Three Shocking Decisions Benefit The Ibrox Club In A Scandalous First Half.

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The notion that VAR is applied differently depending on the club who are on the end of the decision continues to grow today.

The Ibrox club were awarded a penalty kick this afternoon – no surprise there, right? – in conditions Radio Scotland described as “harsh” and which, when you see it, that word seems not to do full justice to.

The away club, by the way, has also had a man sent off, a decision which infuriated Callum Davidson.

That decision is, if possible, even worse.

This is why we get marginal decisions in games where we’re not in any trouble.

So that business as usual can continue elsewhere.

Both of these decisions are shockers and both have fallen for the Ibrox club. There was another flashpoint in the game when VAR officials recommended that Collum look at a tackle from Ryan Jack. No prizes for guessing his decision.

The penalty is the type that they get frequently and which we never do. Certainly, those decisions are never, ever given against their club.

(19) ???????Steve??????? ? on Twitter: “Pen ???” / Twitter

When you see some of the decisions we haven’t got, and which teams against the Ibrox club have survived, the penalty kick decision is appalling. And the red card is just as bad.

(19) Lint on Twitter: “St Johnstone straight red card v Rangers.” / Twitter

It is worth reminding folks that no penalty decision has been given against the Ibrox club for more than a full league campaign. I think it’s now game 40. It’s only a few more games before they beat their own record which was 44, and you actually see no end of this.

You could not make this up, but this is Scottish football and you don’t have to.

Willie Collum, who was getting hammered after giving a single decision in our favour has given three absolute shockers on behalf of Ibrox in one half of football.

Should we set our clocks to the media campaign arrayed against him?

As I said last week when he was getting it in the neck, I don’t like this guy, I don’t rate this guy and I wouldn’t have him near one of our matches. He’s either a cheat or he is shockingly, unforgivably incompetent but I am betting that the “outcry” which follows today will be of a somewhat lower volume.

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  • Tony B says:

    Collum is a moral coward. There’s no way he’s going to send off a hun player at Ibrox.

    Nothing to do with incompetence and everything to do with cheating in order to protect his own back.

    • Teapot says:

      Nevermind ibrox…. full stop. The refs are either hun fans or so intimidated by the hordes of peepul, that they daren’t give anything against the Queefs er.. sorry kings 11

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Ryan’s tackle was more a sending off than Clarks was.
    Collum bottled it.
    Worst Ref in SPFL.

    • Martin says:

      Ryan Jack’s challenge was a yellow. No serious foul play criteria met. The St J red was harsh, but we muddy the waters if we claim Jack should have seen red. Absolutely not. Definitely a yellow

  • Johnny Green says:

    The penalty was debatable, not quite sure myself because of confusing hand ball guidelines. However the sending off was ludicrous, not even a yellow card as far as I am concerned. The third decision was a 50/50 one in my eyes, a yellow or a red could have been the outcome, but as you say James. oor wullie gave all three in favour of the huns, keeping his job safe.

  • SSMPM says:

    These refs … it look like Collum’s found the way to survive with his career’s intact. Disgraceful, dodgy as hell, in yer face corruption. Embarrassing. It will take all SPL clubs to strike before the SFA and their foot-soldier refs have their hand forced. Given the punishment they’ll impose on clubs, they’re banking on fear keeping clubs and players in line eg, we will probably have to lose a league or two. This just can’t continue to go unchallenged. Maybe a new league has to be set up? Truly shocking situation for football, honest teams and players …

    Colonial Scotland is truly and increasingly under the control of the imperial English and their unionist hun supporters.

    • Teapot says:

      I certainly believe that the fix is in to stop us doing trebles again….. that fucked them up big time. ? You only need to look at their “celebrations”. Although their big mouthed bawbag manager will get himself in bother. ? ?

  • harold shand says:

    Out and out cheating , assisted by the media who’re turning a blind eye to it whilst the clubs on the wrong end of it continue to say nothing

  • Geoff says:

    Watch sportscene justify every decision that went their way today.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Of course they will and no just sportscene. It’ll be the pro ibrox hacks, goin out their way tae make it look like incompetence, like they always dae tae try and cover the deeper issue. Always the same reaction.

