Carter Vickers Sums Up The Drive That Has Propelled This Celtic Team To Glory.

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Whilst the Ibrox manager obsesses over Celtic and the Livingston manager obsesses over the Celtic manager and the Ibrox manager, whilst the Aberdeen manager tries to convince the board that he should be, and the Hearts manager is focussed on a coming match against our team, or talks as if he, of the big clashes in Scotland tomorrow it seems to me that only one group of people is actually focussed on that, and it’s those at Celtic Park.

The manager made it clear with his frustration. Cameron Carter Vickers just spoke the words that Ange has drilled into this team over and over again. And this is why we are going to win this title and this is why we’re on course for a treble.

Because it’s one game at a time. It’s take nothing for granted.

We had two players who left this club recently who went off and had a rant about the standards in Scotland. Cameron Carter Vickers and the rest of the players here get something that those two didn’t; that this isn’t a holiday camp. That you have to perform at the very peak of your game, every single week, and that’s how titles and trophies are secured.

Frankly, I would hate it if the attitudes expressed by Giakoumakis and Juranovic, about only having to show up a few times a season, about not getting challenged, were rife in this squad. It is precisely because they are not that we keep on winning.

Carter Vickers summed it up.

“We’re focusing on our performances and trying to play as well as we can. From my point of view, I don’t think nine points is a big gap, it can change quickly, and we’re fully aware of that. We need to keep performing well and winning games and see where that takes us.”

Nowhere in this team is there the slightest sign of this mind-set that in order to win you just have to show up. Carter Vickers actually epitomises the standards that are required here, the focus and the drive that Ange prizes above all else.

I think this guy would have made a great captain. One day he might be.

He certainly knows what’s important, and I think he’s a great leader on the pitch. We have a few of them in this squad, and that’s just as important to winning as anything is.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    We don’t actually need CCV to tell us about the team’s attitude, but it’s nice to hear it nevertheless. We already see it in every game that we play, the effort is non stop from the players for the duration of the game and if anyone is wilting they are replaced with fresh legs of the same calibre. We all know they will not relax and let up and we the fans are fully committed along with them. A victory tomorrow, although expected, will be earned, and yet another 3 points will be ticked off as we relentlessly move on to our next target, the Cup Final and beyond. For me the games cannot come quick enough and I look forward to us continually taking care of business in what is surely another successful season.


  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol I see PONCE across the water is also highlighting how the final will be played out next week with the 2 sevco headbangers taking care of the game CHEATING BEATON and DICK WALSH.
    The PONCE sees the game going the same way as myself it’s a STICH UP.
    The comments section is littered with people saying they are now watching the game being RIGGED IN PLAIN SIGHT.
    People making noises about protesting after the game should we lose it,lol get it done just now,prevention is better than the cure.

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