Celtic Will Certainly Not Benefit From Ex-Ibrox Player’s Nutty “Goldson Rule” Proposal.

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I guess if you live long enough you really do get to hear everything.

Everything, no matter how absurd or ridiculous it might be.

This morning we’re all getting up to one of the barmiest suggestions ever foisted on the football nation of Scotland, by an ex-Ibrox player in defence of a current Ibrox player. But of course. And from a BBC employee at that.

You would think that the BBC would be embarrassed enough by its retention of so many ex-Ibrox footballers on its books.

But Ricky Foster takes the cake. He’s a little smarter than the likes of Alex Rae and Alan Hutton and Kris Boyd makes him look like an Oxford don, but this guy is never going to work for Glaxo in product development.

His latest suggestion – that Connor Goldson’s latest handball incident might be used as the template now for all future handballs in the box; in short, he doesn’t believe that was a penalty and thus no handball like it should ever be given again – would complete our games journey from to anarchy from mere farce.

Rather than bring in refs who are honest and competent he wants to change the rules to make life as easy for them as possible.

Talk about lowering the standards. Talk about “dumbing down.”

But I’ll tell you two teams who will never, ever benefit from The Goldson Rule, for that is what we ought to call it. Those teams are Celtic … and whoever plays the Ibrox club.

It is pathetic the lengths these people will go to in order to justify this incredible run the Ibrox club is on, the only club in this country to have accomplished such an astonishing period without conceding a penalty kick not once but twice and this current run will set records.

“I don’t think you can be clear whether it definitely hits his hand,” Foster said, although every single one of us who watched the replay can see it does. ”It maybe brushes past it.” Absolutely pathetic, right? But here’s him warming to his argument; even if the ball hit his hand, it’s not necessarily a penalty kick. Before he offers that he offers this.

“The ridiculous thing is that weeks ago there would have been more of a chance of it being given,” he said, a cryptic comment considering that weeks ago a Goldson handball wasn’t given, and it wasn’t given weeks before that.

But I’ll tell you this, as has been proved; if a Celtic player did it then it would have been given. If someone coming up against the Ibrox club did it then it would have been given. We know that because last week one was.

“But I don’t think it can be given as a handball,” he says. Well, no shit since you are claiming that it doesn’t actually hit his hand, although we all watched it do exactly that. “But, there’s always that part of you because his arm comes up a little bit, you are waiting for it to be called or waiting for it to be looked at,” he continued.

Except against the Ibrox club. Not a soul really thought for a second it would be given, not after this guy has blatantly gotten away with the same thing twice in a matter of weeks.

“Thankfully it wasn’t and hopefully in games moving forward, those kind of handballs won’t be given as penalty kicks. No penalty for me and hopefully that is the start of them getting more right than wrong,” he finishes with … and suggests that we introduce a rule to make handball in the box – which this muppet denied even happened – no longer punishable.

This is a classic case of what Ange Postecoglou rightly called “mental gymnastics”, as you’ve seen, this eejit doesn’t have the intellectual dexterity to pull it off.

Anything to justify the blatant cheating we’re watching and which we all recognise for what it is.

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  • Martin says:

    It’s even worse than you think, James. Rebounds off the player’s body onto their arm are already covered in the current laws. It shouldn’t have been given as a penalty and it is already, by the laws, accounted for.

    (N.B: I am aware of the Matt O’Riley vs Ross County incident. I don’t have an answer for why it was given as I was neither the ref nor VAR so there’s no point in people bringing it up as a response to this).

    • Chris says:

      The rule you mentioned was changed.
      Penalties in the world cup were awarded when the ball hit a players hand or arm after initial contact on another part of the body.

  • Ianb says:

    The ball did not come off another part of Goldsons body, it came off the ground and he put his arm out towards the ball, no other part of his body involved, stonewall penalty.

    • Martin says:

      That’s interesting lanb, because in this video it clearly hits his knee.

    • Johnbhoy57 says:

      Every week a new rule/ guidelines appear the help Goldson, protecting his face( against us), no time to react (against Dundee United) now it might not have hit his hand. Well VAR looked at it so maybe it didn’t hit his hand. Now we know that pigs can fly the SMSM can use this as excuse not to give a penalty against them.

