronaldo To Celtic Debate Had No Merit To It, So Discussing It Now Seems Pointless.

Incredible that today sees the resurrection of one of the stupidest Celtic-related stories of last year or any given year, the one “linking” us to Cristiano Ronaldo, a transfer that didn’t have the remotest possibility of actually taking place, an idea so fantastical that the only game you’d have seen it in would have been Dungeons & Dragons.

This was an idea mooted by a handful of former players on the periphery of the media and amplified by excited numpties who should never have been allowed near the press box in any sane world.

Fan media basically torched the idea, as it deserved nothing less.

Now, all of a sudden, this absurd story is in the media once again, and why?

Because a preening, smug git who not long ago was attacking our fans and club over our stance on the Queen’s death, was asked a question by another arrogant eejit wherein she compared the SPFL – negatively – with the Saudi Arabian league.

Which gives you an idea about her IQ.

She at least appears to realise how ridiculous would have been the idea of Ronaldo winding up in Scotland.

The halfwit she was speaking to waffled on about how here he could have continued his “Champions League legacy” and blah blah blah … none of it matters, even if there had been the merest chance of it, because he’s signed for a club now so what was already pointless has been rendered utterly redundant.

So I’m at a loss to know why this matter is suddenly newsworthy again.

What annoys me about it is that this is precisely why people treat Scottish football like a joke; it is covered by a media which pretends this is something other than garbage.

There is a place for kids called Little World Of Play, in Cowdenbeath, where you take the children and they play at doing adult jobs.

There is a police station, and a doctors office and a café and all sorts of other stuff and I think about that sometimes when I think about what the London based sportswriters must see when they look at our media up here.

Because that’s what it must be like for them when they come across people like Hendry and Jackson and Keevins and especially the ex-Ibrox players who are everywhere and couldn’t power a set of Xmas lights if you wired all their brains together at once.

It must be like being an adult watching kids pretend to be adults.

No wonder they laugh at our game.

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  • John S says:

    Ask Man. Utd. about how they feel in shelling out £1M per week on a disruptive influence. Silly story. Comic-book stuff.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, a pointless story……so no comment.

    However, it’s now the 17th January and the huns have signed nobody yet, tick tock, tick tock. What’s the chances? There have got to be some freebies out there.

  • Neil says:

    So just to get my head straight here CR7 isn’t coming to Celtic park never mind Scotland – WTAF – I’ll no sleep tonite- who writes this guff stuff and who’d believe it ?

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