Three Points Tomorrow Celtic. That’s What We’re Aiming For To Start 2023.

Image for Three Points Tomorrow Celtic. That’s What We’re Aiming For To Start 2023.

Here’s the thing about tomorrow; we are going to Ibrox to win.

Nothing less will do. Nothing else will suffice. There’s no point in us going to that game tomorrow to do anything other than blow them away. That’s the objective. That’s the goal.

There are people who think we would take a point. At this stage, why the Hell would we do that? A point is considerably less than what we can get here. We are going for three.

We are aiming for three. We have the firepower to get three.

Their team looks ragged. I genuinely don’t think there is anything to fear from them at all. Oh we have to be careful, but only as careful as we need to be with any opponent we face.

Any opponent we go up against. But we should believe we can take care of business.

Beale says they will “meet us at the halfway line.”

It just goes to show that there really is one born every minute, because if they do that we will pick them apart. He says that they will have a go and attack us. Good luck with that. It’s probably not a great idea.

Celtic will go into this one confident, and the fans already are. Ange is a better manager than The Mooch, who is starting to resemble Comical Ali in his bizarre pronouncements, which no sane mortal believes for one minute.

Celtic can come away with a point and still command the landscape with that nine point lead. But let’s not mess about; we want to own this lot. We want to dominate. We want to drive a wrecking ball through their pretensions and stupidity. We want to put The Mooch back in his wee box. This guy thinks he’s something.

Celtic’s job tomorrow is to show him he’s not. Ange knows this. That’s why he’s not talking about a points gap and won’t entertain that as the main topic for discussion. He wants to win, pure and simple, and he wants to do it with the same brand of football that got us here. Performance first. Then results. Then overall impact of results on the league table.

Those are things he cares about, and that’s the order in which he cares about them.

Which is why I can’t see past us. Which is why I believe we’ll dominate from the start. Which is why I believe we will get those three points, open up that gap and be over the hills and far away.

That will start 2023 in the proper fashion… with a show of our strength.

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  • Thewildgoose says:

    Is no one else concerned about Beaton and var team? I just don’t see them allowing us to go 12 clear at ibrokes…..

  • john mc guire says:

    the only place beaton can have a pint is down at big Billy,s statue in belshill fuck him and all the other fucks from the ludge

  • John Copeland says:

    The pressure on the Rangers to win tomorrow will be claustrophobic in an open space ! They have to win as a defeat or a draw is worthless … We have been hearing all weak they are a ‘work in progress’ and then we are subjected to the idea that Celtic can be ‘got at .’ Let’s make their roof cave in by going for the jugular …

  • Scud Missile says:

    Unless we get a 3 goal advantage nothing will be secure as the ref the linesmen and the guy working VAR will see to that,that’s what I’m worried about for tomorrow not the OAP’s on the pitch for sevco.

  • Dolphin Bhoy says:

    We’re going for 53 this year then 54 then 55 and only God knows when we’ll stop. This will bring to an all their boasting about being the most successful club with their 55.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Should there be any dodgy decisions wuth Beaton the linesmen or the VAR official then this has to be the breaking point when big Ange grows a pair and calls it out as blatant CHEATING,what’s the worse that can happen a fine,bring it on.

    • Frank Kelly says:

      I would welcome the day when the officials make such a c*nt of it in a high profile, internationally watched match that they are forced to come out and explain their decisions.
      My face is puffing up holding my breath.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Can expect the hysterical start. Best way as always tae shut them right up is score, go in front, preferably early tho it disnae really matter when and its amazin how quiet it gets (apart from the Celtic support of course). Never fails. Thing is, tho obviously any kind of defeat would be horrendous, even if it ends in a draw, it definitely suits us more than them. Glad tae say there’s nae chance Ange or this team would set out tae play for that, widnae happen. Just get at least one more goal than them and that’ll dae us. HH.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Just wonderin as well, if we’ll see beatons usual tactic of stop-startin Celtic constantly tae prevent them gettin their momentum goin. Also tbh, ah think Collum on VAR and although he can be incompetent, would try tae be impartial. Its whether beaton ‘chooses’ tae go tae VAR for any decisions that might benefit us. Soon see.

  • 777V says:

    VAR was brought in early only to try and stop celtic pulling further and further away from that mob, you only have to look at some of the decisions against us so far, we have to stamp on them and keep our foot on their throat, play as well as we can and blow them away and put them back in the gutter, Hail Hail

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    I feel exactly the same, we should walk through that lot tomorrow, my wagers reflect that.
    Bet365 are offering to BUY ME OUT OF 4/5 OF MY BETS BEFORE THE KICK OFF!

    That’s a very telling sign; that they now know they messed up and they’re scrambling to save money when we trounce them tomorrow.

    I believe we could have this match sewn up by h/t.

    Cannot see that lot giving us any problems we can’t handle.


  • BJM says:

    Have never been so confident of playing sevco ai I brokes and wiping the floor with them .
    On the other hand absolutely terrified of cheatin beatin and his pals you just know they are going to be at there cheatin best tomorrow.

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