Ange’s Weekend Words Were Not Those Of A Man Leaving Celtic Any Time Soon.

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Aside from giving the BBC’s Kheredine Idessane a proper slapping at the weekend, Ange spoke in a manner that was music to the ears of the fans. I had asked him to make a clear and definitive statement on his intentions and he did. By asking why he had to.

“I don’t think I need to say anything to the fans. What the supporters want is to be sure I’m focused on preparing the team every week to win games and to play football that’s going to excite them and make them proud. That’s my responsibility,” he said.

“I get all the excitement around things like this. But if I had a player in a similar boat I’d just tell him: ‘Keep playing your football and don’t worry about anything else’ … Every decision I make for this football club is for Celtic – it’s not about me, or me trying to achieve something. Every job I’ve done, I’ve done as if I’m going to be there forever. That’s the role of any manager. If you go away from that then you’re not doing a service to the club you represent.”

That’s not a man planning on leaving or thinking about leaving at all. The media has tried to twist his comments, with The Sun version a particularly shocking example of how they operate, flagging his “I won’t be here forever” words as if that’s not a blatantly obvious fact but even they cannot deny that this man sounds like he’s committed and determined to succeed.

Ours is a special club, and he does understand that. He is also a man of integrity, and he values things that matter. Ange is not one of those people who talks out the side of his mouth; this is why he didn’t feel he had to go on the record with a comment.

Ange feels like we should know by now what to expect from him. He thinks we ought to know by now what he will and will not do. I keep on saying that this guy isn’t Rodgers, he’s not motivated by the things that Rodgers cared about and his relationship with the club is good, but I have to admit, there are times when you need to hear how happy he is from his own mouth.

The media’s game is obvious here, no matter what Keevins and others might say; they want this House permanently divided against itself. The key is not to let that happen. Ange Postecoglou is not leaving Celtic this season, and nor will he leave in the summer. This guy is building something here and he wants to see that project through.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    And we have prize bellend jackson today, tryin tae make out the media are ‘clever enough’ tae make Ange hide. Whit a prick. Nah, he’s just in a position tae treat arseholes like jackson and his clownish, repetitive colleagues, wi the utter contempt they deserve, whenever he feels like it. Pathetic attempt tae make out his media are ‘really’ the ones on top, it’s fkn laughable. Keep it up Ange, mess wi them !

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Something stinks at Leeds. The next Manager, will be the third in 12 or so months and would be on a hiding to nothing. Giovanni V B deserves a chance but I think he is too good for a Club that Boos Its Manager and Players.

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