The Weekend’s FA Cup Non-Story Is The Latest Nonsense Involving Celtic’s Name.

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There is nothing that bugs me more than when the media runs a complete non-story linking our name to some bizarre restructuring of the game which all involved must know is preposterous. The last kite that was flown like this was the nonsensical Super League story which I said from the start was as barmy as you could ever hope to read.

That, of course, is now official with even the European Court essentially agreeing with UEFA on the matter and confirming that they can impose all manner of sanctions on clubs which try to do it, not to mention any association which offers them support.

It was an absolute non-starter … and so is this garbage about us and the mob across the city being “invited” to the FA Cup. For the record, when the FA met recently this wasn’t on the agenda and had someone proposed it they would have laughed it out of the room.

It will never, ever happen, and nor will the League Cup restructuring which has occasionally been mooted.

We are not going to get an invite to England, not at any level, not for any reason, not in this lifetime nor, I suspect, any other lifetime to come. This entire story is in the papers because Graham Cummins – you’re forgiven if you say “Who?” – the ex-St Johnstone player told the press that the idea would rejuvenate the tournament?

Really? Look at the weekend’s results; Newcastle, knocked out by Sheffield Wednesday (and two goals by Josh Windass by God), Stevenage knocking out Aston Villa, Forest being not so much dispatched as demolished by Blackpool and Wolves coming within cold inches (and a horrifying VAR screw up which would not have looked out place up here) of putting Liverpool out.

What am I trying to say? That tournament is doing just fine without us.

The FA Cup is a wonderful tournament because these kinds of results are so commonplace in it.

That tournament does not need revitalising; it does that job for itself every single year with at least one massive shock. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the football world, and I say that as someone who thinks much of the game down there is ludicrously hyped.

When are people going to simply accept that these are Scottish clubs and learn to live with that without looking longingly across the garden fence just because the neighbours have bought a hot-tub?

Are we that insecure that we idiotic ideas like this get into the papers constantly, as if we were chapping on the door over there with the begging bowl out?

Honestly, I just wish people would stop with this stuff.

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  • Benjamin says:

    I think the “rejuvenating” comment has more to do with fan (and sometimes club and player) interest. The cup competitions are viewed as secondary if not tertiary (to Champions League) competitions and an opportunity for clubs to rotate their squads.

    But you’re 100% correct in saying that it will never happen. And even if the invitation were to come, Celtic would be wise to reject it out of hand unless it was accompanied by an invitation to actually join the English FA. If their cup competitions are so much of a freak show circus act that they need us to prop them up for their commercial partners, we should steer clear and tell them where to stick their offer.

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