  • Bob (original) says:

    The SFA colluded with the Ibrox club to cheat ALL other 41 Scottish senior clubs over a 10 year period, with regard to ineligible players and EBT’s.

    Today, the SFA is colluding with the current Ibrox club, to cheat ALL other 41 Scottish senior clubs with regard to match officiating decisions pre-VAR and post-VAR.
    VAR just makes this cheating even more blatant.

    Scottish football would be in a much healthier place without any Ibrox club involved – and without the SFA! 🙁

  • James McAllister says:

    Totally agree what a sham…why is this not highlighted on every platform that we have it’s shocking

  • king murdy says:

    i thought the penalty – in this day and age – was so….of course they were gonna get 1….the red card for clark was ridiculous…didn’t see jack’s challenge….
    it is without doubt a disgrace…..fukn huns and their supporters !!!!
    and those squaddies abseiling from roof with the ball – FFS !!!!…..pity the fukn ropes didn’t break !!!! bastards ! every fukn 1 of them !!!
    good old dead brilliant wee scotland – under the establishment and westminsters thumb…always was…always will be…cause it’s nice and comfy – innit !!!!

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Big surprise the bigots get a penalty just routine just about every week Scottish football is corrupt with help from liewell.

  • F.T.H says:

    I have come to the conclusion that VAR is the 21st Century EBT.
    Beale the Squeal was pontificating a few weeks ago saying they shouldn’t be 9 points behind Celtic, they should be beating all the other teams, since the introduction of VAR every decision has went for them, sendings off for opposition teams fortuitously allowing them the extra man advantage. Penalty after penalty and not one against, in the league this season, yet in Europe they had a multitude given in less than 10 games.No wonder they don’t sign players for any money, VAR is worth the price of a few elite top players as it virtually guarantees them a win in every domestic game even with the dross they have.
    They don’t even have to hide it, it’s done for every one to see and absolutely hee haw will be done about it.

  • John S says:

    Rigged product scams customers.

  • Johnno says:

    Scottish football has always had a rotten core within it, and since the introduction of VAR it has become the most farcical sport within the World.
    Made more embarrassing with a Scottish media trying to defend such a farce.
    Is it any surprise that matches are played in front of so many empty seats?
    Spectators mean nothing to those within the Scottish FA and SPFL who remain quite content to keep a national sport the worst within the sporting world, with disgraceful decision making, been the weekly normal nowadays, the farce remains rife.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Boring stuff James blaming the ref,it’s the FANS like yourself who are to blame.You all continue to buy merchandise and season books so why expect the board to do something.
    You all need to BOYCOTT the games that being home and away.
    But while you all continue to buy into Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks and his mates every week watching a rigged game and the sevco game today being a CLASSIC example,the cheating will always go on.
    Celtic ain’t always going win every game and sevco will eat into that lead we have and eventually catch us and over take us,be that this season or next.
    At which point that’s when the penny will drop with the BENNYS in our own support and they protest and BOYCOTT the games.
    To late at that point as sevco will be away with league and straight into the champions league collecting £40 million in process giving us a wave goodbye.

    • Eldraco says:

      Whilst there are times I fear for your sanity Scud and at times utterly convinced you have managed to escape a highly classified secret mind control experiment I do have to 100% agree with you on your post.

      ( A wee joke there Scud)

    • Johnny Green says:

      I see you’re back on the crazy pills scud book.
      It beats me how you manage to type with a straightjaiket on.

  • Peterbrady says:

    The fix is in end of

  • John L says:

    Steve Thompson. Watching rangers penalty against St Johnston brings up CELTIC,S against Morton! Right there is the reason I never wanted that penalty.

  • Darren Kerr says:

    Collum is a god awful, thick as clarts, blind as a bat Ref or a brilliant cheating Ref. I suspect both are not mutually exclusive.

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