Celtic Boss Linked With Leeds? Give Us All Peace For God’s Sakes.

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Ange Postecoglou is not linked with the job at Leeds United. The board down there has a shortlist and his name is not on it. Unsurprisingly, their former manager Bielsa is, and a couple of names from the continent. Brendan Rodgers (soon to be a title winning boss with Liverpool) is one of the people they are talking about at the club.

Carlos Corberan, of West Brom, is the guy they are believed to favour. Rafa Benitez and Mauricio Pochettino are also in the frame. Celtic sites ought not to waste their time on this subject. The media will do that on their own. It is pointless, and somewhat ridiculous, to write about how Ange is amongst “the bookies favourites.”

The bookies will not pick the next Leeds boss. So their view on this is utterly irrelevant.

Leeds are one step above the relegation zone in the Premiership. If Everton get their act together-not a given, I still think over the course they are candidates for the drop – then Leeds might well take their place. It’s another club which has panicked at the first sign of a blip, and that alone is a troubling thing for most managers to consider.

Managers are sacked ten-a-penny in that league.

I refuse to lose my mind any time another of them bites the dust.

It’s ridiculous.

Does Ange, who is talking about renewing the contracts only of players who can convince him of their commitment, sound like a guy waiting on a call from Elland Road?

Please, enough already. Give us peace with this. The media should be ashamed of itself in its drooling rush to see this man move south of the border. He enhances our game.

Of course, he also enhances Celtic which is why they can’t wait.

Notice that The Mooch isn’t mentioned? Why not?

He was only at QPR for 22 games and he’s been at Ibrox for half that now and if you believe Keith Jackson he’s matched Ange blow for blow. The league has already made him a manager of the month and you can believe they will be hoping that he doesn’t slip so they can give him another.

Most importantly, he’s shown no loyalty whatsoever to the one club he managed before this.

It doesn’t even bother him if there’s someone in the job.

All this represents to us is another attempt to unsettle the club. Leeds United’s board of directors have very clear ideas about who they want, and Ange will not, at this moment, be amongst their runaway candidates.

Look at how the media is covering this. “Leeds manager latest as Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou among favourites” screams the headline in The Evening Times. As said, the day we have to worry about the bookies reckon will get it is a bad one indeed.

But read the text of the article; “Ange Postecoglou has emerged as a possible candidate for the vacant Leeds United job,” is how David Irvine starts his piece. Has emerged as a possible candidate.

Shit, by that token Derek McInnes could get it. He also is a “possible candidate.” He won’t be on the shortlist, they won’t even look at him but it’s possible, right? And that’s where some of our fans need to calm down when they see this stuff.

It is garbage. I am no more going to lose sleep over this than I am about the Ibrox club catching us in the title race. It is the press doing whatever they do when someone is making a success of it at Celtic Park. This is not the preening, arrogant Rodgers whose profile in that league was already sky-high on the back of his Liverpool (title winning) exploits.

Nor is it Steven Gerrard, with a famous name. And how they love a famous name down there, to their detriment. Rodgers had already fallen out with the Celtic board by the time he scuttled off to Leicester. Any signs that Ange is unhappy with his lot?

So seriously, it’s a joke and this is the last response it’s going to get from me.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s a wee predictable, pathetic attempt at tryin tae unsettle the manager. (Fat chance). It’s always a sign they’re worried and we’re doin well.

  • harold shand says:

    The games are running out and their hope is fading fast

    Keith Jackson’s nonsense today is proof of that

    All they have now is next season dreams

    Guaranteed you’ll get every hun media monkey in the few weeks tipping them for the title and beyond next season

    and of course writing about ( Hoping ) Ange is gonna leave us

  • John says:

    Live in yorkshire work in leeds, been in the pub after work taking the urine out of my leeds mate. They all say Big Ange is not on their list. Poch, Tuchel and Corberen the names in the frame.

    There will be a few more sacking in the coming months.

    James what about the Man City cheating saga. Now that would be a good story to run with.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Mr Bean to leave sevco for Leeds,Klopp to sevco and Gerrard to Liverpool, a nice wee manager merry-go-round there for you all.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Ange will be up for every PL job going. The good thing is he has hit key notes up here as to why he is here at our famous club and he has a perfect fit for our progress and his. I’d love him to sign up for 5 years. Take away any speculation and put a £50m price tag on him if he is tempted to go.

    I think our biggest threat is the repulsive VAR and refereeing decisions and interpretation of rules. Every Celtic goal questioned it is killing the game. The ref’s like in Rugby should interpret the decisions over speaker for the crowds. That may take a couple of strange decisions out of the equation.

    Last goal yesterday 8 StJ players and 2 Celtic both to the left or centre of goal the ball went in bottom right and they check for goalie visual obstruction (and offside from a direct strike at goal). 4 or 5 of the StJ players may have been impacting the keeper’s sight line as they were over on right with the ball going thru them. If that had been a tighter game it may have been an even tighter decision.

    The crazyines and obvious biases may turn Ange’s stomach ad that may be our biggest threat. He will see off another 2 or 3 rangers managers before he goes though.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ange doesn’t covet any other Manager positions. He wants to do well in the Champions League, with a Team the Celtic Club built. In his book, Ange says; that as a youngster, Liverpool was his favorite English team. The incumbent Manager JK, loves his job. Ange loves his.

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    Ther is as much chance of that happening as Rangers winning the league.

  • Geoff says:

    Leeds players,it’s thought,would not buy into the training,fitness and lifestyle changes Marsch introduced!
    There is no way they would accept the Ange mantra that he is applying at Celtic.
    We are lucky to have him and the way the players have embraced his methods.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    It is getting sillier by the hour. The Daily Mail has Ange as favorite. An Indian acquaintance from Sikkim asked me; “who do you think will get the Leeds United Manager’s job”.
    I said the “good mail” was Steven Gerrard with Harry Kewell as his Assistant.
    I added; If Leeds want to play Angeball, “the best man was John Kennedy from Celtic FC”.
    He thanked me and said; I will pass that on to Kapel Dev’s Online Betting Company.
    If you believe this, you will believe everything the Papers say. Please don’t bet on
    “my fraudulent mail”. Why don’t they give their present Assistant to the sacked Manager a chance?
    The arrogant Club Bosses are never to blame. Leeds will most likely avoid relegation, but they
    bally-well deserve to be dropped.

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