Another Celtic Victory And Another Manager Who Wants To Make Excuses About it.

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We don’t get many VAR decisions, but the volume of noise created by them would make you think that we got them all. And it would make you think that we were the beneficiaries of some real howlers, something Ange pointed out and which I’ll talk about later on today.

But the latest person to moan and groan is the St Mirren boss, Stephen Robinson, who is entitled to his opinion even if it’s nonsense. The unspoken part of this, of course, is that the sending off and the penalty “changed the game” although there’s not the slightest indication that the game would have gone any differently had they not happened.

“For 75 minutes there was nothing between the teams,” he said. “Which is the greatest credit I can pay to my players. They brought on three players and scored four goals. That shows the level of quality they’ve got. But the decision changes the game. We had limited them to very few opportunities in the first half and got punished for that mistake. But on 75 minutes things changed completely. Whether it’s the right decision or the wrong decision, I don’t know, I haven’t seen it …”

If he hasn’t seen it, what in the name of God is he talking about?

And there was nothing between the teams? Really?

Except for the goal we had scored and the one that we would have scored without his player handling the ball?

Is that what he means when he says “nothing between the teams”?

The winning margin might not have been what it was – although the whole team kicked up a gear, and you could see that, when Hatate came on and so you never know – but Celtic’s place in the next reason was not in doubt and we’d have been there anyway.

The bottom line is that Taylor’s handball prevented a goal.

That ball was going in.

That means it was also a red card on top of a penalty.

Had that gone in, it was 2-0 and the roof might have fallen in on his team anyway.

So as far as I’m concerned the gripe is nonsensical.

I am getting a bit fed up with all this bitching, to be honest.

Why can’t people just give us credit and be done with it? We’re not asking for people to kiss our feet and pay homage for God’s sake, but this is one of the most exciting teams we’ve ever watched in Scotland and you would think that we were relying on luck.

I know The Mooch believes that, and a handful of others, but other managers must know better when they see the football we’re capable of playing. It is no shame to lose to this side, and not even heavily. St Mirren gave a good accounting. He could have paid tribute to his players and said “we were well beaten by a better team.”

It’s just needless all this posturing. The ref didn’t cost them a place in the cup. One of these days we’ll get a decision at 0-0 in a crucial game and I can only imagine how vocal the opposition boss will be, as well as the media.

You’ll hear it in China.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Let’s be honest, St Mirren did give it a good go until the penalty was awarded, and I would say that they are the best team domestically that we have played at Celtic Park this season. To say there was nothing in it though is completely wrong and, had it not been for the woodwork twice. Celtic would have been well on top, which we were anyway. However Stephen Robinson was right to suggest that the score did not reflect the overall play, his team were competitive and stuck to their task well and it was just a proud but disappointed manager’s knee jerk reaction. Under the circumstances I’m prepared to cut him a bit of slack.

  • Johnny Green says:

    HO HO HO is magic, you know, and we’re gonna do two in a row

  • Martin says:

    My only concern about the penalty handball was that it required VAR. It was obvious in real time that it was a penalty and red card. Did the ref not give because he knew VAR would involve itself, or if we didn’t have VAR would that decision still have been “play on”?

    Also, I echo your point James… It’s 2023. Watch the thing before you comment on TV FFS.

  • Tam says:

    Cut him no slack. if that had that been “the rangers” he would have said we were well beaten by the (better team) they took their chances when they came….we played well but we were NOT good enough…had he said that about CELTIC i would listen to him but he couldn’t/wouldn’t so “cut him no slack”

  • S Thomas says:

    Hey James , how did Carl Starfelt get on yesterday? . I overheard in the boozers last night, that he was up for the Ballon Dor, with Norman Wisdom. Just hoping you could clarify that for me pmsl. Personally I’d vote for Norman, as at least you’d get a laugh with the we fella lol.

    • Johnny Green says:

      I’m not one of Starfelt’s fans, but he actually had quite a good game yesterday. So for a hun, who probably didn’t watch the game, to be having a go at him is quite bizarre. The penalty was unavoidable and accidental, he should not be blamed for it.

      • S Thomas says:

        Hey I was actually at the game pal.. thanks for your concerns. The only thing bizarre here, is you saying it wasn’t his fault. I mean whose fault was it. Every time he concedes a penalty, he completely takes the guy out, and is nowhere near the ball. What type of defending is that ? Not his fault pmsl, whose fault exactly is it then. Like I said I’d rather have Norman Wisdom, and Ronnie Corbett playing instead of him.

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        That’s rubbish. It was so close tight, all he had tae dae was hold his position and the guy would’ve had nowhere tae go except either right intae him or wide. He’s recklessly kicked out and caught him. Stonewall penalty.

  • S Thomas says:

    Starfelt is decent when we have the ball.. he is a good passer of the ball. He has good energy etc. The problem occurs when strikers at pace are running at us, and he just can’t cope with it. Ange should be getting him extra sessions to get him better at that, and were he can deal with it better. The cup final is end of the month, and I will guarantee they will target him. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that.

    • Eldraco says:

      Anything square on head or foot he can handle, square on he can even jump! . Anything resembling a cross diagonally head or foot useless. In the box whenever of these situations occur he is a liability and cannot jump, it’s a major flaw which cannot be anywhere near a CL team and YES he will have a giant bullseye over the Celtic hoops whenever we play *Rangers version mark 2.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I am one of Starfelt’s biggest critics, but I still do not blame him for that penalty. He was going for the ball, as he should be doing, at the same split second the forward came flying across him and the contact was unavoidably made. He was just unlucky in that particular case.

  • John says:

    Can’t agree with you on that one Johnny. He needs to show more awareness as to where opponents are and what they are likely to do. He’s been done like this before and opposition players have sussed him. Watch Kent in the Final.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Agree. Players know he’s no comfortable if ye get in close tae him. Always liable tae make a mistake under pressure.

  • Effarr says:

    “You’ll hear it in China”. Or Japan and South Korea even.

  • Jim says:

    Starfelt has conceded a penalty exactly like that before.
    Because he has no left foot, when a cross is coming in on his left side, he waits for the ball to be playable on his right foot. All it needs is for a fly man striker throw himself over the outstretched right leg and every hun ref in Scotland is going to give them all day.
    On the other hand, when he tried to clear with his left once he ended up scoring an own goal.
    I’ve defended Starfelt a number of times, but this is where he is truly awful. They need to work with him on how he deals with crosses on his left side.
    I’ve defended

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