Celtic And Ange Keep On Getting “Lucky” As The Title Edges Ever Closer.

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At half time last night I was tickled to hear Lucky Man played over the PA system at Celtic Park.

It was a nice touch. On our Facebook group chat for The CelticBlog admin team we had tossed around various ideas like that this past week. It was good that someone at the club was of similar thinking.

This is one The Mooch will be living with a long time.

After the game, when Ange was asked whether Maeda’s goal involved a bit of luck he couldn’t resist laughing.

“You love that word don’t you?” he said to the hack.

Another dig. Another reminder that he might forgive but he won’t forget … and this is a stick which he and our club will repeatedly hit The Mooch with until he’s begging for mercy.

There’s nothing lucky about any of what we’re doing of course, and especially not with Maeda’s goal.

There’s a lot of work has gone into all this stuff, a lot of effort to get us to where we are right now. The manager defended the player brilliantly, and pointed this out. “How many runs does Daizen make in a game? It was a product of is hard work. Anyone who watches Daizen sees he’s constantly making runs and constantly in those areas.”

There’s an old quote attributed to everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Gary Player the golfer; “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” Well this is Celtic. This is Ange Postecoglou.

We wouldn’t be where we are without all the graft in the background.

One of the reasons that all of us were really looking forward to this season was because it promised to be better than the last one. This is what Ange told us to expect, and he has kept his word on every front.

He has delivered in every possible way.

This is why we’re not going to let The Mooch and others forget their moronic remarks.

This is a team built in four windows into a merciless football machine that wins games with a relentlessness which most of Scottish football can barely comprehend.

No wonder they try to take the credit from us, but they can’t because it’s like everything else with this team right now; it’s all earned.

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  • Tony B says:

    And the huns are “lucky” that nearly all the referees are Lanarkshire masons, who never award penalties against them, never order off any of their players and award them more penalties year on year than any other team in the league. ( I suspect that this trend goes back decades but couldn’t be arsed checking)

    However according to the SMSM meedjits these stats are merely ” Anomalies ” ( with the accent on “lies”)

    See wit ah did there?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Well put. Any ‘luck’ we get is due tae the way we play, the drive and press disnae stop. Of course as expected, we’ve the media pant-wettin and excitable droolin, because their favourites win against a team who (so predictably its ridiculous) once again, faded and failed tae show up against the ibrox side and as a result, made them look better than they really are. Thats the reality, nae doubt there. It’s the biggest stick on win ye could tick on yer fitba coupon. The hearts mob are actually a disgrace tae their own support. Tho we’ll see the different attitude, when they come tae CP in a couple of weeks. Can put yer house on that.

  • Neil Smith says:

    Kevin above is correct Hearts record Vs rangers is shocking for our 3rd team. In the past year Feb 6 22 to now they have met 6 times and rangers have won all 6 with a combined 18-2 scoreline. Sad or ???. The Verve a class touch last night I think Money Money Money by Abba would have been funny too.

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