Another Performance From Celtic’s Midfield Maestro Makes Him A POTY Contender.

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Aaron Mooy is going to be on the Player of The Year shortlist. Outside of Celtic Park there is nobody who is even close to him right now in terms of their performances.

There are some in the media who will clamour for their inexplicable favourite, Ryan Kent, to be on the shortlist (oh you wait and see, I guarantee it) but let’s be honest if Mooy was at any other club nobody would even be disputing this for five minutes.

He would be on it already.

He was the Man of the Match today, and comfortably.

His passing was superb, his goal was magnificent, his work rate is extraordinary for a guy who is now 32. I love watching this guy play, he is an immense footballer who would enhance any side.

Overall, the performance today was a bit flat at times, but the pitch was something to do with that, and we were more than good enough to get through it and win.

The quality in this team is simply too great, even on those days when we aren’t simply flying.

Kyogo got another. Turnbull got another. Oh turned his man Considine brilliantly to win the late free kick … we’re like a smoothly ticking machine.

As I said before the game, this is another check made on the calendar. We’re down to 13 games now and we’ve restored the 9-point lead and moved ahead by another two goals.

That’s the equivalent of that extra point, not that it’s going to come to that.

But the story today is about Mooy, this Rolls Royce footballer we have in the middle of the pitch who excelled again today, pulling all the strings and scoring an exquisite goal.

He looks every inch what a Player of the Year should and I reckon he has played his way onto that shortlist and perhaps something else; an almost guaranteed start at Hampden.

I would not have him out of this team at the moment.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Same as midweek against Livingstone, I was a disappointed with our 2nd half performance. Cruise control, going through the motions with a lack of urgency is not that enjoyable to watch. ‘We never stop’ to me means going for the jugular, every minute of every game. I will give St Johnstone their due though, they had a real go and got themselves forward whenever they could. Another well won 3 points just the same and I’m happy with that.

    • S Thomas says:

      “Livingstone” I was a disappointed, you on the booze the day or something ? lol , ha ha. You’ve let yourself go on the old grammar there, have you not ?, lol. It’s a bit of a pain isn’t it, when someone likes to constantly correct your grammar, pmsl.

      • Johnny Green says:

        roy of the rivers PMSL

      • Johnny Green says:

        Sean, if you want to be a hun pretending to be a Tim, then go right ahead. I really don’t know what you have to gain, but knock yourself out sunshine. I find you tedious, so I will just ignore you for the time being.

  • SSMPM says:

    Calm down lad. Since his return from the WC, Mooy’s performances have been outstanding and today he had another good game, agreed. Before the WC you could not say the same about his performances accepting, of course, that he was bedding in.
    Does much less than half a season constitute a POTY award though? Particularly when we’ve had so many consistent performances from others for a whole season. If he keeps it up well mibbies he’s nearer having a shout but not yet. There was some lovely goals scored today, theirs included. But top and bottom is we’re 3 points nearer having to listen to the whinging losers over the road and their propaganda press machine. Hail Hail

  • Seppington says:

    Kent will be nowhere near the POTY list unless he stays at the Deludadome. If he signs a pre-contract elsewhere all you’ll get is a stream of “He flattered to deceive…” cooments from the same klowns that have lauded everything he’s ever done in Scotland. Like the immature child-klub they support they are a shower of huffy petulant morons one and all…

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Think that was Ange’s mistake in the 2 each derby, playin o’reilly and forrest from the start. Has tae be Mooy for the final and even tho wee Abada’s no been at his best last few games, ah would put him in there tae from the off. He scares that mob and his record against them speaks for itself.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Took that game fur Ange tae realise that Mooy now has that position NAILED DOWN! NAE IDEA why Forrest started however up until the 30th Min we had COMPLETE CONTROL of the game! Abada TERRORISES Baraprik so as u say has to start! Get at these HUN BASTARDS fae Min 1 just like the 4-0 game & so MANY other HUMPINGS we’ve dished oot tae the FILTH!! Can’t wait tae see the Knuckodraggaz BOLT after 60 Mins then dae whit they dae so well.. Knock Fuk oot each other lol!

  • Ferri says:

    Waiting for the inevitable headline:

    Keep up the good work and be mindful of the dangers of AD HOMINEM arguments.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Hearing a number of manager’s with the narrative that Celtic can outspend any other team and it’s not a level playing field and Celtic are just too good. At the same time bemoaning ‘soft’ goals lost etc.

    1. Celtic on their day are a PL team but they still have to show up and outplay all opposition often inclusive of referees and VAR.
    2. Celtic can outPAY any other team but as Ange has proven he has more than likely kept us in profit in comings and goings and really enhanced the team with quality purchases, most of whom will make us a resale profit.
    3. I love seeing Celtic score spectacular goals but there will likely be many close quarters, well worked team goals. These aren’t soft but just made look easy by the quality behind them.

    All opposition managers will try to find a positive about their team or a ref decision that went against them like Davison’s offside/red card nonsense yesterday but the positives they are seeing this season is more than likely getting a 10 mins spell where they were allowed to get into the game a little in the 80-20% possession split. That’s the domination we are seeing a the majority of our games.

    Celtic should not be feeling bad at being such a way ahead with our squad, it’s up to the others to keep up.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Kent: For a forward player to be in POTY contention he needs high assist and goal numbers, 8 assist and 3 goals according to transfermarket. Even if he doubles that to the season end which is highly unlikely it would be a low to average return for a winger/striker.

    In comparison a bit player for us this season in Forrest has 5 goals and 2 assists. Maeda 8/5 assists, Jota 9/8 assists, Abada 10/5 assists. I’d have all of them in play over Kent.

    Kent may get writer’s POTY, we know who the majority of them support and they like to include the tribute act on these awards.

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