  • Stewart says:

    It’s there for all to see this one and previous ones,, what is the norm is that if it hits any sevco players arms or hands it will not be a pen,, as for goldson he’s handled more than sevco keepers do in a match, that’s what the norm is,,and the conveyor of peeps rolled out to tell us why these non handball are correct decisions and not to worrie about, nothing to see here,,

  • Charles says:

    All of this from a guy who entered the crowd to attack one of his own team supporters because he was rank rotten in a game and the supporter let him know it. Perfect example to set for a footballer

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      He’s a numpty. Tho on that occasion, he reacted because some nut was shoutin abuse about his wife and that’s not on. Another eejit Shankland, comin out and sayin Wednesday was just a ‘blip’. Aye, just like the previous 6 ‘blips’ when they’ve played them and we know the attitude’ll be totally different when they come tae CP. Fkn clown. Still, that mob deserve everythin they get and condescendin BS remarks from their own players, even better.

  • Suspiciousmind says:

    The SFA, its referees and cohorts have historically been proven “not fit for purpose”. The McLeish report on Scottish football, Neil Lennon’s dispute with referees, MacDonaldgate, the bullying and demotion of lineman Steven Craven, the retention of McDonald despite his admission of lying, the “fit and proper” person myth, the amateurish introduction and operation of VAR, the cowardly media. Oops and off course the survival lie. We could all go on ad nauseam and indeed have. The solution lies with the clubs IF they so desire. Me thinks not. It is one big self sustaining bubble of corruption.

  • Tam says:

    When a decision to give whatever against CELTIC..”we are told rules are rules”
    When decisions are NOT GIVEN against the rangers…”we are told that’s open to interpretation”

    The people telling us that contradictory crap are the same “people” …And don’t even realize those statements are contradictory. Be they pundits,ex-players, SMSM, or BBC Scotland employers

  • Davie says:

    So weeks ago Bernabei has a penalty awarded against him whilst his back was to the ball and he was also booked.
    Goldson can face the ball, actually use his arms to deflect the ball and the game goes on.
    I never believed that scottish football was so biased in favour of one team, I thought it was just human error from referee’s.
    However after watching decisions granted in strong favour of The Rangers, I now see that not only are Referee’s showing favouritism but the VAR room is also favouring The Rangers.
    This biased practice is not the fault of The Rangers, its not the fault of VAR, its down to the corruption from the sfa and those who favour The Rangers. Lodge sfa & Lodge var.
    The world is watching.

  • harold shand says:

    Pops up everywhere and talks utter sh*te to defend them on everything

    He’s just replaced Kenny Miller

  • Pan says:

    The game is corrupt in favour of Anger FC .
    We ALL know it. Even they know it and the authorities know it, a the media know it.
    The is the definition of evil – to know something is wrong, but still do it.

  • Dave R says:

    VAR (Video Assistant for Rangers) will NEVER give unbiased decisions.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Look at there history, rotten bstrds part of a corrupt society that originates through the hate of Catholics.
    I worked in many Government establishments that were open to their anti opinions of Catholics, blind eyes and deaf ears were the management strategy. These rotten people are senior in most organisations.
    But fk them all,to beat them was to use honesty because when the shit hits the fan in their bigots club they all abandon each other.
    They are gutless bstrds when challenged individually, together they form the wee shitbag club.
    Most Monday mornings they were fkn silent.
    I mind a big neutral Alloa supporter slagging me about my Celtic preference.
    He remarked all yoose Celtic and Rangers supporters are fkn bigots, ah Goe to the Recs every time Allwa play.
    I asked bid Eddie who will remain nameless, Eddie, what end do you watch the game from. Eddie instantly without thinking replied, the RANGURS END.
    Well fk me, aye its inbred.

  • Hunbasha says:

    Goldson,s hand ball in the box wasn’t so much an accidental touch, so much as a fantastic save by a good goalkeeper. If he,d been standing on the line and the shot at goal going in just under the crossbar, then it would have been save of the season, tipping it over the bar! Don’t know how they’re not totally embarrassed. If Celtic were getting decisions like this, l,d be hiding behind the couch with embarrassment.

  • Grocer says:

    Good James, spot on! Having said that you are in a position to take this forward, re cheating etc,. You have a strong voice to get this corruption out there, somehow, we fans are struggling for help in the BS portrayed tabloids.
    Pease help!

  • Eileen clarke says:

    I watched the game against Celtic and it was a definite 2 handed ball never mind one and have supported rangers all my life I am 70yrs old if the SFA Don’t make the rules plain it will get worse but there are to many refs that are all for Rangers and if they would not give them at one penalty in the game they feel they wouldn’t of been doing there job. Its time some of them went back to ref school to learn there job and if they keep doing it they only do lower league games or junior football that might give them a wakeup call especially collum.

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