Bemused And Frustrated Celtic Boss Made To Endure Bizarre Hampden Spectacle Today.

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Talk about a bad idea. Jesus. Someone somewhere thought that instead of our manager and theirs doing their separate pressers, as is typical, that they should start out, at least initially, parked together?

What a grotesque spectacle that was.

Ange looked seriously uncomfortable, and why shouldn’t he have been?

When have you ever seen that before? I certainly don’t want to see it happening again.

At least they did their pressers apart. But I see that The Mooch got to go first. I know we shouldn’t get bent out of shape over this stuff, and nobody at Celtic is letting it bother them but why this second rate treatment from the sponsors?

It absolutely and continuously does my nut in when this happens.

Biggest club in the country. Get it?

Top of the league. Get it?

Reigning champions. Get it?

Oh yeah and just for giggles, current holders of this trophy. Get it?

First in the damned alphabet if you really want to get small-minded about it. Get it?

So yeah, it pissed me off somewhat and it would not surprise me if it left the manager somewhat bemused and pissed off into the bargain.

I would imagine he’d have been even more scornful of The Mooch’s ridiculous statement about how “of the last four trophies in Scotland two were handed out to (Ibrox.)” Even their own fans know how to do that math and they aren’t in the least bit impressed especially when you roll the years back a bit.

Why only four trophies?

Because to roll it back two full seasons means you’re talking about six, and in their “title year” they didn’t win a domestic cup, even with us in freefall so of course two trophies in six doesn’t sound so impressive for them.

Not for us either, but we all know that in the four seasons before that we won every single one that we were competing for.

Ange has enough to deal with in front of the press without teaming him up with this goon for a day. I really am convinced they are trying to sicken him of the game here.

They will not succeed. The best response to all this trash-talking is to win on Sunday.

Which is exactly what I’m certain he’s going to do.

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  • Roddybhoy says:

    Totally agree James. Every time we are playing them at Hampden it’s always rangers v Celtic never Celtic v Rangers . It’s all about trying to make out that they are bigger / more important than us etc etc when in fact it is them trying to stay relevant. Always always hanging on to Our coat tails

  • Frankie says:

    FACT the word liquidation comes into mind , so the will never achieve anything near us .

  • Eamonn Little says:

    We are even first in alphabetical order if they want to get petty .It’s disrespectful back of the bus old school discrimination.

  • BJM says:

    The sfa would whore their soul for a few pieces of silver

  • Bigmick says:

    Like you,James,I’m convinced they are trying to sicken Ange. As i said several years ago,the end game for that stinking club across the river,knowing fine well themselves the trouble they are in,is to gutter everything and everyone around them to try and level thing up…if they can’t be a real force,they will try to leave a pile of ashes behind. They are mentally ill AND rotten to the core.

  • king murdy says:

    maybe it’s just me….but i have always thought that “celtic v r…….” rolls off the tongue easier than the other way around…
    and it’s petty i know…but it pisses me off also…
    but gonna be devils advocate here…did the huns win the draw as to who gets the home dressing room….assuming there is such a draw ???
    regardless…still think we’ll win…tho’ not so sure it will be as easy as some of the posts and james would suggest…

  • Johnny Green says:

    They haven’t won that Cup for 12 years, so it was nice for them to be reminded of what it actually looks like. It gives the fledgling club something to aim at and lets them think they are being included and considered in another Celtic glory day. Beale’s wee sleekit coupon had a real proud look on it and his wart was pulsating with excitement. God love them, it cannot be easy living in our shadow, so the odd wee bone that is thrown to them is greatly appreciated.


  • Eire goCeltic says:

    To King Murdy: Hampden must be Under Royal Patronage. Someone hang a portrait
    of Harry the Pest and Megan in Rangers dressing shed.

  • woodyiom says:

    Technically this final is Rangers v Celtic (there is an actual draw for home and away) so maybe that’s why Beale went first – personally I couldn’t care less. However Beale is talking nonsense – the last 4 trophies handed out were to St Johnstone, Celtic, Celtic and Rangers most recently. StJ won the 2021 Scottish Cup after Rangers won the league (and in fact after they were presented it – I think we can all remember that day for all the wrong reasons!!). Beale knows that fine but was trying to get a rise of Ange who couldn’t have been more disinterested in what Beale had to say if he’d tried – good on him.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Listen to radio clyde. Don’t ask. When did this show start “beat the pundit” and “full-time teaser”? Was it season sevvies went in to liquidation? Think they introduced it so they wouldn’t have to take as many calls.You used to get about 10 calls on superscoreboard when it was on for an hour. Now you get about eight in a two hour show. Should get done under trade description act. And the host and the pundits are about as funny as Monday morning with a hangover. HH

  • Stevie Reilly says:

    Absolutely spot on, they would love to drive big Ange out of the Scottish game but it will never happen, he’s way too clever for their mind games and we will lift the cup on Sunday and put that mob back in their box

  • Michael Clark says:

    Ange Postecoglou doesn’t take fools lightly which is why I’m surprised he allowed himself to sit with Beale for a verbal shootout which these sponsors were looking for. But as usual he keeps his composure at all times and this wasn’t any different. He only ever talks about his own team and what he expects, this game will be no exception. Celtic will come out of the traps at Sunday and if their firing on all cylinders, Rangers will be in for a very long afternoon.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Cannot remember in my lifetime a Celtic manager bein badgered wi the media like this. Especially when he’s been a breath of fresh air tae the Scottish game like Ange has. It’s an utter disgrace. The ibrox club are gonnae need all the help they can get in the comin seasons, financially and otherwise. Also, they’re very aware of how we’re creepin up on their league titles record, so their media and support won’t be happy until they’ve made the guy so fuckin sick, fed up wi it all, that they manage tae hound him out and we’ve somebody like john kennedy in as manager again. Absolutely nae shame these bastards.

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