Celtic Fans Have Openly Mocked A Wannabe Hack’s Idiotic Tavernier Claim.

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Johnny McFarlane, the guy who runs both The Celtic Way and The Ibrox Ramble or whatever the Celtic equivalent is called, an ex-Ibrox fan blogger who’s effectively still running a blog, is being mocked without mercy on social media for a quite preposterous claim so stupid that even Ewan Murray is calling it out for the nonsense that it is.

He is not alone. Celtic fans are piling in.

McFarlane claims that Tavernier is Scottish football’s best player in the last five years. Forget for a moment that you can make a better case for Edouard, Carter Vickers, Kyogo, McGregor, Rogic and a host of others, Murray was quick to point out that we’ve sold two better players in his position in the last five years; Juranovic and Frimpong.

These Peepul almost demand to be laughed at and mocked.

McFarlane wants to talk about the “European final”, which they lost of course. He was also part of the “Iron Sieve” defence of their last European campaign, which was at least partly responsible for their record as the worst team ever to play in the Champions League Groups.

Title winning captain? McGregor has four of them in five years and is on the way to another one.

And his goals! Oh, please. He scored 69 times in that period, and that record would be massively impressive for a right back except that he is the club’s penalty taker and their club get an absurd amount of penalty kicks. An absurd amount.

The number of goals he gets should embarrass all of Scottish football.

Anyway, Kyogo is on 42 Celtic goals as things stand right now and he’s been at our club less than two seasons. Edouard scored just shy of 90 goals, but I guess that’s irrelevant to these muppets and their bizarre fantasies about their players.

Tavernier is one of these players who does one thing very well. Unfortunately for their club, and this has been proved time and time again, the thing he does very well is not the job he was signed to do, which is defend.

He is incredibly poor at that and this is the reason why Celtic sold two right backs for big sums and his own club was able to sell his understudy for a huge sum at the same time without a single decent offer coming in for him.

Because he’s just that good. But only in their tiny minds.

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  • Martin says:

    He takes a good free kick, a good penalty and can cross the ball well. Why on earth he’s played at right back when he can’t defend and has the positional sense of a 3 year old baffles me.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Its all just part of the expected pro – ibrox, super hype for the cup final. Their media are already droolin all over their tabloids, givin and quotin ‘advice’ from this yin and that yin, on how tae deal wi us come Sunday. Let them get on wi it bhoys, keep a dignified silence and hopefully dae the talkin on the pitch.

  • 18871888 says:

    You omitted 2 others better players in his position, everybody’s favourite big Swedish Special Constable, and everybody’s favourite brickie.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Cup win for Celtic Sunday puts all these loons back in their box… The narrative will soon turn on Beale especially with some point dropping… Let’s see how he handles that.

  • SSMPM says:

    We need to make sure there’s no complacency or arrogance. We need to bring our Sunday best to the Glasgow party. If we don’t, like at the midden, we’ll end up 2nd best and Beale will be promoted to a Gandi like figure on Monday, a man of integrity, sportsmanship and the best manager in Scotland.
    ‘We never stop’, is a statement of ruthlessness, so we need to make sure that’s exactly what we bring, 4 -0 should do it

  • Michael Clark says:

    For Rangers to make such a claim that James Tavenier has been the best player in Scotland over the last 5 years shows just how comical they are. This guy is one of Scotlands leading goalscorers and they’ve nearly all come from the penalty spot. You only have to scroll back over the results to see just how many times Rangers have been awarded a penalty and that’s not to mention the amount of times they’ve played against 10 men. It just shows how desperate they are but it doesn’t matter. They can get a penalty every week and play against 10 men but the title is still heading to Celtic Park

  • John S says:


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