There Are No “Mind Games” Being Played With The Celtic Boss, Or At Least No Effective Ones.

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If you were to tell Ange Postecoglou that he is the target of “mind-games” he would laugh at the idea. I mean literally laugh. This guy is one of the most focussed and driven men ever to sit in the Celtic Park dugout.

To understand the utter futility of what The Mooch is doing, or what the media thinks he is doing, you first have to understand that.

Ange Postecoglou is not like the men who have sat in that seat before him.

You look at the last two Celtic managers and you see in Rodgers a burning need for acclaim because of an ego that needed constant feeding and in Lennon what I feel was a basic insecurity which manifested itself in his need to pick fights and his intense dislike of being questioned.

Ange doesn’t care about any of that.

He is not egoless, but he does not need flattery and he doesn’t really care about criticism. Because Ange is interested only in what he’s interested in at any one given time, and he has his life priorities in the right order.

These little games don’t work on him because, as I said in the piece on Stoicism, Ange knows exactly what is important and what is not and schoolyard games do not fit in with that.

He knows too that when people are playing these games it most often confirms that they are out of better ideas. He has faith in his own ability and that of his team and his focus is on improving us and getting stronger all the better to win the battles that matter; on the pitch.

Don’t for one minute downplay the strength of psychological warfare in many respects though. But as I’ve pointed out, we play that game vastly better than they do. If we weren’t spending and growing this team The Mooch would not be constantly focussing on it … that’s real psychological warfare and he’s the one being battered almost senseless by it.

The media loves to promote this kind of nonsense because it makes The Mooch sound like he’s more switched on than he actually is.

In fact, this guy is a walking embarrassment and far from projecting a strong impression of himself he has made a fool of himself several times already.

Ange is the one who has won the early psychological battles, knowing exactly what to say and do to force this guy into actually backtracking on his previous remarks.

Yes he repeated the “Ange is lucky” comment but he did so in what would otherwise have been a humiliating climb down, and it’s as if the media is going out of its way not to recognise that.

Which is why all these stories about his “mind games” are so hilarious … the only person he’s winding up is himself. And it’s not even clear – as I’ll discuss later – that Ange is the main target anyway.

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  • Tony B says:

    Does a Cockney Wanker talking utter pish and total bollocks constitute mind games these days?

    • Nick66 says:

      Indeed Tony it does in the mind of a “Cockney Wanker”, and also, In the mind of the Press clowns falling to the ground Wnk’n in awe of his every word he spews forth.
      Playing to the gallery is the mind games they play.
      Wee Tod Naewell managed a “Heart on hand” moment in his maiden speech.

  • John Copeland says:

    Please ,please Mr Bealy boy ,continue with the futile ‘mind games ‘ with our manager Ange Postecoglou . Please ! He will twist you into a pretzel with the greatest of ease …..What a lot of people are overlooking ,is that big Ange is street smart ! Sharper than the sharpest street wide boy ,who is yet to be tested at that level .So be careful what you wish for ……

  • Fat mike says:

    Let the mooch keep winning the mind games and let ange focus on the trophies. All the brown nose ‘journalists’ will end up backtracking worse than him when the 9 point gap ends up being double figures and more silver. The messiah!

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Mick Beale is indeed unlucky. He joined Rangers, when he should have stayed at QPR.
    He is under enormous pressure to succeed. If he cracks, no Club will touch him with a barge pole.
    Mick could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles.

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